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Detail User's Guide for wiimote whiteboard software -> iWiiBoard V4.0

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iWiiBoard User's Guide

  1. 1. V4.0<br />Wiimote Whiteboard Software<br />User Guide<br />http://www.iwiiboard.com<br />Index<br />Requirements for running the application<br />Software installation<br />Software user guide<br />Requirements for running <br />the application<br />Software requirements:<br />Platform: Windows XP , Windows server 2003 , Vista ,Windows 7, Windows 2008; <br />.Netframework 3.5 sp1 download <br />Windows media player 10 or above; <br />Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003 or above; (for ppt control) <br />Hardware requirements<br />A computer with Bluetooth adaptor; (check the compatibility list for the wiimote) <br />An infrared pen (make one or buy one) <br />CPU >= 2G; >= 1G RAM; <br />A surface display with hardware acceleration is recommended; <br />Software installation<br />Please remember you should have already installed Microsoft .NetFrameWork 3.5 sp1, if you did not install, please download and install it first before installing the iWiiboard application.<br />Download link: http://www.microsoft.com/net/Download.aspx<br />Double-click on setup.exe to start installing iWiiBoard:<br />Step 1:<br />Click Next to continue;<br />Step 2:<br />Select a folder to install iWiiBoard, you may click Next to install iWiiBoard in default folder;<br />Step 3:<br />Click next to start installing iWiiBoard;<br />Software user guide<br />(Software interface)<br />iWiiBoard uses all transparent buttons and the floating dynamic toolbar makes the demo area look spacious.3D software interface with gesture input will strongly impress your audience.<br />Main panel overview<br />Annotation<br />Click on Annotation button , you can start writing on your screen or on any application you are running.<br />Annotation toolbar:<br />Select a solid brush<br />Click on Select brush button, iWiiBoard will animate a tool bar with 4 different color pens. Click on different pen to get different color brush. Click on Select color button to select more colors;<br />Select a highlight pen<br />Click on Select highlight pens button, iWiiBoard will animate a tool bar with 4 different color pens. Click on different pen to get different color of highlight pen. Click on Select color button to select more colors.<br />Select color panel<br />Click to select a color for you solid brush or highlight pen.<br />Select brush size<br />Click on Select size to select brush size;<br />Select rubber size<br />Click on Rubber button, iWiiBoard will animate a tool bar with 7 different sizes. Click on different dot to get different rubber size. 2771775870585<br />Clean up all annotations<br />ss<br />Select, copy, paste, cut, delete annotations<br />(Click on Select can select the stroke, click on cut, copy, paste, and delete commands to cut, copy, paste and delete the selected stroke)<br />Draw shapes<br />Click on Shapes button, a toolbar with line, circle, square, triangle, hexagon, diamond, parallelogram, pentagon, left-right right-angled triangle, up-down-left-right arrows, polyline, table(input number of rows and columns) , dashed will show, and click on the shape to draw;<br />Magnifier and spotlight<br />(Magnifier tool)<br />(Spotlight tool)<br />Undo & Redo <br />(Undo last annotation)<br />(Redo last annotation)<br />Save annotations<br />(Save)<br />Click on Save button to save current annotations in current interface; Annotations can be saved phase by phase and can be reopened by clicking on Open button<br />Open annotations<br />(Open button)Click on Open button to open a 3D interface shows all annotations you just saved during your presentation. <br />This interface supports gestures input:<br />From left to right:Move forward one annotation;<br />From right to left:Move backward one annotation;<br />From down to up:Move forward three annotations;<br />From up to down: Move backward three annotations;<br /> Each annotation interface has a title with the saved time; you can click to select one annotation to go back to the presentation and continue on annotating;<br />Cover (Curtain effect)<br />(Curtain)<br />Sometimes you might want to cover some area during your presentation. Curtain function supports gesture input. You can drag to open/close the cover like using a real curtain.<br /> <br />The cover also can be move in four directions.<br />Pictures presentation and annotation<br />You might want to use lots of pictures during your presentation. iWiiBoard provides a comprehensive solution for your pictures presentation;<br />(Picture demo)<br />Click on Picture demo to display the pictures demo interface:<br />It will open My Documents/My Pictures as default picture folder. You can click on Add image folder to add additional image folders.<br />You can drag & drop pictures from thumbnail bar to the demo area and drag & drop back to thumbnail bar from the demo area; the pictures in the demo area and be moved in four directions; you can move the demo area by using the Rove control panel;<br />Click on one picture to open in full screen mode. You can annotate on the picture by using the toolbar on top of it. <br />Rove Control Panel<br />The Rove Control Panel can move annotation interface in four directions, you can annotate in blank space.<br />Mouse right click<br />(Mouse right click button)<br />Blackboard<br />(Blackboard button)<br />Click to open a full screen blackboard. You can change blackboard’s color and pen color.<br />Multimedia<br />(Multimedia button)<br />Click to open build-in Media player:<br /> <br />Click on one of media files to play; click on play area to extend/pull back display screen; use Seek control to fast forward/backward media; use Volume control to adjust volume of the media;<br />Screen Keyboard<br />Click on Screen Keyboard button to open a screen keyboard;<br />PowerPoint Annotation<br />(Click to open a Microsoft office PowerPoint file)<br />Annotate on PowerPoint full screen presentation; Page up/down buttons control ppt page up/down;<br />User-defined toolbar (iWiiToolBar)<br />Click on iWiiToolBar button to open. You can define each button’s icon, tooltip and the program you want to run. Click on setup button to launch setup interface:<br />Click on each button on the top, input the button’s description, select an icon and select the program exe file. Click on ‘Update button info’ to save current button’s configuration. After you setup all buttons, don’t forget to click on ‘Save’ button to save all buttons configuration.<br />Use built-in automated Wiimote connect to search and connect your Wiimote<br />342900382905<br />Click Wiimote search button to launch Wiimote search program to search and add Bluetooth service for your Wiimote; The search program will be launched in 9 seconds automatically;<br />The search program will automatically search and add your Wiimote; Please make sure you have your Bluetooth adapter plugged into your PC’s usb slot before run the program; after the search is completed, iWiiboard will launch Calibration program automatically;<br />Whiteboard calibration<br />ANY visible IR source will trigger mouse events and manipulate your computer. <br />Any unintentional IR sources may result in undesired behavior. BE CAREFUL where you point the wiimote.<br />Click the button " Calibrate Location" or press the A button on the wiimote to begin touch calibration. Use your IR light pen to touch each crosshair and activate the LED (as if pressing your mouse button to click). After 4 points are calibrated, the touch screen should be ready to use.<br />Recalibration (and auto-loading last calibration)<br />To recalibrate, simply press the calibration button again (note the mouse control may not work yet if the calibration was poor) or press your wiimote A button. When the program is launched, it will reload the last calibration. If your wiimote and display configuration has not changed, re-calibration may not be necessary.<br />Controls<br />1. Pressing the A button on the wiimote will activate the calibration once the whiteboard application is running. If the calibration is already running, this will restart the calibration with the 1st point.<br />2. Pressing the esc will exit the calibration screen.<br />3. " Cursor Control" will enable or disable mouse control of the stylus<br />4. " Smoothing" will average the cursor movement over several samples creating smoother lines, but in exchange for slower tracking. <br />Software registration<br />Unregistered version is for testing purposes only. You can purchase a license from here to remove the purchasing notification.<br />Exit application<br />(Exit button)<br />