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Sales promotion analysis

  1. 1. Sales Promotions McCann - Erickson India
  2. 2. Advertising is a reason to buy while Sales Promotions is an incentive to buy McCann - Erickson India
  3. 3. What Is Sales Promotion •Sales Promotion refers to many kinds of selling incentives and techniques intended to produce immediate or short-term sales effects •Altering long term Brand Value •It typically include freebies, coupons, samples, value-packs, refunds, rebates, price-off, contests, trade shows, in-pack premiums etc •The unifying thing among all these methods is that they all must be communicated to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time to be effective McCann - Erickson India
  4. 4. Sales Promotion Audience Sales Promotion for Consumer Sales Promotion for Dealers McCann - Erickson India
  5. 5. Utility of Sales Promotion • Dissonance Reduction Sales promotions reduce confusion in the consumer’s mind • First Move Be the first to enter the consumer’s mind • Jump-start Effect Sales promotion helps in getting the brand off the ground • Motivation Promos leverage the key factor of customer satisfaction McCann - Erickson India
  6. 6. Factors of Sale Promotion in Brand Building • Construct Promotions should be constructed keeping in mind brand objectives and consumer behaviour • Length of the Promotion The duration should be right, not for too long or too short • Perfect Timing The right time is when the consumer has the desire to spend • Zero Hour Glitches Depletion should not be a problem McCann - Erickson India
  7. 7. Sales Promotions Case Study McCann - Erickson India
  8. 8. Samsung Promotion Title: “Phod Ke Dekho” offer Time duration: Festive Season (Between Oct15- Nov 20, 2001) Scheme: On purchase of a Samsung product you get a coconut containing 2 silver coins and the 3rd coin has the name of your gift when u break it open Prizes offered: Samsung A/C, Frost free refrigerators, Plano TV, Samsung mobile handsets, etc McCann - Erickson India
  9. 9. Samsung “ Phod Ke Dekho” offer Objectives: To optimize sales of it’s Consumer Electronic and Home Appliance Products in the Festive Season Strategy: An advertisement budget of Rs 5 crore had been earmarked to promote the offer, which entails gifts aggregating Rs 10 crore in value Road shows were planned across the country Samsung brand ambassador Tabu joined the ground level promotion The main strategy was to make use of the “naariyal phodo which is a part of the ritual in Diwali festival McCann - Erickson India
  10. 10. Samsung “Phod Ke Dekho” offer Results: The company sold 2.5 lakh units of products across all categories during this period The company did business worth Rs 275 crores during this period Unique factors: The response received by this promo was immense that the company decided to extend the offer to next year as “phir se phod ke dekho” offer McCann - Erickson India
  11. 11. Samsung Promotion Extension Promotional title Phir se phod ke dekho Time: Oct 1 - Nov 15,2002 festivals (Diwali, Dussera etc) and extended to Cricket World Cup,2003 Scheme: Ditto … and more Cricket bat shaped key chain with the gift engraved on the bat McCann - Erickson India
  12. 12. Samsung Phir se Phod ke Dekho Prizes offered Tickets to South Africa for the World Cup 2003 to all Samsung products such as VCD players, CD yepp players, vacuum cleaners mobile phones, DVD players, key phones, Braun hand blender Anil Kumble memorabilia and VCD set Adidas team T shirt & gift voucher from Tanishq McCann - Erickson India
  13. 13. Samsung Phir se Phod ke Dekho Target audience: Family Objective: To sell around 1.2 to 1.4 lakh units, the highest ever number of CTVs, set as a target. Expects to register a growth of 38% in terms of it’s total sales compared with Oct- Nov 2001 McCann - Erickson India
  14. 14. Samsung Phir se Phod ke Dekho Strategy: Results: Gifts worth Rs 15 crore were being given to customers as a part of the promotion Have taken the support of seven cricketers for promotional activities The success of the campaign resulted to the highest ever monthly CTV sales(more than 90,000 CTVs) and had a high customer acceptance McCann - Erickson India
  15. 15. Samsung Promotion Extension Promotional title: “Samsung Dabaake Jeeto” offer Time duration: 1st May to 30th June,2002. In West Bengal it started from 1st May and all India from 10th May Schemes: On purchase of any Samsung product ,consumer got a plastic football containing a sure shot alarm clock and if they were lucky the clock had the gift etched on the sticker McCann - Erickson India
  16. 16. Samsung “Samsung Dabaake Jeeto” offer Prizes offered Every consumer got a sure shot alarm clock and if they were lucky they received CTV, frost free refrigerators, micro ovens, washing machines, mobile phones, cameras and soccer 2002 official licensed t-shirts from Adidas McCann - Erickson India
  17. 17. Samsung “Samsung Dabaake Jeeto” offer Objectives: To stimulate the market and optimizing the sales of the Samsung products during the Soccer World Cup Strategies: The total cost of the promotion is Rs 15 crores,including the gifts.The company had released new print and television commercials around this campaign and will carry out “in-shop Hungamas” at selected dealers in Kolkata, Goa, Cochin to create visibility for this campaign Results: The company had a growth level of 19% in the home appliances business that year. McCann - Erickson India
  18. 18. LG Electronics The Trick to Stay Ahead in Thinking McCann - Erickson India
  19. 19. Used Promotion in a big way during what is termed as off season May to September,2001 Used events to match this promotion like Birthday Bash in May - whole industry followed it. Reduced TV promotion in peak season and focussed on Print Media E.g. During Diwali consumers are in a shopping mood. Thus the company advertises more in Print media e.g. Newspapers etc McCann - Erickson India
  20. 20. LG Sales Promotions Title of the promotion: LG 5000 Crore Achievement Bash Time duration: October to December 2001 Schemes: On purchase of every LG product the consumer will be given a form to fill for a lucky draw which will happen in three rounds. There will be 845 lucky winners McCann - Erickson India
  21. 21. LG Sales Promotions Prizes offered Shall be giving away lucky prizes,gifts and an assured gift worth Rs 12 crores. Objective To help generate greater sales across all products nationally Strategy The ground promo supported by product advertising in mass media focussed mainly on LG televisions .They have also LG corporate films on air McCann - Erickson India
  22. 22. Pepsodent -Insurance for Dental Care Title of the promotion: Insurance for dental care Launched on 9th October,2002 Schemes: Offers its consumers free dental insurance worth Rs 1000/- on purchase of any pack of Pepsodent McCann - Erickson India
  23. 23. Pepsodent Objectives: Results: To strengthen Pepsodent’s proposition of being a germ protector and also display their commitment towards improving oral hygiene for the consumer Pepsodent has steadily gained market share of around 0.9% when compared to last year. That year, Pepsodent had an overall market share of 34.9% in the toothpaste market. McCann - Erickson India
  24. 24. Competitive Promotions Promise Colgate Dental Cream Close-Up Anchor Oral Care A scheme of “100gm free for every 100gm brought” , “Saving of Rs 25 on every 200gm pack”,or “A saving of Rs 44 on every CombiPack of toothpaste and brush “Two 200 gm packs at Rs 94,translates into a discount of 15% on MRP. 100gm plus 150 gm free ( into a discount of 255on MRP.) Bargain Basement Price of Rs 25 for 200gm toothpaste with a toothbrush free,translating into a whopping discount of 64% on the brand’s MRP. “Buy one-get-one-free” promotion. McCann - Erickson India
  25. 25. Kwality Wall’s Promotion Title: ‘ Ek Din Ka Raja ’ Launched on 14th March,2001 Schemes: The consumers have to do is buy Kwality Wall’s range of products- every pack has a certain number of points.The consumer has to collect wrapper /lids upto 150 points to be eligible to participate in the promotion. Then they have to redeem the packs for a scratch card and win prizes. McCann - Erickson India
  26. 26. Kwality Wall’s Prizes: 10 consumers will get an opportunity to shop worth Rs 10 lacs in a day in Mumbai. The other prizes include micro ovens, walkman, video games , fun books etc. Objective: To connect to consumers in a personal way by giving them the offering that they love the most. Result: Largest consumer promotion ever by any ice cream brand. Captured the essence of the new base line “Ho jaaye Dil ka Connection…” and strengthening the Brand perception. McCann - Erickson India
  27. 27. Parle- G Promotion Title: “Parle-G my Dream Come True”contest Schemes: On purchase of a Parle-G product you might be lucky to win a prize.The gift name is inside those lucky packets of the Parle-G product. Prizes : The promotion gives contestants the opportunity to win whatever they dream about. This contest had only first prize and these prizes are defined as per the child's dream. McCann - Erickson India
  28. 28. Parle-G Objective: Want to give children a platform to fulfill their dreams. Results: It became more visible and added value to the imagery of its flagship brand through its allIndia contest. McCann - Erickson India
  29. 29. Britannia Promotion Title: Britannia Khao World Cup Jao Time Duration: January to March, 2003 Schemes: Consumers had to collect 100 runs which could be obtained from purchase of Britannia products.Later, they could be redeemed for a scratch card. Get a paid trip to view the World Cup Cricket Final in South Africa and many more exciting gifts. Prizes: McCann - Erickson India
  30. 30. Britannia Objective: Results: To be associated with the most popular event happening at that point of time and brand building in the minds of its consumers. The schemes accounted for 62.2 % of the promotion description. Did a huge brand building for the company. McCann - Erickson India
  31. 31. Britannia Promotion Extension With the success of the “Britannia Khao World Cup Jao’the company launched another campaign next year as “Britannia khao, cricketer ban jao” The main objective was not only to increase sales but to strengthen its association with cricket . The mega prize offered was a free three day trip to London for 500 lucky consumers of Britannia products to join Rahul Dravid's coaching camp there . The schemes were similar to the previous campaign. McCann - Erickson India
  32. 32. Henkel Power Pearl Promotion Title: Ultimate cleanliness inside and out Time Duration: In the months of December,2001 Schemes: The door to door campaign, involving Aman Verma visiting certain localities and societies in roadshow truck to present a surprise gift to the consumers of Henko Power Pearl. To promote Henko Power Pearl with above-the-line communication with a 45 second campaign. Objective: McCann - Erickson India
  33. 33. McDonald’s Promotion Title: Happy Meal carnival Time Duration: The promotion is carried out from time to time. Schemes: A kid picks up a toy of his choice from among 45 toys and if he is lucky, he wins amazing prices along with the toy. Objectives: To enhance the family experience and to emphasize that McDonald’s is all about having a great experience with your dear ones McCann - Erickson India
  34. 34. McDonald’s Extension McDonald's India and Polaroid India have joined hands for a unique sales promotion .Polaroid offered gifts, discount coupons, instant pictures and others to kids buying the Happy Meal. Results: McDonald sold about 90,000 happy meals in Delhi and 15% kids came back to complete the sets of toys.Polaroid had 10% kids coming back to repeat purchase. McCann - Erickson India
  35. 35. Kodak Promotion Title: Mini Bonanza from Kodak this Summer Time Duration: The campaign started from March,2002 and ended on 30th September,2002 Schemes: Consumer had to pick up an entry form after buying a Kodak filmroll, fill the form and send it to the respective address with the proof of its purchase. Prizes: The prizes included a car, one night free stay in selective hotels in UK and Ireland and many more. McCann - Erickson India
  36. 36. Espirit Promotion Title: “ Who Dares to Win ” Time Duration: Started in the month of July,2002 Schemes: Young dudes of Mumbai were suppose to describe their attitude within 200 words and win the Espirit Mega Model Hunt . Passerbys also got an opportunity to recognize a film tune and win hampers from Espirit. McCann - Erickson India
  37. 37. COLA BATTLE McCann - Erickson India
  38. 38. PEPSI BLUE “Des ke rang mein rang ja” Title of the promotion Time duration Place “Get your men in Blue Gear” February-October 2003 Across the country Scheme Consumers can exchange three Pepsi crown or any PET label and a certain amount of cash for like gear caps,shirts,sling bags and sunglasses Objective: Cheer the Indian Cricket Team for The World Cup. To bring in unity among Indians. McCann - Erickson India
  39. 39. Mountain Dew “Cheetah Bhi Kyon Peeta Hai” Contest Time Duration: 1st June to 30th June,2003 Schemes: Surfers are asked a simple question “Cheetah Bhi Kyon Peeta Hai?” Mobile users can also participate by SMS-ing play MD followed by the answer 8888 Prizes: First prize is a Car and 1000 other entries are eligible to win a mountain dew gift hampers. McCann - Erickson India
  40. 40. Ground promos Specially design Mountain Dew cars that will hit the roads in key cities Fun games like ‘Dew Velcro,’Dew Twin peak’and ‘Bungee Running’will be installed at popular youth hangouts in cities and towns to build up the excitement McCann - Erickson India
  41. 41. Next battle at Ethnic Eatery Kitchen Have a Dosa and take a Pepsi free Other restaurants offer Coke free with a Dossa Pepsi focused at selected outlets for a short term basis and Coke looking for a long-term association with the selective outlets. Apparently beginning of a regional promotional war Aimed at promoting soft drink as a supplementary to Indian food Pepsi at the same time had kebab festivals running at restaurants. McCann - Erickson India
  42. 42. Pepsi What’s there contest Title of the Contest: Schemes: What’s there Online Contest Surfers are asked two simple question and also to write creative about the next Pepsi’s new neighbor campaign McCann - Erickson India
  43. 43. Prizes: 10 winners meet and spend an evening with one of the stars 100 T shirts autographed by one of the stars 50 people get their summer supply of Pepsi McCann - Erickson India
  44. 44. Pepsi to capitalize on world cup fever with Vacation Pepsi Place Time duration Objective Scheme Launched at Delhi May to June 1999 Promote 1 ltr and 1.5 ltr across its product line and to encourage home consumption Pepsi vacation man, makes surprise visits to homes -if he finds a one ltr Pepsi bottle in the refrigerator ,the consumer wins a three/four -night free vacation to one of the three destinations McCann - Erickson India
  45. 45. Strategy Pepsi has adopted a new cost effective and target oriented approach to hype the vacation man. To create consumer pull,the vacation man mailer includes a coupon which offers a Rs 3 discount on 1 ltr bottle. The local groceries and shops which house wives visit regularly were loaded with signage and POP material to advertise the scheme. McCann - Erickson India
  46. 46. Mirinda New Gaming Promotion Revealing new Visual Identity Place Time duration Target Prizes Scheme 40 cities across the country 13 March to 20 April,2000 Teens and pre-teens Over 150 video Gameboys, ‘mini Game boy’ and complementary 300 ml bottle of Mirinda If consumers have the prize printed under the crown of 300 ml bottle and 1.5 ltr pack in lemon and orange flavour. McCann - Erickson India
  47. 47. Strategy Ran several spots in multi-channels and intensified with ground effort Created gamming zones in association with lifestyle and sporting establishment and youth hangouts like bowling alley,pools,video parlour, Movie Hall.This zones did operate at weekends Minibuses painted with Mirinda’s orange and lemon color and highlighting the splash logo will wind through areas with higher concentration McCann - Erickson India
  48. 48. Dabur’s natural fruit drink brand“Real” Brand real activ will focus on selected major market like Delhi Company will identify areas where it can leverage the brand on health platform Company is organizing a health race in Delhi which coincides with the world health day will see around 5000 participants across all age groups McCann - Erickson India
  49. 49. Digen Verma Hidden hero of mega advertising campaign to relaunch Frooti Promotional Campaign: Digen Verma Kaun Hai? Promotional Plan: To create a hype about Digen Verma. Who is Digen Verma ?Was flashed everywhere and he was portrayed as a cool bright student of Mumbai and is good in sports. Objective: The main aim was to create the hype around the Frooti. McCann - Erickson India
  50. 50. But Why Digen? “You can’t predict the fate of the film stars and after all the sad thing that had happened in the world of cricket,we wanted to pit a common man to built empathy and identification of our product with our consumer” McCann - Erickson India
  51. 51. Digen… The famous teaser campaign was online too Popular youth sides such as Rediff chat,Hungama and Masti were used In the creative,Digen Verma’s feet moved from one end of the web page to the other inviting the surfer to follow and click on them resulting in a question in the form of pop - up where the surfer was required to answer a simple question along with his brief contact detail The agency claimed to have achieved 35,000 click in the first hour of the break of the campaign McCann - Erickson India
  52. 52. Rural Sales Promotions McCann - Erickson India
  53. 53. Rural Promotions Company: General Motors Title: Pilot Project Scheme: Car models( mainly Opel Corsa and Swing) were taken to the interiors of the state in periodic phases and showcased. McCann - Erickson India
  54. 54. Rural Promos…GM Schemes: Book a car for only Rs 500(plus 3 silver coins given free per booking) Objective: To create awareness about the car models To increase volumes of sales McCann - Erickson India
  55. 55. Rural Promos…GM Strategy: Approached the co-operatives to collect a database of farmers Personalized visits to farmers Regular at rural melas e.g. Kisan mela (at Ludhiana) etc. Results: In the short run, the project has helped them to gain volumes 10-15% increase in sales McCann - Erickson India
  56. 56. Rural Promos... Company: Hindustan Lever limited (HLL) Product: Lux Shampoo Objective: Penetrate into Rural market To grow the market for haircare products by 25 % To gain brand visibility Target rural consumers by providing accessible price points McCann - Erickson India
  57. 57. Rural Promos…HLL Strategy: Re -launch with a new improved formulation and new packaging Education programs in schools Extensive targeting of rural haats (weekly marketplace) Demonstrations on product usage Radio jingles, events and fests in the villages Lux shampoo will be supported by new ad Campaign 2% of the turnover is spent on below the line activities Results: Market share in terms of volumes increased. The contact point increased The company focussed more on markets of Uttar Pradesh and the northern region McCann - Erickson India
  58. 58. Rural Promotions Company Name: Hindustan levers limited(HLL) Promotion Campaign: Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna,the first largest rural and hygiene educational program. Objectives: Aims to educate children and the community of Indian villages across, about the treat of unseen germs and basic hygiene practices. The campaign teaches people about maintaining good health through practice of basic hygiene habits including the handwash habit. McCann - Erickson India
  59. 59. Project Bharat- HLL Project Title: Project Bharat Time Duration: The exercise was started by the personal product division of HLL and covered 13 million household by the end of 1999 Schemes: An opportunity for the rural people to buy sample packs containing a low unit of shampoo, talcum powder,toothpaste and skin cream for Rs15 only. McCann - Erickson India
  60. 60. Project Bharat Objectives: To generate awareness of its product categories and the availability of affordable price.The distribution was supported by explanation of product usage and a video show, which was interspersed with product communication. Results: The project saw a100% increase in penetration, usership and top-of-mind awareness in the the districts targeted. McCann - Erickson India
  61. 61. Britannia and Lagaan The Tie Up: Britannia and Aamir khan Productions. Schemes: The promotional offer gives the consumer a special Britannia Lagaan Booklet in return for a purchase of a 75 to 100 gram pack of ‘Tiger’ biscuits. There are six booklets to be collected, and a coupon in each booklet is to be sent back with correctly completed entries. McCann - Erickson India
  62. 62. Cont..... Prizes: Objectives: This entitles the consumers, on a first come first serve basis, to win one of the 10,000 early bird prizes. Further, there is also a possibility of being selected in the team that will then play with the Lagaan XI team. The Rs 1,354.5-crore Britannia Industries has tied-up with Aamir Khan Productions for a consumer promotion to spur the volume growth of its Tiger brand biscuits The reason to choose Tiger brand for the copromotion exercise being, this is one brand that cuts across the rural and urban sector. McCann - Erickson India
  63. 63. Proposal for Coke Sales Promotion Fill the Coke Bin with your wish: Write your dream and put it in an empty 500ml Coke bottle and drop it in the Coke Bin. Lucky winners get an opportunity to see their wish come true. Slot Machine: Collect 3 Coke crown and get a shot at the slot machine and win lucky prize Dial Your Dream: Dial the no. written below your Coke crown and see the computer showing you the prize. McCann - Erickson India
  64. 64. Proposal for Coke Sales Promotion Banao Dil ka Connection Collect crowns and arrange your Star Name and win a date with the Star. Aamir kyon Coke peeta hai? A slogan competition or SMS it and win a lucky prizes. Coke Dhamaka Couple Offer Buy two 2L pet bottle of Coke and get one Coke jar free. Coke Club: Become a Coke Club member by paying Rs 100 + 25 Coke crowns and avail the Club facilities. Monthly subscription would be Rs 25 + 10 crowns of Coke. McCann - Erickson India
  65. 65. Proposals Coke kiosk’s Opening up kiosk around the country especially railway stations. Coke Apna Hai !! Have booths around the cities and people walk in these booths to answer “Why you like Coke?” and the few ones will be telecasted on television. Coke organize Roadshows (Rocknite) in different cities and give out some lucky prizes.Entry Pass is 10 crowns of Coke As u like it, Whenever u feel it!!!! If a Coke man see u having Coke, he’ll ask u three question and if the answers are right you win exciting prizes. McCann - Erickson India
  66. 66. Proposals Coke Discount Cards Get your self a Coke Card and get discounts on Coke bottle purchase, Mc Donald foods,entry to Disc and on your Bacardi drink’s, etc. Coke Literacy Program To teach people about hygiene and health. Emphasis on safe drinking habits Coke Jam session Organize Jam sessions for the Youths in selective cities. McCann - Erickson India
  67. 67. Proposals Win a Free honey moon trip Serve Coke on your wedding party and win a free honey moon trip 7.30am Coke time Get caught red handed with Coke at this hour win cool T-Shirts from Levi's Wannabe RJ’s get ready Coke is coming in your town A nation wide RJ hunt organized by Coke in collaboration with one of the FM channel McCann - Erickson India