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Softchoice Web Infrastructure Report


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Successful companies face an unfortunate reality - as their web and app traffic dramatically increases, their on-prem infrastructure gets stretched to the max causing bad response times. This leads many organizations to look at moving to the public cloud. According to a recent Softchoice study on how IT leaders approach their web infrastructure, there are two main drivers behind a move to a cloud-based web solution.

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Softchoice Web Infrastructure Report

  1. 1. Moving Web Infrastructure To The Cloud A short Softchoice study on how IT leaders approach their web infrastructure
  2. 2. Delivering great customer experience through improved infrastructures Some of the largest companies in North America – Target, Bank of America and Disney – have experienced surges in website traffic causing their sites to crash, which forced them to re-evaluate their web infrastructure strategy. The introduction of public cloud offers a new way for IT leaders to plan and manage their web infrastructures to ensure they meet the demands from the business and deliver consistent customer experiences. The Softchoice team wanted to find out how IT teams currently manage their web infrastructures and what their plans are.
  3. 3. Study Methodology We surveyed 50 IT leaders to determine the biggest challenges IT leaders face around their web infrastructures, how IT teams are managing them and their future plans for a cloud solution.
  4. 4. What are your biggest challenges around web infrastructure? Did you know? Pay only for what you use, no capital investments required. 17% 37% 10% 15% 21% Difficulty simulating production for dev and test procedures Outgrowing existing web infrastructure Scaling to meet traffic demands Long turn around times Lack of budget
  5. 5. Who manages your web infrastructure? Other Did you know? Leveraging managed services helps you focus resources on key revenue generating activities. 19% 29% 4% 8% 21% 19% App Development Team Dedicated Admin No Dedicated RoleE-Commerce Marketing
  6. 6. What is the platform you develop with? 18% 1% 26% 12% 6% 37% Java Node.js Other PHP .NET Python Did you know? Leveraging public cloud providers’ development libraries speeds up time-to-market.
  7. 7. What is your content management system? 8% 9% 24%38% 18% 3%DotNetNuke Drupal Wordpress SharePoint None Other Did you know? You can use patterns to deploy a complete technology stack on your cloud provider in one action.
  8. 8. When planning your web infrastructure what is your biggest unknown? 11% 6% 36% 6%10% 31% Global Content Delivery Other Seasonal SpikesPotential Volume Sizing Demand Streaming Media Did you know? Flexibility in public cloud means that your infrastructure grows as you do.
  9. 9. Do you have an e-commerce component to your business? 2% 59% 6% 33% About to launch No Yes We are planning one Did you know? Regardless of future plans, public cloud provides a cost effective platform for your web infrastructure.
  10. 10. What is the biggest shift impacting your web infrastructure? Top Responses Mobility Growth Relevance StandardizationApplication Development Did you know? Cloud solutions provide insight on how your customers and staff are using your web infrastructure.
  11. 11. Which public cloud providers are you planning to evaluate? 14% 17% 6% 3% 7% Did you know? Selecting the right cloud platform is often complicated, however AWS and Azure top the list of evaluated platforms.
  12. 12. • As business demands increase and budgets shrink, a cloud solution for web infrastructure may be something to consider • Over 50% of respondents said they are evaluating a cloud solution over the next 12 months But you shouldn’t just jump right in… Key Findings
  13. 13. How Softchoice helps you along your journey “I’ve just started to research solutions and begin my plan” Web Infrastructure Consultation A personalized consultation to review business plans and provide recommendations. Keystone Managed Services and the MySoftchoice Cloud Services Dashboard Designed to supplement the skills of your team to allow you the flexibility to respond to rapidly changing business needs. Web Accelerator for AWS Accelerates your move to the cloud and provides readiness to deploy resources associated with both public and internal facing web workloads. “I’ve reviewed providers and want to accelerate my move to the cloud” “My adoption of cloud infrastructure is growing quickly”
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