Evolutionary Fabric, Revolutionary Scale – Presented by Softchoice + Cisco


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This presentation was delivered during the February and March Discovery Series events titled “Evolutionary Fabric, Revolutionary Scale” sponsored by Cisco. Topics covered include:
Network convergence as Ethernet bandwidth outpaces all other technologies, How unified fabric can make your data center more efficient, how Cisco UCS leverages unified fabric and converged infrastructure to build the foundation for a scalable data center.

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Evolutionary Fabric, Revolutionary Scale – Presented by Softchoice + Cisco

  1. 1. Data Center Evolution
  2. 2. Agenda
  3. 3. The Impact of Virtualization on the Network Network NIC Enet traffic NetworkVirtualization Switches NIC Enet traffic Host NIC Enet traffic 2 switches every 16 servers NIC Enet traffic 10/100/1000 NIC Enet traffic NIC Enet traffic SAN FC HBA FC traffic Switches SAN FC HBA FC traffic 2 Switches every 24 serversTraditional Virtualization I/O Design Fibre Channel / iSCSI / Ethernet
  4. 4. • How do I… • Manage this? • Provision this? • Cable this? • Troubleshoot this?• Why wasn’t the network impact considered?• Wasn’t virtualization supposed to make things LESS complex?!?!
  6. 6. The Impact of the Unified Fabric NIC Enet trafficVirtualization Virtualization NIC Enet traffic Host Host NIC Enet traffic NIC Enet traffic CNA All traffic NIC Enet traffic goes over CNA 10G NIC Enet traffic FC HBA FC traffic FC HBA FC trafficTraditional Virtualization I/O Design Unified I/O Design
  7. 7. Show me the NUMBERS!!! NIC Enet trafficVirtualization NIC Enet traffic Host NIC Enet traffic NIC Enet traffic NIC Enet traffic NIC Enet traffic 6 Switches (48-Port) FC HBA FC traffic LAN (10/100/1000) FC HBA FC traffic 6 Switches (24-Port)Traditional Virtualization I/O DesignChannel (1/2/4/8 Gb) Fiber
  8. 8. • 6 x 48-Port Switches – Top of Rack • LAN Connectivity (10/100/1000)• 6 x 24-Port Switches – Bottom of Rack • SAN Connectivity (1/2/4/8 Gb Fibre Channel)• 180 x Cat6 Cables (288 Total Ports)• 60 x Fiber Patch Cables (144 Total Ports) REDUCED• 2 x 48-Port Nexus Universal Port Switches • Top of Rack Middle of Row• 60 x TwinAX Pre-Terminated SFP+ Copper Cables
  9. 9. NEXUS 55XX UNIVERSAL PORT SWITCHES • 48 and 96 Universal Port Models Available • 1/10 GbE • 10 Gb DCB / FCoE • 1/2/4/8 Gb Fiber Channel • Layer-3 Capable • Line-Rate – Low Latency • Can be used as: • Server aggregation / access switch • Collapsed Core / Distribution / Access Switch • FCoE Gateway
  10. 10. Cisco Unified Computing System Mgmt LAN SAN A SAN B
  11. 11. WHAT DIFFERENTIATES UCS? UCS USE CASES• UCS Manager • Server Consolidation and• Service Profiles Virtualization• Extended Memory Technology• Centralized Management • Desktop Virtualization • Hypervisor • Storage • New Application Deployments • Platform • Network • Disaster Recovery Projects• Data Center Bridging for Connectivity • Server and Data Center Refreshes
  12. 12. 20% Lower Cost for Compute + NetworkInfrastructure60% Greater Virtual Desktop Density with No Effecton PerformanceSimple Operation: Start in Minutes, Scale inSecondsMassive Scalability: Scales to 320 servers/Thousands of Desktops per Cisco UnifiedComputing System™Extended Memory and I/O to Avoid DesktopVirtualization Bottlenecks
  13. 13. Thank You!