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Caption story project


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Photojournalism project
By: Sofia McKentry

Published in: Technology
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Caption story project

  1. 1. Caption Story Project By: Sofia McKentry 2B Gym/Art
  2. 2. During 2nd period AP Art Class, Junior Julia Vasilyev tries to decided which pastel would work best with her piece. With her vibrant painting that she was doing, it was going to be a hard choice. Julia said, “I love working with pastels because if i make a mistake, I can easily correct it.”
  3. 3. Junior Julia Vasilyev gets her hands dirty when working with the pastels to finish her project. During this advanced art class, students get to put their art skills to the test and essentially grow as artists. “I have gained access to new materials and this class has helped me to become a better artist.”, Julia Vasilyev.
  4. 4. Juniors Payton Schwantz and Julia Vasilyev are working toward perfecting their pieces while they grow closer as friends in the process. The free reign of art allows for people to grow to know themselves more and the people around them. “We are really able to open up to the people close to us”, Payton Schwantz
  5. 5. In Partners P.E., Junior Ali Aston and buddy Abraham pose for a picture. This class allows for students to play games and interact with people the might not usually interact with. “I love being here and playing with all my classmates and buddies,” Abraham
  6. 6. Senior Joe DeNovellis and buddy Christopher dance to the music playing on the speaker. In Partners P.E., life long friendships are made. “I love coming here and playing with my friends”, Chirstopher
  7. 7. Junior year is by far one of the hardest years in High School. Getting to come to a class that is peaceful, yet challenging at the same time is a relief from the multiple AP courses a student will take. “Art is so freeing of the mind”, Junior Payton Schwantz
  8. 8. Junior Michelle Tong works on making her piece even more unique than it already is. AP art is different than regular because it can push one to a greater extent. “You are pushed to produce higher quality work”, Michelle Tong
  9. 9. Junior Parker Spradley works hard to concentrate on her art piece using multiple new techniques. This class can teach students not only how to produce their own pieces, but it gives them new materials to work with. “I learned more about AP design principles like harmony and unity and how to incorporate them into my pieces.”
  10. 10. Junior Michelle Tong works on telling a story with her art. Every great piece has a meaning behind it. “We produce work that demonstrates innovative creativity and more advanced technical skill”, Michelle Tong
  11. 11. Junior Ali Aston and Abraham engage in a fun game of basketball. Partners P.E. not only allows for student interaction, but it also allows the students to learn new skills. “I learned a lot of new soccer rules”, Abraham
  12. 12. Students from Partners P.E. are learning a lot about the importance of friendship. Each student is assigned a buddy and throughout the year gets to know them better. “I love playing games and doing fun things with my buddy”, Junior Addison Palazzo
  13. 13. The students of Partners P.E. are getting down to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Joining this class helps for college applications too and can lead you into the nationwide club of Miracle League which is a lot like Partners P.E. . “I love being in Partners P.E. and Miracle League and I am going to continue my work in Miracle League in college.” Michael Bruley
  14. 14. Junior Julia Vasiylev works on her water color/pastel piece. Julia took a new outlook on her art work by making her piece on space more colorful than it actually is. “Space is cool”, Julia Vasiylev.
  15. 15. Students in Partners P.E. are engaging in a fun game of basketball. This class teaches the students fun games.
  16. 16. Students in Partners P.E. help clean up before class ends. After a fun day of playing games and getting to know each other, it was time for 3rd period. “I love making all the buddies smile everyday and getting to know them is great.” Michele Bruley