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Mobile development services


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Mobile applications demand, mobile devices statistics and mobile development technologies in the presentation of Softheme's mobile application development services. We offer mobile development and QA services for iPhone and iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Meego and Bada smartphones and tablets

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Mobile development services

  1. 1. Mobile development services Learn how we do it >
  2. 2. Why develop mobile apps?Mobile deviceshipments areconstantlygrowingworldwide.Your clientsare alreadyusingsmartphonesand tablets! Sources: Gartner, IDC, Nielsen
  3. 3. We develop for all platforms• iOS (iPhone/iPad)• Android• BlackBerry• Windows Mobile• Bada• Symbian• MeeGoInformation on mobile OSpopularity will help youdefine the optimal mobiledevelopment strategy Source: Gartner (Q3 2011)
  4. 4. What do users want?
  5. 5. Our areas of expertiseBanking/ Finance/ Social networkingInsuranceEntertainment News/MediaData security AdvertisingHousehold/ HealthcareInteriorFood/ Restaurants Softheme’s mobile developers know how to create addictive applications for your target audiences
  6. 6. Keen on all popular technologies
  7. 7. Our approach• Developing native mobile apps – the best way to enable unique features of each platform• Focus on GUI – both ease of use and beauty• Rapid development with our library of reusable building blocks• Exploring the industry and customers’ expectations prior to start of development, not just following requirements• Enabling functionality of legacy software where it is possible to provide users the best set of features
  8. 8. Discover our opportunities • Immediate project start when you have no time to wait • Preparation and submission to AppStore, Android market and other application directories • Turn-key solutions – from creating list of requirements to testing and promotion of the delivered application • Reasonable rates – from $3K per month per resource
  9. 9. Recent projectsInsurance Policies System – iPad business application  App Scope: insurance clients and policies  Tech Solution: • iPad application • Web Service (.NET, C#) • Third-party DB  Web-service is provided by the client  UI is in part generated in real time mode based on the data provided by the web-service  Access is restricted based on users personal security token  Several user roles are supported
  10. 10. Recent projects Warehouse Audit System - iPad business application App Scope: audit warehouses and deliverables online Tech Solution: iPad application uses secure connection to retrieve and update requested data  iPad application  Web Service (.NET, C#)  Customers warehouse system Web-service developed by Softheme Data exchange: The service generates/parses certain data according to the schedule and creates files for the exchange Online mode: Application immediately transmits all the changes to the web-service via online connection Offline mode: Application downloads required portion of data to the local database. Changes are also stored locally and send to web-service as package as soon as online connection is restored
  11. 11. Recent projectsMedical Information App for iPhone and iPad  Client: a Danish company  App Scope: provides information about medical equipment  Tech Solution: graphical iPhone and iPad app  Deployment: App Store
  12. 12. Recent projects Property Seller System - iPad business application App Scope: property information including GEO, surveys, calculations, etc Tech Solution:• iPad application• Web Service (.net, c#)• Third-party property DB Deployment: Ad-Hoc deployment Web-service is provided by the client Data exchange is major part of the application and includes transferring following types of information: Statistics, Business objects, Images, Map objects etc. Data cached locally for faster access and limited offline usage
  13. 13. 5 Facts about Softheme• Company established in 2006• Main services: desktop, cloud, mobile and web development, independent testing and marketing outsourcing• Microsoft Silver Partner (Software Development)• Over 150 software developers and QA engineers• specialization on IT outsourcing to Ukraine – the best country for hiring technical talents.
  14. 14. Contact usUSA phone: (+1) 202-657-5672UA phone: (+38) 044-209-4474skype: softhemee-mail: