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With this power point presentation we described the first chapter of twilight

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  1. 1. Bella is moving to forks. She feels sad because she didn`t Want to leave. Bella is quite and misfit. She is clumsy and she always stumbles. She feel like she is a freak , she Don´t realate very much with people her age or just peolple. She is lonley.
  2. 2. Bella is leaving phoenix. Phoenix is a big and very hot city. It’s common to see expensive cars
  3. 3. Bella , arrived Forks. Forks is a really wet town , and cold too . It usually drizzles, The trees’ trunk are covered with moss.
  4. 4. In this part , Bella and Charlie are very quiet. They are distant because they haven’t seen each other for a long time. And they have no topic to talk about .
  5. 5. Here Bella and Charlie , finally got a topic to talk. And his father tells her he has bought a truck . Bella , says thank to him . And they talk about the truck
  6. 6. She arrives to Forks. And she saw that charlie still living in the same house he lived with her mother. then she saw the truck that charlie , and met some friends of charlie .
  7. 7. This is the car that Charlie drives , and it’s called Cruise .
  8. 8. Bella get into her room and take a look at it.
  9. 9. Here is the truck that Bella drives. .
  10. 10. When Bella arrives she meet Mike.
  11. 11. Jessica describes the Cullens
  12. 12. Rosalie and Emmet are dating, they are vampires. Rosalie is glamorous. And Emmet is wellbuild and strong
  13. 13. Jasper are Alice are dating too. Alice has got black eyes, cropshort hair and she has straight brown hair. Jasper has short curly blonde hair, he is really handsome.
  14. 14. Edward Cullen is one of the fosters children that Carlisle adoptted. He is extremely handsome and chalky pale. He is really shy and doesn’t date. He is a vampire
  15. 15. Bella saw him, sitting next to his brothers and sisters, in a different way
  16. 16. Here are the Cullens, they are all adopted. They don’t drink or eat. All of them are extremely beautiful.
  17. 17. Then in chemistry class the professor told her to sit in the only empty sit left.
  18. 18. He looked her in a strange way like is something was smelling badly.
  19. 19. Then at the end of the class she saw Edward. T hen at the e n d o f t h e c l a ss sh e saw E d w a rd trying to change her chemistry class for another one.