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1516 draft 3

  1. 1. Assignment 16: Planning draft 3Amy ClearyMonae Minors GibbsJodie Foster- PiliaPamela Younes
  2. 2. Amy ClearyCandidate number: 7338Colour code: Green
  3. 3. Monae Minors-GibbsCandidate number: 7413Colour code: Orange
  4. 4. Jodie Foster–PiliaCandidate number:7362Colour code: Blue
  5. 5. Pamela YounesCandidate number:7488Colour code - Red
  6. 6. 0-25Foxsearchlightpictures.Establishingshot of KensalGreen.Long shotof Jodiesitting atthestation.Mid shot ofJodie sitting onthe bench.Side shotof Jodiesitting onthe bench.Close up ofJodie goinginto theflashback.Close up of thescreen.25-28 28-29 29-31 31-33 33-36 36-38 38-40Side shot ofJodie lookingat thescreen.Over theshouldershot ofJodielookingat thescreen.Close up ofthe words.Side shotof Jodieshakingher head.Close up ofJodie comingout of theflashback.Long shotof Jodie onbench, herlegs areshaking.Mid shotof Jodie’slegsshaking.Close up ofJodie’s legsshaking.40-43 43-45 45-46 46-48 48-52 52-54 54-56 56-58 58-60Close up shotof the timer.Close up shotof the timer.
  7. 7. Close up ofJodie goinginto theflashback.Long shot ofJodie puttingon her beard.Over theshoulder shotof Jodielooking atherself in themirror.Close up ofJodie’s reflectionin the mirror.Slow zoom of Jodiecoming out of theflashback.Mid shot ofJodie wiping hertears1.00-1.02 1.02-1.04 1.04-1.06 1.06-1.09 1.09-1.11 1.11-1.12 1.12-1.14Over head shotof Jodie.Mid shot ofJodieClose up shotgoing into theflashback .Mid shotof Jodiedancing inthemirror.Mid shot ofJodie’s mum.Mid shotof JodieClose up ofMonica’shand on thedoorTwo shot ofJodie andMonicaMid shot ofMonicaClose up ofJodie Mid shot ofMonicaLong shot ofJodie slidingdown the door.Close up ofJodie shakingher head.Long shotof Jodiestandingup.1.14-1.15 1.15-1.17 1.17-1.19 1.19-1.20 1.20-1.26 1.26-1.27 1.27-1.28 1.28-1.291.29-1.31 1.31-1.33 1.33-1.35 1.35-1.40 1.40-1.47 1.47-1.49 1.49-1.51 1.51-1.53Close up shotof the timer.Shot reverse shotof Jodie and mirrorShot reverse shotof Jodie and mirror
  8. 8. Three way shot. Mid shot ofMonaeClose up ofipad Mid shot ofAmyMid shotof JodieClose up ofipadOver theshouldershotMid shot ofAmy andMonaeClose up ofipadMid shot ofAmyOver theshouldershotThree way shot.Longshot ofJodieClose up ofJodiecoming outof intoflashback.Close up shotof the timer.POV oftracks andtrain.Close up ofJodies feet1.53-1.54 1.54-1.57 1.57-1.60 2.00-2.03 2.03-2.05 2.05-2.08 2.08-2.11 2.11-2.142.14-2.17 2.17-2.19 2.19-2.23 2.23-2.26 2.26-2.29 2.29-2.31 2.31-2.33 2.33-2.372.37-2.39 2.39-2.44 2.44-2.49Close upof Jodiegoing intoflashback.POV oftracks andtrain.Close up ofJodieClose upof trainClose up ofJodieClose upof train2.49-2.52 2.52-2.54 2.54-3.00 3.00-3.04
  9. 9. The script
  10. 10. The script
  11. 11. The script
  12. 12. Storyboard
  13. 13. Storyboard
  14. 14. Storyboard
  15. 15. Storyboard
  16. 16. Storyboard
  17. 17. Storyboard
  18. 18. Storyboard
  19. 19. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesEstablish To aware the audience that, that’swhere everything will happenN/ALong shot To show how Jodie looks like andwhat she’s doingcMid shot To show an even detailedcharacter of Jodie and how shelooksTop, jeans, hat, earringsSide long shot To show what Jodie would bedoing from a different angleTop, jeans, trainers, hat,earringClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking andis about to have a flashbackHat, earrings
  20. 20. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesOver the head Showing an over head shot of Joietyping on the computerN/AClose up Showing whats on the computerscreen in detail and what Jodiehas typed on GoogleN/ASide long shot Showing the audience that JodieIs searching on the computer andan see her facial expressionGrey cardigan, hat, jeans,trainersOver theshoulder shotShowing the audience what Jodiewas searching on the computerTop, earringsExtreme close up Showing Jodie’s facial expressionwhile she is researching ontransgenderN/A
  21. 21. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesExtreme close up Showing what Jodie looking at/focussed onN/AClose up Of Jodies reaction when she sawwhat she had to doHat, earringsClose up When Jodie comes back to realityand carries on thinking whenshes on the train platformHat, earringsSide long shot Showing her body reaction, tohow she was feeling about herflashbackTop, jeans, trainers, hat,earringMid shot fromher hips to herlegsShowing Jodie leg shaking, whichmakes It clear to the audiencethat she is frustrated and stressedJeans, trainers
  22. 22. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesClose up A closer shot of Jodies leg shaking Trainers, jeansMid shot Showing what Jodie is going to do Top, jeans, hatClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking andis about to have a flashbackHat, earringsEstablish shot Showing that Jodie is in a newlocation in her flashback to showwhat shes doing from behindJacket, jeans, trainers, hatOver theshoulder tiltedShowing what Jodie s doing, whileshowing half of her face and halfof her backJacket, jeans, trainers, hat
  23. 23. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesOver theshoulderShowing the back of Jodie lookingat the mirror and can see JodiesreflectionHat, earringsClose up Can see the mirror with thereflection of Jodies faceHat, earringsExtreme close up Of Jodies fake facial hair on thedesk and can see Jodies faceHat, earringsClose up Of Jodie trimming her facial hair Hat, earringsExtreme close up Of Jodie putting the scissors onthe deskN/A
  24. 24. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesExtreme close up To show Jodies expression fromthe flashback, When Jodie comesback to reality and carries onthinking when shes on the trainplatformN/AClose up Showing her facial expression Hat, earringsmid shot Of Jodie crying because shesdepressedHat, earrings, topClose up The train timer, showing when thetrain was comingN/AOver the headshotTo have a variety of shot Hat, earrings, top,trousers, trainers
  25. 25. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesMid shot To see Jodies body reaction Hat, earrings, trousers,trainers, topClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking andis about to have a flashbackHat, earringsLong shot Showing Jodie walking towardsthe stereo, for her to danceTop, jeans, trainers, hat,earringsMid shot Jodie dancing looking at themirror and can see her refectionHat, earrings, topLong shot Of S mum Monika in the livingroom talking on the phoneTrousers, uggs, top
  26. 26. Inspiration from filmsThis particular sceneinspired me because itshowed a sense offreedom and that she’sreleased from the pain.This could relate to ours because at the end if shedoes commit suicide it will be her way of endingthe pain.
  27. 27. Inspiration from filmsThis lighting of this scene inspiredme as it links in well with the sceneas it is romantic.Also, his characterrepresentation is that he lovesher very much and is a goodguy.
  28. 28. Inspiration from filmsThis is a daylight tragedywith a trainA lot of panningshots was usedUnstoppable
  29. 29. Inspiration from filmsBoys Don’t CryPlot is about atransgendered teenborn as a female Comfortable asa boy and lookslike one
  30. 30. Inspiration from filmsPreciousShe has flashback ofa better/differentlifeRed clothingrepresentinglove and passionHer clotheslookexpensiveand her hairis doneArtificiallighting
  31. 31. Inspiration from real filmsFilm: CreepIsolated train station, this would begood for out suicide sceneI like the use of the wide shot toestablish where exactly the scene isThe use of artificial lighting, sets a mysteriousmoodFilm: Slumdog millionaireThe use of the yellow tint,to make the scene feeluncomfortableI like his Fearful and afraid facial expression, I wantthe character in my opening sequence to have afeel of fearFilm: premonitionChange of colour for flashback, very bright,this would be good to use for the flashbacksin my opening sequence
  32. 32. Inspiration from real films• In Timein this movie it has suicideincluded and it can show uswhy people would commitsuicide and theconsequence of it. And howpeople have a limit to howlong they would live, therich live forever and thepoor die young
  33. 33. In TimeThe convention is, people always intend tocommit suicide from a bridge. And that’swhat this guy is doing by sitting on the edgeof the bridge. I can tell as it zooms into thetime he has left in life, as he gave all his timeaway, which shows that he wasn’t happyand wants to die.He is wearing a suit,which immediatelypresents that he is a richguy that can affordexpensive clothingIts in the morning orbecoming the afternoonas it isnt that bright.You can tell it’s apeaceful place as thereisnt anyone on thebridge and no cars goingup and down the road.This shot would be an establishingshot of showing that the guy justfell of the bridge and it makes itclear that it is a bridge by showingus the whole setting, and showsthe audience enough informationfor the audience to get it.
  34. 34. Chat Room• Chat RoomThis is aboutmainly killingthem selves and itall started online
  35. 35. Chat RoomThe convention ofcommitting suicide can bejumping of a building orself harm, self harmingisnt killing but can provethat, that the persondoesn’t like them selveswhich can lead to suicideThis is set in a bedroom andjumping from her window, andshe is video calling someone, wecan tell this is a video call asthere’s a computer screen andearphonesShe is wearing shorts anda jumper, and her gestureas if she is ready as herarms are side by side onher hips, and cannot seeher facial expression.This would be aclose up to seethe previousscars and selfharming again.This story isabout howpeoplecommittingsuicide
  36. 36. 4 3 2 1• 4 3 2 1 Shows what the 4 girlswould do on the samepart of the days and howthey would meet up andhow the diamond bringsthem together at the endof the scene wen one offthe girls wanted to killher self by jumping of thebridge
  37. 37. 4 3 2 1The convention of thispicture is that theresalways one person in thefriendship groups thatneeds their support morethan othersThis is set in London Westfieldshopping centre, and the secondpicture is at night just next to thebridge where they just stopped one ofthe girls by committing suicidebecause of family problemsShe has a Louis Vuitton bagwhich is obvious that shehas more money than therest of the friendshipgroup, and she is dressingvery smartly as she has asport looking blazer, fullmakeup and curled hairThis would be a long shotas it establishes therewhole body and can seethe background a bit,however its on focus pullsas it blurs out the peopleand objects behind themand the main 4 charactersare clearer
  38. 38. Conventions Use/develop/challengeHow?Why?Similarities/Differences1. Conflict withfriends/family.Use because in most drama filmsthere is conflict and theresolution is them sorting it out.2. Follows thecharacters journey.Challenge, because ours doesn’treally follow the charactersjourney because you only seesnippets.The familyare allconflictingwith eachotherbecause ofan issue.The differences is thatit is about terminalillness not transgender.The differences arethat this follows allof the charactersjourneys as theylearn new things.Similarities are thatthey are studentsand experimentingand gainknowledge ofdifferent things.
  39. 39. Genre conventionsConventions you areapplying in openingsequenceUse/develop or challenge?How? Why?Similarities/differences toreal films (annotatedpictures)Identity issue Use• Suicide attempt becauseof not finding herself(transgender• Pressure from family andfriends to dress as a girlBoys Don’t Cry- similaritiesFlashbacks Develop• Flashbacks of thecharacters past memories• Main character is leftconfusedMemento- similaritiesFemaleto amaleSecretesout andthe dadwantingto killherHavingflashbacksAlso thecharacterisconfused
  40. 40. Genre ConventionsConvectionswe areapplying inopeningsequenceUse/develop/challenge?How?/Why?Similarities/differences to real filmsPortraysjourney of acharacterUSEHOWThe constants use of personal flashbacks, allows theaudience to understand how and why the character is in asuicidal situation and the stages of their journeyWHYTo shows the stages of their journey which establishescharacterExhibits reallife situationUSEDramaticstory line tomove theaudienceUSERefers to characters past to explain how and why heis playing who wants to be a millionaireFilm: Slumdog millionaireFilm:Train spotting This character wantsto get clean, andstop using drugs,which is a real lifesituation, thatpeople faceHOWThe main character is so emotionally unhappy with herphysical and mental state and could commit suicide thisis an emotional storylineWHYAllows audience to experience a feel of apprehension anduneasiness for the audienceHOWShows the daily experiences of a transgender personWHYPeople with the similar situation may be able to relate tothe issues within the film, which is typical of a drama filmFilm: My lovley bonesThis film is about ayoung girl who wasmurdered by herneighbour. Thisfilm has a movingstory line.
  41. 41. Genre ConventionsConventions you areapplying inopening sequenceUse develop orchallengeHow? And why? Similarities/differences to realfilmsAbuse Develop When she wouldget shouted at byher mum forwanting to changeher identity.Film: She’s the man This is similar because… She dresses like a boy She does what guysnormally do And her personality andthoughts are like a guy aswell And her mum is convincingher to start wearing dressesand to forget about football.
  42. 42. Conventions youare applying inopening sequenceUse develop orchallengeHow? And why? Similarities/differences to real filmsCrime use When Jodie commitssuicide because ofher depression as noone gets her andexcepts that shewants to change heridentityFilm: Man on a ledge This is similar The person wantsto commit suicide This would be acrimeGenre Conventions
  43. 43. Conventions youare applying inopening sequenceUse develop orchallengeHow? And why? Similarities/differences toreal filmsRole on the wall use In the outsideJodie is feelingnormal but onthe inside herthoughts andfeelings arecompletelydifferent.Film: Mean girls Wanting to make Reginafat, Katies thoughtsinside her And wants her to loseweight from the outsidepretends like she caresGenre Conventions
  44. 44. Target audience• Our opening sequence is Niche becauseReason ExplanationNot many films have transgender This would be the case because thereisnt a wide range of target audiencethat would watch this type of filmLow budget film It wouldn’t be advertised everywheretherefore, not a lot of money wouldbe spent on advertisingIndependent Only made for specific audience asnot many people areinterested/comfortable watching thistype of film.
  45. 45. Target audienceTarget audience details Details Why?Age 15+ It would be 15 because that’swhen teenagers wouldmature up and would realisewhat they want.Gender Male, female Because male and femalescould both understand andpossibly relate to some of thesituationRace/Ethnicity All Races and Ethnicity Because everyone is able towatch it and if they are notallowed it also good to seewhat people go through evenin these situationsReligion All except Christianity and some ofIslam where they would say theyshould be secure. Because theywould say that theres a cure how itwould be with the same sex,because they might getoffended how they wouldwatch something that theywouldn’t be allowed
  46. 46. Target Audience detail Details Why?Location In the UK It wouldn’t be in internationalas it’s a niche audience, and Itwould only be shown in theUK as it can be restricted insome places because its allabout identitySocial Class Any class Anyone can experience thedilemma of seeking thereidentityInterests/hobbies They can all have differentinterests hobbies - Allbecause it wouldn’t stopthose kind of audience towatch identity films.Social Group All Because the people who arein different groups such aspunks can also seek identityTarget audience
  47. 47. Target audience Detail Why?Sexuality All Because this film has to dowith sexuality, so its good forboth sexes to know whatother people would gothrough and to see whatpeople’s opinions would be.Profession/Role All It would be all becauseeveryone has the right towatch these kind of films ifwanted, this would meanmore people would be awareabout these types of situationthat some people would gothroughTarget audience
  48. 48. LocationsLocation name & whatforHow to get there Access to location Photos of locationFrom school getthe 18 bus rightoutside Kenselgreen stationPublic station openfrom 6 - 9Name of locationJodies bedroom (Jodies house)Scene-Looking in the mirror whilstapplying fake facial hair(flashback)-Conversation with friends aboutprom(flashbackFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationJodies living room (Jodieshouse)Scene-Jodies mum shouts at her fornot being feminine-Jodie researches transgender onthe computerFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationKensal green station
  49. 49. BBFC ratingStandards How you are meetingstandards in your film15 • Be able to understandserious issues such assuicide• Any younger they may getthe wrong idea and getideas to perform suicideOur film would be rated 15+
  50. 50. Actors• Main actor:Jodie Foster• Availability:alwaysavailablewhenneeded• Actress:MonaeMinors-Gibbs• Availability:alwaysavailablewhenneeded• Actress:Amy Cleary• Availability:alwaysavailablewhenneeded• Actress:Monica (Jodie’smum)• Availability:MostSaturdays
  51. 51. Actress (Jodie)Before(normal)After (incharacter)Big, long,masculinechainEvery boy need abelt to hold upthere trouser,especially ‘Gucci’which isexpensive and thetrend.Polo shirts arecommon clothesboys wear so wedecided to use isas part of thecostume.Baggy trousersare clothes boysmost commonlywear.Grey airforces to gowith herboycostume.A Guccicap to tryhide heridentity.Leatherjacket toseem causal.
  52. 52. CharacterBefore(normal)After (dancingscene)Buffer jacketto hide hershape and bemoremasculineTo hide her hairand look thepartSilver chain tobe stylish andseen in musicvideos
  53. 53. Actress (Monae)Before(normal)After (incharacter)The pose toshow she isquietconfidentDressy andfeminineclothes withthe colourpink.Dangling chainand her nailsdone toexpress hergirly side.
  54. 54. Actress (Amy)Before(normal)After (incharacter)The pose toshow she isconfidentFlower hairaccessoryto lookmorefeminine.Casualclothing
  55. 55. Costume for main characterSmart/casual blackleather jacketCasual blue baggy jeans(male)Casual White trainersExample of full outfitput togetherEither a cap or a simple woolly hat
  56. 56. Hair and makeup of main character/propsNatural look, no makeup, andif so very little Hair tied back of face.(pintail)(bun)Computer (prop) Mirror (prop)Pencil and paper (props)
  57. 57. Costume for friend of main character (Monae)Midi burgundyskirt (feminine)Casual black topComfortable black vansLong girly chain
  58. 58. Hair and makeup of friend main character (Monae)Hair down/out (looks feminine)Lip gloss (looks feminine)Mascara/eyeliner (lightmakeup)
  59. 59. Costume for other friend of main character (Amy)Leopard print blazer(feminine& girly)Tight fitted blue jeansCasual plain white topComfortableconverses
  60. 60. Hair/makeup for other friend of main character(Amy)Mascara (eye makeup)Natural pink Lip-glossHair out, straight andblond
  61. 61. Costume of the main characters mumCasual blue denim jeansPlain black jumperFull outfit of characterSocks as she is at basedat home
  62. 62. Hair and makeup of the main characters mumHardly any makeup(quite natural)Hair tied back
  63. 63. LocationsLocation name & whatforHow to get there Access to location Photos of locationFrom school getthe train toPaddington thenthe train toLangleyPublic station openfrom 6am – 9pmName of locationJodies bedroom (Jodies house)Scene-Looking in the mirror whilstapplying fake facial hair(flashback)-Conversation with friends aboutprom(flashbackFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationJodies living room (Jodieshouse)Scene-Jodies mum shouts at her fornot being feminine-Jodie researches transgender onthe computerFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationLangley station
  64. 64. Music / soundcThis would beour first optionto use whenJodie would beon the trainstationhttp://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keyword_search.php
  65. 65. Music / soundcThis would be oursecond option to usewhen Jodie would be onthe train stationhttp://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keyword_search.php?sindex=11&kw=sad
  66. 66. Music / SoundcThis would be our thirdoption to use whenJodie would be on thetrain stationhttp://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keyword_search.php?sindex=11&kw=sad
  67. 67. Music / soundchttp://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keyword_search.php?sindex=11&kw=sadThis would be our fourthoption to use whenJodie would be on thetrain station
  68. 68. Music / soundhttp://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keyword_search.php?sindex=21&kw=sadcThis would be our firstoption to use whenJodie is near the traintracks, and the train isabout to come
  69. 69. Music / soundchttp://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keyword_search.php?sindex=21&kw=sadThis would be oursecond option to usewhen Jodie is near thetrain tracks, and thetrain is about to come
  70. 70. Music / soundchttp://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keyword_search.php?sindex=21&kw=sadThis would be our thirdoption to use whenJodie is near the traintracks, and the train isabout to come
  71. 71. Date Time PeopleattendedAgenda(points todiscuss)Targets Duedate/deadlineNotes21/2/13 2pm-8pm Whole group Discuss thepreliminaryDid thestoryboard,script, shortlist25/2/1325/2/13 3.20pm Whole group Discussedideas for ouropeningsequenceHad to puttogether astrong idea1/3/1326/3/13 11am Monae,Jodie andPamDiscussedmore ideasand puttingit togetherHad aclearer idea.1/3/13 Monae andAmy furtherdiscussed.1/3/13 3.20-4.30pm Monae andMs ConnellDiscussedeveryone’sideas.Change ofidea.Change ofstoryline.Discussed witheveryone ingroupGroup meeting record
  72. 72. Date Time PeopleattendedAgenda Targets Duedate/deadlineNotes4/3/13 10.40am The group Cleared upthe idea ofthe openingsequenceHad the fullidea of theopeningsequence5/3/13 9.50am The group Discussedthe timeline(planning)Inputs onthe timelineand backupplan8/3/136/3/13 3.30pm Monae,Jodie, AmyDiscussedthestoryboard,scriptFinishedstoryboardand script8/3/13 Wentthrough thiswith PamGroup meeting record continued
  73. 73. Short Term planningDay & time Filming what scene? TravelHow will youget there?Equipment/costume/propschecklist (what do youneed to bring with you)Sat Mar 9 - Filming all the trainstation sceneOn bus Camera, tripod, ipad,costumesSun Mar 10 - Filming at Jodies house On bus Camera, tripod, ipad, longmirror (in bedroom),computer, costumes, paperand pencilSaturday 23march- Filming at Jodie’s house Bus Camera, tripod, iPad,costumesSunday 24march- Filming at the trainstationBus Camera, tripod, iPad, longmirror (in bedroom),computer, costumes, paperand pencil
  74. 74. Short Term planningDay & time Filming whatscene?TravelHow will you getthere?Equipment/costume/props checklist(what do you needto bring with you)Sunday 7th April -Filming the trainstation scene in themorning-The computerscene-The friends sceneas well- On the bus to kgstation then thetrain to Paddingtonthen another trainto LangleyCamera, tripod,iPads, computer,costumesThursday 11th April - Filming thedancing scene andbeard scene- On the 18 Camera, tripod,iPads, long mirror(in bedroom),computer,costumes
  75. 75. Pathe Distribution Company• Pathe is the name ofvarious French businesses founded and originally run bythe Pathé Brothersof France from 1896• Pathé became the worldslargest film equipment andproduction company, as wellas a major producerof phonograph records
  76. 76. Pathe Distribution Company• Pathe would be great for ouropening sequence, as it hasdistributed transgender inthe past, which is called‘breakfast on Pluto’• It would be good to have adistribution company thathas distributed transgenderfilms on our transgenderopening sequence.