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Urban Poverty in Malaysia

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Urban Poverty in Malaysia

  1. 1. UrbanPovert y is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money .
  2. 2. The Malaysiangovernment
  3. 3. The Malaysiangovernment defines urbanpoverty as lack of monetary ability to procure basic needs,which are separated into food and non-food components,measured by non-food and food Poverty Line Income (PLI).
  4. 4. only 3.6% of the Malaysian population is living below the overall urban poverty line.
  5. 5. Occurrence of the causalfactors of urbanpoverty
  6. 6. Low levels of education
  7. 7. Urban poverty can raise a lot ofImPaCt????
  8. 8. lose theopportunityto obtainqualityhealthcare
  9. 9. Crime is tendency
  10. 10. Ruin themorals andManners
  11. 11. WeAkeNthe mind
  12. 12. More access information
  13. 13. S T R A T I E n G c Y o mStrategy to increase income T e O I N c R E A S e
  14. 14. The government shouldprovide more jobopportunities
  15. 15. conclusio
  16. 16. journal Daniel Suryadarma. The Effects of Location and Sectoral components of Economics growth on poverty. Journal of Development Economics. Volume 89,issue 1, May 2009. Pages 109 -117. Christopher Murray, Kimber Malmgren. Implementing a teacher – student relationship program in a high – poverty urban school : Effect on Social. Emotional and Academic adjustment and lessons learned. Journal of school psychology. Volume 43, issue , March – April 2005. Pages 137 – 152.
  17. 17.  Aril Rupasingha, Stephan J. Goetz. social and Political forces as Determinants of Poverty. The journal of Socio – Economics, volume 36, issue 4, August 2007. pages 650 - 671.
  18. 18. Website Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah. Sara Shakilla Mohd Salim. Poverty Eradication In Malaysia : The needs for skilled community worker.
  19. 19. Alhamdulilah.. 
  20. 20. Nur afiqah binti mohd noor No.ID :2010315167 CLASS :BM111 5A