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Acceptance criteria


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Acceptance criteria

  1. 1. Defining Acceptance criteria in Agile projects + fast documentation within iterations
  2. 2. When is the software ready?It was always hard toformalize acceptance.It is easier in Agile project –acceptance takes place at theend of each iteration.Fixing acceptance criteria andthe results of acceptancetesting = simplification + fastdocumentation.
  3. 3. Definition of acceptance criteriaSet of statements (result -pass/fail),that specify functionalrequirements (MMF = MinimalMarketable Functionality)and cover non-functional (MQR =Minimal Quality Requirements),applicable at the current stage ofintegration.
  4. 4. Acceptance criteria in Agile When clearly stated, they allow: • define functional requirements at the beginning of each sprint • create fast version of documented functionality • synchronize vision of tasks by developers and testers • estimate timings for each task • get extended picture of risksAll at minimal time spendings as a part of sprint initiation process!
  5. 5. Teamwork acceptance Historically acceptanceoccurs on the side of thecustomer, but in Agileteams this function goesto the side of the team asa part of iteration
  6. 6. Acceptance criteria and Acceptance testing in Agile iterationsAcceptance criteria are defined after division of tasks from the back-log,before code design and test case creation.They are used in the process of build smoke-testing (take the value ofeither pass or fail).
  7. 7. Building the Functionality -> Requirements -> Acceptance criteria chain
  8. 8. Optimally all members of the Agile team take part in defining Acceptance criteriaThis allows to:• Define the оptimal way of implementation in terms of customer expectations• Move on from division of functions for iteration to code development/creating test cases• Better understand the product on the stage of bug-fixing
  9. 9. Acceptance criteria: +1 in development productivity and application stability Help QA Engineers Acceptance Help developers evaluate time fordefine minimal criteria for an development functional coverage iteration faster For all team members: • Rapid documentations • Less time for setting and understanding the tasks
  10. 10. Thanks!About Softheme:Softheme provides QA and testing services for desktop, weband mobile applications since 2009.More than 30 mobile applications successfully released.