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How to become an authority online - the importance of personal branding in B2B


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Everyone who are online also have an online personal brand. Everything you share, comment on and associate yourself with is part of your brand.

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How to become an authority online - the importance of personal branding in B2B

  1. 1. How to become an authority online - 
 the importance of 
 personal branding
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  10. 10. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell Who is a leader you admire? 
 How do they behave?" What makes them stand out?
  11. 11. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell What is your expertise, interests, passion? " What make you annoyed and angry?" - Write down at least 20 things -
  12. 12. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell What leaders do
 ! They do things first - often trendsetters " ! They share their thoughts and ideas with others " ! They listen to peers, friends, customers & colleagues " ! Constantly learning " ! They know how innovation works
  13. 13. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell Digital leaders creates and shares stories" How many stories do you have inside you? " Can you share your desire to change something by using social media better? " Do you have the guts and are you persistent enough to write every week?
  14. 14. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell Overcome writers block " 1. We all have it! Some people ignore it and do things anyway. " 2. Read what other thought-leaders are sharing. " 3. If you are not inspired. Nobody else will be either. Find your passion. " 4. You will find your flow when you are convinced by your arguments. " 5. Use facts and stats. That make you think further. Always hyperlink the reference. " 6. Your authority will come when you know what you are talking about. Do your homework first!" 7. Connection and empathy is everything. Without that you can’t inspire anyone. " 8. Always challenge yourself. " 9. To lead and share opinions is sometimes painful. " 10. Use your friends as sounding boards. Then write down your thoughts. Make what you write easy to understand.
  15. 15. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell Your online profile 5) Leader - are you creating content that others are commenting on, sharing and are you starting discussions? 4) Contribution - are you contributing to discussions, helping people, sharing relevant content? 3) Presence - are you exploring the online platforms? 2) Profile - what shall you write about yourself? 1) Platform - where shall you be online?
  16. 16. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell You have to sound and smell different 
 to be noticed.
  17. 17. Twitter @Soffi_Propp Instagram @SofieSandell Please connect online!!