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Published in: Art & Photos, Travel, Technology
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  1. 1. About me By Sofia Topchishvili
  2. 2. What I am going to talk about?Information about meMy friends and meMy CityHobbiesSportsWhich subjects I doWhat I planning to do in the future
  3. 3. I am Sofia, I am from Russia . I was born inSaratov its small city near Moscow . I was bornin December 14 . 1996
  4. 4. My friends and meWhen I have free time I am always with my friends , I havefriends all over the world and I try my best to keep in touch withthem
  5. 5. My CityRussia , SaratovA small city near Moscow withriver “ Volga “
  7. 7. ModelingSometimes I work asPhoto Model , but it’sjust my hobby.
  8. 8. ArtArt its my passion , I lovedrawing and cant live withoutart. I was in the Architectureschool in Russia 7 years .
  9. 9. PhotographyI like to take photos , and Ihave my own professionalcamera .
  10. 10. LanguagesMy first language is Russian and than English ,now I am learning Spanish and I canunderstand Bulgarian .
  11. 11. TravellingLove to travel I start to travel when I was at myMums stomach . I ‘ve been in different citiesand countries .
  12. 12. DrumsI play drums second year and I love it
  13. 13. ShoppingI think I am a shopaholic I spent approximately700 in one month , I like to do shopping withmy friends
  14. 14. SportsSnowboarding really Tennis I playing tennislike snow and 4 years , when I was insnowboarding , I am Russia I wassnowboarding 2 years professional but now I am playing not that much but still playing
  15. 15. Which subjects I do ?I do Pre Program (PA) right now , Ichose Art & Design , Spanish ,Media Studies , Biology , Chemistry ,Physics , English and Math.
  16. 16. What I am planning to do in the future ? I want to finish my PA and than I want to do Pre- foundation Art and than Foundation. Than I am planning to go to University to Saint Martians. I want to be Designer of clothes – Modeler, but I am not sure yet.