The bat jack


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Quickly increase your softball hitting power with the most powerful bat grip on the market today.

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The bat jack

  1. 1. The Bat JackThe Bat Jack is a grip/softball swing trainer thatallows you to quickly and easily learn theproper hitting grip for maximum Training bats
  2. 2. The Bat JackLight weight and easy to use and transport, theBat Jack is a must have hitting tool for softballcoaches! Training bats
  3. 3. The Bat JackThe Bat Jack Grip Trainers...Promotes PROPER SLOT POSITIONin the swingIncreases BAT-SPEED and POWERWorks for both RIGHT and LEFThanded hittersFits on ANY BAT SIZE from youth toproQuickly corrects and improveshitting grip for improvedperformance Training bats
  4. 4. The Bat JackThe Bat Jack can be used in many differentways AND it is legal for game use in fast-pitchsoftball under ASA rule 3-1D. Use it during:soft tosstee workbatting practiceone hand drills (either top hand or bottomhand) to keep a strong and properly positionedgrip on the batPlus its great for players learning to hit fromthe left side! Training bats
  5. 5. The Bat JackBASEBALL AND SOFTBALL BAT GRIP TRAININGAID,THE BAT JACK, develop the PROPER bat gripthatimprove the power and control within yourswing! Training bats
  6. 6. The Bat Jack The Bat Jack is to use. It gives the hitter an instant, natural feel of where his grip should be on his bat. It also helps with slotting he back elbow in the stance and during the Training bats
  7. 7. The Bat JackThe Bat Jack trains your hands to grip thebat correctly, giving you maximum batspeed and whip. The reps you get withthe feel of The Bat Jack allows you tomake adjustments to your grip and swingquickly. This tool is certainly useful Training bats
  8. 8. The Bat JackThe Bat Jack Grip Trainer is the most powerfulbat grip / swing trainer on the market. Thisnew hitting aid was designed by former probaseball player and current pro hitting coachJim Training bats
  9. 9. The Bat JackJim came up with The Bat Jack to give hittersthe feel of a grip that maximizes bat controland bat speed, while keeping the grip incontact with the actual bat handle. When ahitter places his index finger onto The Bat Jack,the hand alignment on the bat is drasticallyimproved. The bottom three fingers of the tophand are more engaged, providing a strongerhitting Training bats
  10. 10. The Bat Jack Training with The Bat Jack can also help correct other hitting problems. Many players have found that when using the Bat Jack, their path to the ball became shorter and more consistent with a better slot position. The grip feels more controlled and powerful, because The Bat Jack forces certain fingers and muscles in his hands to work more efficiently throughout the Training bats