"Is DV Right For Me?" Guide


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Use this guide to understand the stages you need to go through when determining if Desktop Virtualization is truly the right fit for your organization.

Visit www.isDVrightforme.com for unbiased advice from virtualization experts.

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"Is DV Right For Me?" Guide

  1. 1. Is DV right for me?Use this guide to understand the stages you need to go through when determining if Desktop Virtualization is truly the right fit for your organization.
  2. 2. ment, ur environ being use d within yo ng initial applic ations are l challenge. Duri actly what ll be a rea are is bein g ou don ’t know ex ation s trategy wi what softwIf y ualiz stand ds sktop Virt gy to under out your neerolli ng out a De terin g technolo nd le arn more ab ication me uestions atriage we use appl he ti me to ask q By taking t used and how often. way forwar d. to fi nd the best we are able ent state. opinion: tand your curr to unders l Professiona try le ading tools Use indus ing? s? oints utiliz your user tions are your endp ions: Considerat up e best gro pplica e data cen ter? o How can w of hardware and a have to th ype sers o What t do your u ents for D V? ind of c onnectivity e requirem o What k orag shared st ill be your o What w Next stage
  3. 3. After deploying the appropriate app lication metering technology, we rec a minimum of 30 business days for dat ommend a collection. Once this is complete begin to logically group the users and we can analyze them based on the departmen or roles within your organization. ts Now application usage and frequency determined by use case. A group of kno can be wledgeable DV experts then compile highlighting the optimal ways to del a report iver the desktop for each unique use case. Professional opinion: Group all endpoints into logical user gro ups to further assess your unique need s Considerations: o Are all departments going to work properly in DV? o What types of applications and how often are they being utilized by each user o Are all your applications supported group? in DV? o What is the best possible route for each user group?Previous stage Next stage
  4. 4. At this stage we leverage further metering technology to gather actual performance characteristics from all endpoints, users and applications in the environment. With this data we can now determine the true viability of each desktop delivery strategy per user group as well as what additional hardware and software you will need to invest in to support it. Essentially we are gathering information for and against the DV business case by use case. Professional opinion: Analyze performance of all hardware and applications being utilized by each of your user groups Considerations: o What possible DV routes work best for each user group defined? o Who are the suitable candidates for DV? o Based upon viable candidates, what network and storage requirements will be needed? o What is the TCO and ROI associated with adopting DV for viable candidates?Previous stage Next stage
  5. 5. At Softchoice we work with all the leading Desktop Virtualization players in the market. This means we offer you a variety of solutions to meet your standards, budget requirements and personal preferences. Now that we have successfully diagnosed your environment and determined the best course of action for your desktops, we can assist you in understanding the various options available. Working together with you we can design a solution that’s right for your environment. Professional opinion: Create a narrowed focus on who and how to implement DV Considerations: o Which DV technology works best for you? the solution? o Which storage and networking vendors can best support ing a certain technology o Are additional specialists needed to assist in understand prescription and avoid any bad reactions?Previous stage Next stage
  6. 6. Once a solution has been built, Softchoice can assist in ‘applying the treatment’ by working with you on a technical proof of concept. With our professional services team and partners across North America, we can assist in the full deployment of the technology within your environment. Professional opinion: Present the best prescription suited to your organization’s unique internal symptoms. Considerations: o Are our technical experts needed to help build POC’s? o Is assistance of our local specialists needed to deliver and implement the DV project? o What are the special implementation treatments required for your diagnosed symptoms?Previous stage Next stage
  7. 7. Our support doesn’t end there. Softchoice is a leading Nor th American provider of IT the efficiency of a nation solutions and services. We al IT supplier with the tou combine solutions provider. With a ch and technical expertise network of more than 40 loc of a local call centers, Softchoice supp al offices supported by fou orts the technology needs r regional the U.S. and Canada. From of over 19,000 organization in-person consultations to s we’re helping organization advanced solution design and across s everywhere maximize the delivery, harness the power of innova efficiency of their techno tion. logy and The Desktop Virtualization Unlike other assessments, Viability Assessment. Softchoice’s Desktop Virtua avoids the pitfalls of an “all lization Viability Assessmen -or-nothing” approach whe t (DVVA) strategy. Instead, we develo n creating a desktop delive p an in-depth view of divers ry best course of action for e use-cases and chart out each one. This is how we ens the experience to users across ure delivery of an optimal the entire organization. desktop Softchoice’s vendor-agnos tic DVVA determines the via virtualization in your des bility and potential extent ktop environment, based on of We make no assumptions, hav the requirements of end-us e no bias towards the implem ers. and the feedback we delive entation of desktop virtua r is tailored to reflect the lization, For us, desktop virtualiz realities of each environme ation provides an opportuni nt. a ‘high-risk high-reward’ ty to help clients effective proposition – and we take ly navigate that responsibility very ser iously. Request more information about our Desktop Virtualization Viability Assessment >>Previous stage