Educational philosophy


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Educational philosophy

  1. 1. Philosophy of the Integration ofTechnology in the ClassroomSofia Ikram By
  2. 2. Use of Technology in Classroom • In my classroom, technology will be used often • It is more organized • Easy to use, especially for the newer generations starting at a younger age • Very interactive • Not going to be used for reading, more for assignments • Students tend not to focus when they are reading online • Easier to use it for showing videos, presentations, or assigning projects
  3. 3. Advantages in the Classroom Enhancing Students’ Learning • If appropriately used, technology can enhance the learning process • Teach critical learning, advance knowledge and entertain simultaneously • Technology makes learning more enjoyable and fun • If students are too shy to answer a question by raising their hand, they can answer on their screen and the teacher can act accordingly • Less assertive students benefit in using technology in the classroom
  4. 4. Advantages in the Classroom Students with Disabilities • Blind students can use speech output to refer to text • Hearing impaired students can participate more electronically • Student with limited use of hands can use a trackball, voice input, or alternative keyboard to use computer • Other students with disabilities may find comfort in the privacy of using the computer • These students can also become more socially active by using online applications •
  5. 5. Advantages in the Classroom Linking Classroom to Outside World • Use of social media engages students with other students around the world • Can discuss cultural differences and become more worldly students • The world is getting smaller because of technology so we need to make sure our future students are prepared to communicate with people around the world • Students can use technology to explore different cultures, meet new people, learn new languages and share and develop ideas •
  6. 6. Advantages in the Classroom Helping Parents Become Involved • Parents who are too busy to visit the teacher and talk with them can see the progress of their children online • Can discuss their progress on through different types of media, like e-mail • Ensures privacy for the parent and their children
  7. 7. Integration of Technology in Classroom Roles of Teacher • Teacher will use smart boards and projector screen to display presentations • Use it to make sure presented material is easy for every student to understand • Create review games to help students with upcoming exams • Use images, videos and audio to supplement each lesson • Will allow students to associate each lesson with some sort of media • Using technology will help teacher capture the students’ attention
  8. 8. Integration of Technology in Classroom Roles of Student • Students will be able to submit their assignments online • They will learn how to appropriately use professional applications for future reference • Can have access to websites that will help further their own learning • Will become more global by using social media to discuss differences
  9. 9. Integration of Technology in Classroom Types of Assignments/Activities to Assign • Have students pick any historical leader and use PowerPoint to identify their significance in history • Students must get in a group and do a report on a different culture of the world by research and communication with another student in any country