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10 WordPress Plugins You Can't Do Without!


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WordPress Plugins add value to the sites in terms of features and services. Let’s look at 10 WP plugins without which WordPress would be incomplete. Beginning from below, we’ve mentioned base features of each in various categories such as marketing, ecommerce, gallery,etc. This shall help you choose better from 29,000 and plus plugins available on WordPress!

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10 WordPress Plugins You Can't Do Without!

  1. 1. Want A Contact Form On Your Blog?
  2. 2. Trying To Export A Blog To WordPres?
  3. 3. Want To Get A Theme Check?
  4. 4. Well, There Is Something For Everyone!
  5. 5. WordPress is the best blogging platform (and so much more) that one can have. It‟s usability and productivity can be attributed to third party developers who create versatile apps...
  6. 6. “But Without Plugins… …WordPress Is An Incomplete Story”
  7. 7. We‟ve identified 10 WP plugins that can greatly Impact your blog!
  8. 8. “As a regular blogger, I want to ensure my site is up and working at all times, and hence schedule maintenance tasks every once in a while. What‟s a good plugin I can use to tell folks „I‟ll be back soon‟?” 10 WP Maintenance Mode With this wonderful app, you can now communicate to your visitors that the maintenance mode is ‘ON’. It allows you to get creative and choose from a variety of page designs. So, throw those boring maintenance messages aside and get quirky!
  9. 9. “I have a humungous archive of site pages that my visitors (and search engines) can‟t trace. Solution?” 09 Google XML Sitemaps Google XML Sitemaps - a part of Google Webmaster Tools not only perform efficacious indexing but also offer complete navigability via a simple sitemap.
  10. 10. “I‟m a children‟s book author and a columnist, who also maintains a regular blog. My readers often wish to contact me via email. How should I go about this?” 08 Contact Form 7 Want people to get in touch with you? This excellent plugin is your best bet! From managing multiple contact forms to supporting CAPTCHA and Ajax, it’s highly versatile. The plugin describes itself as ‘Just another contact form plugin simple, flexible’. And you can take their word for it!
  11. 11. “I get a hell lot of spam comments and often feel frustrated for not being able to choose an apt plugin. Any suggestions?” 07 Wordfence Security We bet the security of your weblog can get you real down! But not if you have an enterprise class security plugin! With a rather fiery firewall, virus scanning and real-time traffic geolocation, you are assured of an apt security apparatus!
  12. 12. “Monetizing my popular bakery blog has been a lifelong dream and I plan on selling my home-made cookies online. How can I best create an online store?” 06 WooCommerce Trying to woo in the money? Try WooCommerce - A powerful ecommerce plugin that lets you sell anything, beautifully! When you create an online store, it gives you the option of working with multiple themes. You can bundle payment gateways and shipping methods together to make your ecommerce a breeze!
  13. 13. “I‟ve used many SEO-based plugins, but not yet found one to my satisfaction. What should be my next option?” 05 All In One SEO Pack This is a wonderful plugin if you’re looking at maximizing your SEO potential. It optimizes your blog for various search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) and even generates META tags automatically! The plugin supports CMS style WordPress installations and provides Google Analytics support.
  14. 14. “I‟m an amateur sound engineer, experimenting with hosting my own music. What plugin would best cater to my needs?” 04 Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin If you enjoy recording audio files, Podcasting Plugin does a great job in bringing your audio files from the desktop to the website. It also has a fantastic player so that visitors can hear your music on the page itself, that is without being redirected to iTunes or some other program. Cheers to zero friction music!
  15. 15. “I love to know what‟s going on in the minds of my site visitors through a small “people‟s” poll. What‟s a good plugin to maximize interactions?” 03 DW Question & Answer Love organizing polls and asking questions to visitors? Encourage them to submit, search and filter questions. Make your blog lively and interactive by enabling comments (and replying to them).
  16. 16. “I‟m a multi-linguist blogger and need a plugin that will help me with certain translations. Any pick?” 02 TinyMCE Advanced This is a great plugin for all budding bloggers! It supports editing, helps create tables and edit in-line CSS styles. One of it’s most attractive features is the language translation options for French, German, Italian and plenty others!
  17. 17. ..And The Cherry On Top Is.
  18. 18. “As an avid photographer, I‟ve always wanted to share the overwhelming collection of photographs I‟ve collected over the years. However, I‟ve failed to find a plugin for my gallery that I‟m comfortable using, in terms of simplicity...” 01 NextGEN Gallery Want to show the world your precious ‘Kodak Moments’? NextGEN Gallery is a fabulous platform for uploading and managing images. It enables their smooth transfer from desktop to website. And in case you do get stuck, the plugin has a lively, supportive community to help you out.
  19. 19. Just one more step to getting it right...
  20. 20. While plugins can be highly advantageous.. Awesome WordPress Hosting holds the key!
  21. 21. Well, simply because no amount of plugins will help you if your web host has constant downtime or very slow internet speeds. Do your research and choose the right host!
  22. 22. So, while an entire „shoal‟ of plugins keep swarming by, these remain