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Video in Social and Professional Learning Networks


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The presentation shows the benefits of publishing and disseminating video in social networks and how video could support your professional learning network.

Published in: Education
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Video in Social and Professional Learning Networks

  1. 1. in Social and ProfessionalLearning NetworksSofia PapadimitriouDigital and Social MediaEducational RadioTelevision Ministry of Education,PhD Candidate School of HumanitiesHellenic Open University
  2. 2. www.i-create.grPublishing video
  3. 3. …in your channel
  4. 4. Disseminating video
  5. 5. …in social networks
  6. 6. Video in Social Networks• Inspires and motivates students.• Cultivates dialogue, rating, polls and sharing.• Enables school communities to present anddisseminate their projects, making them availableto each citizen.• Activates participation and communication.• Supports creativity and collaboration.• Emerges the “wisdom of the community”(crowd-sourcing)
  7. 7. Video is a“social object”FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinBlogWikiScoop.itVimeoYouTubeDailymotion
  8. 8. Embedding video in web basedlearning environments
  9. 9. Participating in Communities ofPractice
  10. 10. Developing your ProfessionalLearning Network (PLN)A PLN is the people who connect through social media to exchange ideas,communicate, collaborate and advance our professional development.
  11. 11. Video in Professional LearningNetworks• Supports interactions.• Provides opportunities to gain an insight intoideas, content and events.• Engages you in conversations with people allover the globe who share similar interests,passions, problems and experiences.
  12. 12. Video is a“learning object”ProfessionalLearning NetworksWeb BasedLearningEnvironmentsOpenEducationalResources
  13. 13. Thank yu!@sofipapadi