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5 reasons why monavie


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5 reason why we joined MonaVie. Calvin Becerra- youngest income Millionaire of MonaVie is sharing his 5 reasons why to join MonaVie.

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5 reasons why monavie

  1. 1. 5 simple steps to become a Millionaire with MonaVie 1.Sign up at MonaVie FREE here: you need more info to MonaVie and what it is, read here: - best facts summary: founded 2005; grows faster than Microsoft & Apple together; under the TOP 10 at Inc.500 companies in the USA, most antioxidanties worldwide) 2. Order 2 boxes with 4 bottles MonaVie in each box (1 cartoon for you and 1 you give away for new potential customers) 3. Choose monthly automatic shipping (its roundly US$ 300 or currency from your country) This is 100 times cheaper than to open a franchise business or to open a company. 4. Become a star! Just find 2 people which will do the same like I wrote in point 1-3. Dont speak with people which are already rich andsuccessful, but with people which want to become rich and successful!
  2. 2. 5.Become a starmaker easy:Show all people how they will become a starmaker :) MonaVie is available in 19 countries: 1. Unites States of America 2. Australia 3. Canada 4. France 5. United Kingdom 6. Mexico 7. Germany 8. Singapore 9. Puerto Rico 10. New Zealand 11. Japan 12. Monaco 13. Brazil 14. Israel 15. Poland 16. Malaysia 17. Hong Kong 18. South Korea 19. Taiwan
  3. 3. 5 reasons why Calvin Becerra (youngest incomeMillionaire within 3 years with MonaVie) and me choosed MonaVie: 1. A marketing plan where it is easy to make money 2. The one and only Network Company which was choosen by Ernst & Young as the network company number 1 of the year 3. MonaVie is giving away a bit part of its profits to the MORE project in Brazil, which helps poor kids in Brazil 4. MonaVie and Acai taste awesome and are the healthiest fruits with the most antioxidanties worldwide 5. MonaVie is under the TOP 10 Inc. 500 companies in the US of A and grows faster than Apple, Microsoft and eBay togetherCalvin just started 2007 and had only 37 people in his first year. 6 from them became active and made him a Millionaire. Never give up! Believe on your dreams! The first step is your FREE registration:
  4. 4. Do you need help? I am always available at facebook (add me): and Skype: onlinebusinessowner (add me)