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Ingles diapositivas


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Ingles diapositivas

  1. 1. Known as the worlds most romantic city, Parisoffers unforgettable sites, from a night trip by boat on the Seine, whereyou can enjoy an absolutely magical view of the city, a glass of Frenchwine in Montmartre, overlooking the Sacred heart in the evening. TheChamps Elysées, considered the most beautiful avenue in the world andrepresentative of Parisian life in general, where you can not taste a coffeeand a croissant. At night, lights illuminate the main monuments of thisgreat city, presenting a sophisticated andcosmopolitan spectacle. Other romantic places are the gardensof Versailles, the Eiffel Tower or the cobbled streets of the LatinQuarter, among others. At night, visit the club Le Caveau de la Huchette.
  2. 2. Unique for its channels, ideal for walking over bridges, lost inits streets and enjoy a coffee in Piazza San Marco, consideredby Napoleon as the most beautiful place in Europe, is the picturesquetown center. There you will find the Cathedral, the Ducal Palace, theClock Tower, the building of the Office and Tower Two Moors. Inaddition, this large space offers several Italian coffees. Opt for thetraditional Café Florian and enjoy the melodies of an orchestrain full square. Visit the famous bridges like Sighs and performs agondola ride through the canals, the essence of romantic Venice. Donot forget to stop at a bacaro for a glass of Chianti in the
  3. 3. Capital of the music and the waltz, the Vienna of storiesand legends, romantic Vienna and the Vienna forest sad war. It is a cityfull of charm for those interested in culture and the hopelessromantic. A dream place framed by narrow, medieval streets, squares andbeautiful gardens Imperial Palace and the Schönbrunn and theHofburg Imperial Palace, where Sissi and Franz Joseph took longwalks. Another activity is unforgettable rides "fiaker" an opencarriage driven by a coachman big mustache, top hat round.
  4. 4. Travel to the paradise island of Bali to get a little romanticgetaway is one of the pleasures that are never forgotten, worthy ofall the romantic connoisseur. There you can enjoy beautiful and sunnyafternoons while enjoying a delicious dinner of lobster with whitewine in the restaurants along the beach or having a small andromantic boat trip to the temple of Pura Uluwatu to watch acouple of beautiful sunset orange sun descending by high cliffs. Alsoenjoy music and customs Kecak, ending with a traditional Balinese-style dinner.
  5. 5. From the Old Town Square to the Castle District. Streets lined withshops of wooden objects and puppets, musicians on streetcorners giving the ride an atmosphere of romance, places that recallthe history of the city, sunsets from the CharlesBridge ...and dinners by candlelight in the small restaurants ofMala Strana. Prague is yours when you live and is considered oneof the most beautiful cities in the world. From Charles Bridge atnight, the lights of ships, ghostly statues and the Royal Palace in thedistance, providing an interesting spectacle arouses feelings. Attending the theater, the opera "Don Giovanni", madewith puppets, is unforgettable.
  6. 6. Woody Allen sees it as a character and states that "a city full ofvisual beauty, endowed with a romantic sensibility." Thefantastic and intricate architecture of Gaudi, wateredby Barcelona, ​is incomparable. The perfect example is thehuge and still unfinished Sagrada Familia basilica, a work byGaudí work for more than 40 years. Do not forget to strollthrough the unique shops and cafes of Las Ramblas, one of themost famous streets and lively Barcelona. You go toa flamenco show, choose the Cordoba Flamenco Show.
  7. 7. This walled city of richhistory, fascinating walks and malls varied immerses you in the daysof pirates and privateers, as well as the excellent hotel offers a choiceof sleeping in a restored eighteenth-century convent, or stayingin bungalows Pirate Island, very comfortable. In the city thereare horse-drawn carriages, which can be rented for a romantic tourof the old city. The fort of San Felipe, the fishing village of thenozzle, the Rosario Islands and the surrounding beaches, provide abroad spectrum of activities to do in the footsteps of Nobel Prize inLiterature, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, a true love of this city.
  8. 8. The capital of the world, characterized not only by skyscrapers, finerestaurants, hotels, theaters, museums, shops and architecture,but for providing magical places as a ferry ride to the Statue ofLiberty and romantic walks on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. Youshould not miss visiting the famous and picturesque neighborhoodsChinatown, Little Italy, Soho and Greenwich Village. In the northernpart of town is the famous Central Park, combining beautifullandscapes of trees and gardens with a remarkable varietyof recreational spots like the zoo, theater, ice skating rinks,miniature ponds and lakes yachts to paddle.
  9. 9. It is a magical city that invites you to make a wish at theTrevi Fountain, Piazza to eat in Spain, to seethe Pantheon, St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican, the VaticanMuseum and Sistine Chapel. Three things you can not doin Rome, if you want to feel the romantic, are eatinga chocolate truffle Tre Scalini, a dinner on the terrace ofHotel Eden or the Hotel Hassler, and have a coffee nightat a table on the sidewalk of a café, while Rome begins itsnocturnal activity.
  10. 10. Without doubt one of the most romantic cities in the U.S. westcoast. Known by many as The Bay, offers spectacularsunsets, and wonderful views and good places to spend a romanticevening. Nob Hill in number one, the bar / restaurant Top of theMark has been a meeting place for couples since 1939. Thefans should not miss a walk through the halls of the Palace ofFine Arts. These ruins have been the scene of countless marriageproposals, weddings and moments of peace and tranquility. Takea bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, thebetter partner. Incomparable.