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The 3 Ugly Ducklings of Growth.



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The 3 Ugly Ducklings of Growth.

  1. 1. The 3 Ugly Ducklings of Growth Sofia Quintero Head of Growth @Geckoboard
  2. 2. All your key metrics in one place
  3. 3. Industry Nomad @sofiaqt
  4. 4. Specialised knowledge from unrelated industries can be very useful in less organised environments.
  5. 5. The 3 Ugly Ducklings of Growth Ugly duckling: A useful idea, concept or discipline that’s often overlooked in ‘non-native’ industries despite its power.
  6. 6. “We don’t do corporate stuff” “Traditional marketing is over” “Data-driven or die” “Product is everything”
  7. 7. Branding Industry: Agency world
  8. 8. “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” Seth Godin
  9. 9. Some stuff can’t be measured. That’s ok.
  10. 10. Do things you can’t measure and do those things because they make you feel proud about the business you’re building.
  11. 11. Baby Steps: Startup Branding The tone you use when you reply to emails. How helpful you’re with your network and other startups. The balance between shipping stuff fast and launching crap. Making customer support something that everybody can be involved with. Caring about design. The way your team talks about your business when they are getting drunk in a meet up. Creating some space for fun and building stuff that’s not related to work.
  12. 12. Micro conversions = Details matter
  13. 13. “Qualitative excellence can’t be hacked” Marc Ecko
  14. 14. Branding on its own, may not take you to exponential growth, but it will help you.
  15. 15. Change Management Illustration by Alice Eris Urchin Industry: Management Consul9ng
  16. 16. “The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress” Charles Kettering
  17. 17. Growth = Constant change
  18. 18. Changing the way you hire people Changing the strategy based on learnings Changing the product Changing the messaging Pivoting
  19. 19. Growth = Change
  20. 20. Badly managed Change = Danger
  21. 21. Become a distraction Affect productivity Nurture politics Diminish focus Affect employee retention Injure culture
  22. 22. How do you avoid those negative effects? Understanding change
  23. 23. It has stages It’s an emotional process It’s all about communication
  24. 24. Time Morale and produc9vity Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (70’s)
  25. 25. Product problems People problems
  26. 26. Change management may not help you achieve exponential growth but it will help you, especially with people problems.
  27. 27. Let’s not reinvent the wheel when it comes to managing change in startups Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard Changemaking: Tactics and resources for managing organizational change
  28. 28. Plain Good Business Illustration by Alice Eris Urchin Industry: Skateboarding
  29. 29. Next round of funding Sustainable business
  30. 30. You have everything you need to start today.
  31. 31. Fundamentals are good Kind people in customer service departments. Getting to know our customers. Keeping the promises we make. Building a culture of respect. Win-win partnerships.
  32. 32. What drives Geckoboard’s growth?
  33. 33. Talented engineers and product managers Founders who are OK with saying: “I don’t know” A constant pursuit of focus A strong conviction about doing things that we feel proud of
  34. 34. “In pursuit of quantitative gymnastics, be careful not to lose sight of the qualitative purpose, your qualitative meaning, the reason you’re doing ‘this’ in the first place” Marc Ecko
  35. 35. @Geckoboard