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SOFIA Pilots Set Brochure


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This brochure contains general information about the SOFIA pilots set, making special emphasis on the applied tecnologies and associated benefits.

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SOFIA Pilots Set Brochure

  1. 1. SOFIA PILOTS OVERVIEWThe SOFIA set of pilots integrates and demonstrates project results in practice with live activities, across fourdifferent locations in Europe: Madrid (Spain), Oulu (Finland), Bologna (Italy), Eindhoven (The Netherlands).These pilots show the complete set of SOFIA solutions around smart environment applicationsand services in the contexts of Smart City, Smart Indoor Spaces & Personal Spaces. Date: Aug´11/Sep´11 Date: Sep´11 Leader: PHILIPS Leader: VTT Contributors: NXP/CONANTE/Tu/e Smart Home SUMS-SS Eidenhoven, The Netherlands Oulu, Finland In order to generate a Smart SUMS-SS demonstrates seamless Space within a home environ- usage of the Smart spaces ment, different devices will including a personal space, a seamlessly work with one anot- Smart home and a Smart city. her by exchanging relevant Smart home and city collaborate information through the Seman- with the services provided in a tic Information Broker (SIB). cloud through the Cam4Home Open Platform. Date: Sep & Oct´11 Date: Oct´11 Leader: CCC Leader: INDRA Contributors: EUTH/NXP Contributors: NOKIA, MWW UNBO/CONANTE Virtual Wall Smart Building Maintenance Bologna, Italy Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications Madrid, Spain & Bologna, Italy Smart Services will allow users Multivendor devices intercon- with a mobile device to visualize nected to heterogeneous sen- ARTEMIS Awarded Project virtual notes, download native sors through an Interoperability information provided by the Platform deliver smart facility company or municipality, as well management services to the users of large buildings (office as to generate and publish virtual information. tenants, visitors and maintenance personnel). Date: Oct´11 Leader: ED Contributors: EUTH/NXW/WMC/ Date: Oct´11 Leader: CRF Date: Oct´11 Leader: CCC/UNBO The SOFIA project is building foster innovation while ensuring context of Smart City, Smart CONANTE/INDRA Contributors: NOKIA/VTT Contributors: NOKIA/CRF new innovative applications and the value of existing legacy, as Indoor Spaces and Personal Smart Video-Surveillance Media Follows User Smart Maintenance on the move services for every-day working well as creating new user inter- Spaces. Bologna, Italy Bologna, Italy Bologna, Italy and living environments, by action and interface concepts A SOFIA based Smart Video- Mobile users will be able to Users experience facility management services provided by smart indoor making “physical world to enable users to benefit from A set of seven large scale pilots information” easily available for smart environments. across four different locations Surveillance installation will comple- seamlessly consume a particular ment existing systems allowing video spaces also when on the move (e.g. media from different devices operators to control public areas and to prompt security crew whenever while moving around between driving a car). Cars offer friendly, speech based functionalities and smart services - connecting the in Europe, will publicly exhibit an anomalous situation is recogni- different locations and use the most optimal resources of each navigation services: they are connec- physical world with the Moreover, a promising SOFIA SOFIA´s technologies great zed. A support to evacuation proce- dures is offered. personal environment. ted to the driver mobile device which in turn is connected to the buildings information world. Community for developers is benefits during 2011. of a smart city. growing up and will continue SOFIA is a three-year this vision beyond the SOFIA This brochure contains general DOMAINS ARTEMIS project involving project. information about the SOFIA Smart City Smart Indoor Spaces Personal Spaces eighteen partners from four EU pilots set, making special countries. The common target The project outcomes bring emphasis on the applied tecno- is to enable and maintain cross- new smart environment logies and associated benefits. industry interoperability, to applications and services in the Find out more: Contact Information SOFIA: ARTEMIS project 100017 Partners For more information, please contact the project coordinator: Petri Liuha ( Nokia Research Center Sponsored by: Copyright © SOFIA 2009
  2. 2. MEDIA FOLLOWS USER SUM-SS (SEAMLESS USAGE OF MULTIPLE SMART SPACES)A mobile user is able to seamlesslyconsume a particular media from wasted on adjusting devices in new environments to start playing a PROVIDED SERVICES Anna is sleeping. She can relax be- cause she trusts her personal smart She leaves by car to the meeting. The car navigator informs that an PROVIDED SERVICESdifferent devices while moving particular media. Semantic Information Broker space and home smart space that accident has happened in the fastestaround different locations and use (SIB) service implementations and everything will be ok for her early route and proposes an alternative RDF Information Broker Servicethe resources of each personal When an important message, SMS or their access libraries for various meeting. Her personal smart space route. The navigator searches for (RIBS)environment. For instance, the user Twitter feed, is received while music platforms and languages takes care of her schedule, the time free parking places nearest to the NFC Access controlat home may be listening to a is playing, the device pauses as the she needs for getting up and be meeting place. The navigator utilizes Run-time security and perform- RIBS is a SIB for resource limited prepared ready for the trip from several services for finding out freeparticular radio channel or music message content is read out. Music devices with little dependencies ance management: mechanismsrecording. is set to resume playing after the home to the meeting. parking places. The navigator auto- for security and performance and KPILow access libraries matically selects the service that pro- message is ended. monitoring, analysis, reasoning andThe user leaves home and plugs Steering wheel input service The smart home takes care that her vides the fastest responses at any adaptationmobile phone’s earpieces, and Another smart device is simultane- morning is relaxing; home automa- time. The navigator selects the car Cam4Home Open Platformautomatically the media starts to ously running the navigation Audio input service (speech tion, e.g. lights and air conditioning, park that is closest to the meeting providing cloud services:play on this new device. Then, when application. Car facilities, such as recognition) are set according to the state she place with free parking slots. Office services – meetingentering the car, the car´s stereos prefers during early wake-ups. Read- agenda, additional material for voice commands and steering wheel ILProxy, multimedia rendering ing and modifying the states of the The navigator notifies the requiredcontinue to play the same radio buttons, have then to be shared pipeline meetings home appliances require different driving time to Anna’s personal space Service discoverychannel or music track. also not only for the controlling of authentication and security levels. that realizes that it is not possible to the navigation, but also as a Messaging service Home network: Smart home also takes care that cof- reach the meeting place in time.The user will have a more pleasant mechanism to query and define Text-to-speech service fee is ready and she has morning Thus, the personal space sends a Energy consumption monitoringexperience, since there is no time location based information. news and meeting material ready for message about her late arriving to Light controlling system reading. She checks out of the home the meeting participants. Anna also Movement identification sen- with her NFC key. The smart home wants to check whom she will meet sors checks that all appliances and devices there and ask the Office Service to Wall socket control are in safe operation modes and win- send a list of participants and their Connected by the LON net- dows and doors are locked. If not, photos. When arriving to the meet- work and controlled by the Anna’s personal smart space notifies ing, Anna is well-briefed and ready OPC server the situation and asks her to recon- for the business negotiation with figure the appliances to correct new customers. states.TECHNOLOGIES BENEFITS TECHNOLOGIES BENEFITSSeveral domains are addressed: Automotive, Mobile The value for the user is summarized in the notion RIBS (RDF Information Base Solution) Makes it possible to create richer smart spacedevices, multimedia entertainment that the user always has the best resources available Smart-M3 applications by the means of seamless informationTechnologies adopted in the Multi-Domain scenario are: for particular tasks in Personal domain Ontologies: flow between different smart spaces Shared Information Store: RDF based The value for the manufacturers is to be able to ISMO (Information Security Measuring Ontology) Integrates solutions from various projects and Semantic Information Broker (SIB) with notify capability efficiently build multiple and diverse use cases over (Smart M3, Open Source SOFIA Interoperability component: C4SS (Context for Smart Spaces) ontology vendors existing infrastructures, which can currently be easily RPM (Run-time Performance Management) ontology benefited from as well as in the future Sensor/actuator ontology Reasoning Engine: Smodels Fulfills security and performance requirements for Ontologies: Geo, Question&answer, Activity, Car The selected use cases provide the possibility to Reasoning: SPARQL varying kind of smart spaces and information Multi-Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G show how contentions of resources within personal Domains: Smart home, smart office and smart personal Multi-Language Agent Programming: C#, Python, QT environments are managed, while different spaces enriched with information from clouds Multi-Vendor Platforms: On Board Unit, N900 applications (media player, navigation, SMS, Twitter Several programming languages: C, Java, Python, Qt feed) are simultaneously running Multi-Vendor Platforms: Nokia N8, C7, N900; Google Speech Technology Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.
  3. 3. SMART MAINTENANCE ON THE MOVE SMART HOMESmart maintenance on the move, is anexample of European joint research in It shows how sensors in an office space may trigger an alert to a PROVIDED SERVICES Please meet Mark and Dries. When Mark and Dries arrive home, their Now at Sofia’s house, she gets curious after a while to learn what with also slightly different usage intentions, as indicated in the useICT, where industries from different building maintenance company which Automatic fault detection (e.g. presence is detected, and the music Mark and Dries are listening case description above. water presence on the floor, uncom- lighting system is switched on. to. She uses the spotlight navigationsectors and academic institutions, publishes the work item to mobile fortable climate conditions) When they start listening to music, device to make a connection fromcooperate to define the principles of anew class of professional services, maintenance operators. Fault notification to multiple they think that it will be nice to the bonding device to the stereo. PROVIDED SERVICESwhich add value to the core business The operators may accept the task via actors (operators, office tenants, have some visual lighting effects to Playback music maintenance companies) accompany the music. Exploring the All the events in the scenario outli-of traditionally non interacting mobile devices. If the operator is in a Rendering light via smartindustries. car, the task can be accepted using Intervention request sent to smart space, they discover that the ned above are enabled through the luminaries (functional and mood the car speech recognition facilities selected maintenance operators bonding device can render these smart space. The different devices light effects. They make a seamlessly work with one another lighting) Novel user interactionSpecific to these services is the invol- and can be driven to the location Order acceptance from operator connection between the music by exchanging relevant information functionalityvement of many actors with different guided by the mobile device map pro- even while driving a car player and the family bonding device through the semantic information Interaction tilesprofiles and the interaction with the gram. The office tenants are automa- Support for a sequence of mainte- through the interaction tile, while at broker. One of the use cases for Means to control of lightenvironment. They are expected to tically kept informed of the repair nance operator’s actions (e.g. job the same time the decorative the bonding device is to help Ambient experiencesbring in new levels of effectiveness progress by SMS. acceptance and multiple reporting) wall-wash lights in the room “empty nesters” stay in touch with Bonding device (to aid in thewhile reducing overheads and resour- automatically dim to make the their children (and grandchildren). “awareness” connection between Hands-free speech based opera-ce requirements. This demonstrates the capability of bonding device stand out more. two parties) tor interface in the car for job the underlying ontology driven by the However, the bonding device can notification, job acceptance, jobThis pilot was designed by NOKIA, SOFIA open information framework At the same time, the light pattern also provide a means to connect site guiding, place tagging also starts being rendered on the with friends and siblings living apart,Centro Ricerche FIAT, CCC (Italian to provide environmental centricConsortium of Construction Compa- information services and integrate Notifications to office tenant via remote bonding device, therefore allowing them to share experiences,nies) and the University of Bologna, functionalities of separated systems SMS (job scheduled, intervention Marks sister Sofia can observe the and stay in touch in a new way.with the contribution of Eurotech and and use cases. started and completed) same light effects in her own house. This is a somewhat younger group,VTT.TECHNOLOGIES BENEFITS TECHNOLOGIES BENEFITS Smart Home pilot applies the following technologies: Device manufacturers:Several domains are addressed: Automotive, Mobile Car Industry: The framework allows one device to benefit fromdevices, Construction, Telecommunication Customer Specific Services (demonstrated for functionality offered by other devices, e.g. rendering of maintenance operators) may be virtually extended to Shared Information StoreTechnologies adopted in the Multi-Domain scenario are: any Semantic Service available on passengers nomadic light during music playback, activation of decorative devices (doctors currently being considered) Sofia ADK SIB lights based on presence information detected by Shared Information Store: RDF based functional lights, etc. Construction Industry: Reasoning Engine Semantic Information Broker (SIB) with notify capability End-users: (Smart M3, Open Source SOFIA Interoperability component: Paradigmatic change in quality, efficiency and speed of maintenance processes The smart home scenario will enable users to easily Semantic Interaction Ontology, Semantic connections interact with various home devices, and seamlessly let Reasoning Engine: Smodels Support for incremental growth of supported Ontology maintenance functions these devices work together, even if these are from Ontologies: Geo, Question&answer, Activity, different manufacturers. In addition, it allows staying in Maintenance, Car Information Level Protocols: Smart Space Access Pro- touch with friends and family in novel way, supporting Telecommunication Industry: tocol (SSAP) Information Level Protocols: Smart Space Access New market and new business models to support exchanging experiences (such as listening to music) in a Protocol (SSAP) multi-actor, environment-based data applications more natural way.
  4. 4. SMART VIDEO-SURVEILLANCE VIRTUAL WALLIn the Smart Video Surveillance pilotsix European industries and SMEs users and for operators, and whose functions may be varied according PROVIDED SERVICES Virtual Wall is a SOFIA based implementation that demonstrates Application (to be downloaded via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi). Specific real-time PROVIDED SERVICESfrom diverse sectors of video to context situations, e.g. emergen- Video surveillance via remotely SOFIA capabilities around Smart information will be also available on asurveillance, system integration, cies. controlled digital cameras Information Services within Smart display. Virtual Notes & Ads visualizationnetworking and communications, Prompt communication to secu- environments. Design by INDRA,monitoring and public advertisement Digital video cameras are under rity operators ranging in proxi- Nokia and MWW, Virtual Wall be- Once the user downloads the Virtual Virtual Notes & Ads generationdevices have collaborated to define control of operators to detect mity nefits can be easily applied to multi- Wall application, he/she will have justa common communication architec- abnormal or emergency situations, Remote guidance of selected ple and diverse use cases across dif- to choose from the different offered Virtual Notes & Ads publicationture and integration of services so that when one of these situations proximate security operators ferent industries (transportation, options:related to the surveillance and occurs, surveillance operators toward the location of interest public administrations, health, human Easy integration with WSN realmonitoring of public areas and activate a protocol for prompting Multi-level anomaly manage- resources, leisure…) Upcoming buses arrivals times time informationinfrastructures. verification and, if needed, emergen- ment, involving proximate secu- cy evacuation of the area. In the rity operators and a control During the SOFIA pilots demonstra- Municipal ity/ Transportat ion Virtual Notes & Ads ModerationPublic areas are places where pilot, different devices of the system center (possibly office tenants, tion, Virtual Wall will benefit company news and general Applicationoperators and end users live toget- interact to put security operators other operators, external transport users of Madrid and informationher, the first ones performing their on alert, to help users and teams) Bologna citizens enabling them to Virtual notes and ads visualiza- Information management andwork there and the second ones operators evacuate the dangerous Exchange of secure information easily visualize, generate and publish tion, generation and publication control of contents to be shownspending their time in the same area in security, and to keep messages amon g security virtual notes and commercial ads, on displaysplaces for personal or social operators informed of emergency operators and the control cen- check or download native Environment quality real timereasons. Therefore, in a smart city it developments. ter via wearable devices information provided by the information from sensors: CO2, Free & easy checking or down-will often be the case where the Notification of alerts/events to transportation company or Temperature, Humidity loading of native information pro-same devices are designed and used The pilot -designed by Selex Elsag users and other operators in the municipality and access to real time vided by the entity managing thefor differentiated services, based on (former Elsag Datamat), Conante, public area via bluetooth environmental information. In both Virtual Wall commercial ads servicethe users who will be the target of Eurotech, INDRA, Nextworks and Specific information messages locations, the Virtual Wall System publication can be managed via SMSthe service itself. WMC- demonstrates how the sent to selected display devices, will identify the mobile device of the or webform by the interested SOFIA information open framework usually used for other aims user and offer the Virtual Wall entities.The pilot shows an occurrence of and the ontology designed for these (advertisement, information,the use of the same set of devices scenarios allows full interoperability news)-easily interconnected in the same amon g different systems of Access and emergency doorsheterogeneous network- which are monitoring and alerting within the opening and closing controldevoted to provide services for final infrastructure. TECHNOLOGIES BENEFITSTECHNOLOGIES BENEFITS Virtual Wall pilot applies the following technologies: Managing entities: Offer a more dynamic and attractive space: happierSeveral domains are addressed: Video-surveillance, Video-surveillance: Easy management and configura- clients/usersMobile devices, Emergency, Alert, Wireless sensor tion of cameras in the system, with no interest in the Arduino SSAP Interpreter Open, social and more active information managernetworks Monitoring. manufacturer and in technology behind. Easy remote supporting users content (virtual notes) control of heterogeneous devices SSAP message protocol Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) integration B2C Application - new advertising channel:Technologies adopted in the Multi-Domain scenario are: high visibility, segmentation, easy to use and manage Monitoring: Easier monitoring of devices and systems, after adding their properties to the ontology and using Ontologies: including virtual notes & ads moderation capabilities Semantic Information Broker (SIB) with notify Low investment and easy integration with other capability (SOFIA OSGI-SIB) the SIB as the interpretation core. Avoiding the design Sensor Measurement (provided in ADK) of tightly coupled modules in terms of communication. Smart City domain interoperable architectures, legacy and upcoming Emergency management: Support for emergency technologies/devices SOFIA ADK Programming languages: C, Java Reduction of smart cities landfill (e.g. around bus management, with involvement of different public alert systems to show the best path for exiting and to give stops or information points) Ontologies: GeoArea, Sensor, Notification, Alert, Platforms: Emergency, PTZ Command advice to users Android 2.2 and 2.3 (HTC desire, Samsung Galaxy S2) End users: Arduino Mega (AT Mega 1280 microcontroller Board) Real time Info. free access within own devices Information Level Protocols: Smart Space Access Telecommunication Industry: New market and Legacy Led Screen (MP Electronics Display) Social & smart information services boosting user Protocol (SSAP) new business models to support multi-actor, participation environment-based data applications