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Keyword Tool Guide

  1. 1. Matt's Free Keyword Tool Installation Thank you for downloading my keyword tool. It's a great piece of software that helps you find the best keywords in any niche you are looking to target. Installation is pretty easy. Just double click the “matt's free keyword tool” file from the download package, and follow the instructions to install it on your computer. It will walk you through the steps, ask you if you want to create a desktop icon (optional), and you will be all set! Note: I highly suggest reviewing the included video series, it will show you not only how to use the keyword tool, but also how to do keyword research the right way. It includes lots of valuable tips! You can find more information on how to view the videos in the email that I sent you when you gained access to the tool. Using Matt's Free Keyword Tool Once you open up the keyword tool, you will see a screen that looks like this: Copyright 2008 – – All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Let me take you through a keyword research session: Step 1: Select your main keyword, by pushing the “main keyword” button. Simply type your “root” keyword here (example: dog training). Step 2: Once your main keyword is selected, push the “gather keywords” button to begin the program. The tool will grab a list of keywords that it deems related to your main keyword. Your screen should now look like this: Step 3: Select the keywords that you would like to learn more about. At this point, we only know how often each term is searched for per day, we have no idea what the competition is like for each keyword. Simply check the box next to each keyword you would like to analyze, or hit the “select all” button to choose them all. Once you have your keywords selected, push the “gather data” button to start the competition analysis. Copyright 2008 – – All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Your screen should now look like this: This is where the magic is. It is extremely important that you understand how much competition there is for a keyword before trying to use it to make money. Please refer to the videos for a detailed explanation on determining the value of your keywords. Step 4: Now that you have your data, it is time to save your results so you can review it later. Simply push the “save results” button to create a csv file that you can then open up in any spreadsheet program (if you do not have microsoft excel, I recommend using OpenOffice, which is free!) Copyright 2008 – – All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Determining The Value of Your Keywords I created a chart that I use to gauge the value of my keywords. When looking at the competition for your keywords, I use the following breakdown: Less Than 200,000 Questionable Less Than 100,000 Decent Less Than 50,000 Good Less Than 15,000 Excellent Less Than 5,000 Awesome Less Than 1,000 Unbelievable Less Than 10 No Brainer! This breakdown is just what I go by, over time you will get your own results and determine what you feel is the best combination of competition and potential traffic (please see the videos for a more thorough explanation on all of this). Copyright 2008 – – All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Troubleshooting Problems with Vista If you are running windows vista, you may run into some permissions problems. Don't worry, it's a pretty easy fix. From your windows menu, select “control panel”, and then select “user accounts”. Next, click on “turn user account control on or off”. On the next screen you will see a display that explains that windows does not recommend turning user account control off. It's up to you, but if you use other internet programs, you've probably run into problems before (I know I sure did!). Turning this off does make your computer less secure, but leaving it on creates potential program conflicts. It's up to you! Stops Pulling In Results This keyword tool pulls it's data from wordtracker. If you perform too many searches from your IP in a 24 hour period, wordtracker asks that you enter a captcha to prove you aren't a robot. If this happens to you, simply visit and perform a search there. The captcha will pop up, you can enter it, and then your tool should work again. When performing your analysis, you will eventually get your IP banned by google. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds! It just means that you've done enough searching for the day, and will have to wait for google to reset your ban (24 hours). This is a common problem with any keyword tool. Additional Questions Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can reach me at Have a great day, Matt PS: Be sure to check out to learn the latest and greatest internet marketing strategies. It's a lot of fun :) Copyright 2008 – – All Rights Reserved