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Jovem guarda compacto vinil 03

  1. 1. Loronix Page 1 of 16 Search Loronix... Home Musicos do Brasil Happy Hour Find It! Ed Lincoln - Seu Piano e Seu Orgao Espetacular (1961) ABOUT ME (8) comments Wednesday, April 15, 2009 by zecalouro zecalouro Loronix promotes forgotten music not commercially available. No music is hosted here. If you disagree with any content, tell us. It will be promptly removed. Thanks View my complete profile This disc is here for a quite a long time, but never had my attention. I thought it was already available here, or perhaps it was only a reissue among the many released throughout Ed Lincoln's discography. Now I'm happy to be wrong, wrong twice. This album is the first issue of the second album released by Ed Lincoln (although Musidisc's ST XPL-12 serial number is big and visible at the front cover) and is also an album never released before at Loronix. There are also other relevant things to say about this one. Let's see. This is Ed Lincoln - Seu Piano e Seu Orgao Espetacular (1961), for Musidisc, featuring Pedrinho Rodrigues voice for the first time on recordings. The back cover says Ed Lincoln had the accompaniment of the same that recorded his first album for Helium Label, Ed Lincoln =Ao Seu Ouvido, but all my searches failed, although I'm really convinced I saw this personnel listing Your Ad Here available somewhere, not a long time ago. Tracks include: --> TRANSLATE Icons by IconDrawer CONTRIBUA COM O LORONIX 26/8/2010
  2. 2. Loronix Page 2 of 16 Pague com PagSeguro - é rápido, grátis e seguro! DONATE TO LORONIX Track List PAGE VIEWS 01 - Nunca Mais (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César) 02 - Confissão (Luis Bandeira / Djalma Ferreira) with PEDRINHO RODRIGUES FOLLOW LORONIX 03 - Eu Não Tenho Onde Morar (Dorival Caymmi) with PEDRINHO RODRIGUES 04 - Amanhã Eu Vou (Nilo Sergio) with PEDRINHO RODRIGUES Follow 05 - T'aimer Follement (F. Robinson / A. Salvet / J. Plait) with Google Friend Connect 06 - Atire a Primeira Pedra (Ataulfo Alves / Mário Lago) Deus Me Perdoe (Humberto Teixeira / Followers (574) More » Lauro Maia) Pergunte ao João (Milton Costa / Helena Silva) 07 - Tristeza de Nós Dois (Bebeto / Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn) with PEDRINHO RODRIGUES 08 - Leçon de Baion (Jean Rodor / Daniel Marechal / Jadir de Castro) 09 - Vai Com Deus (Luis Bandeira / Silvio César) This is Ed Lincoln - Seu Piano e Seu Orgao Espetacular (1961), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€54 , FLAC€150 . Mb Mb Already a member?Sign in Hope uEnjoy! MOST VISITED You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related 01. € €Abracadabra LPs do Brasil (21367) Albums and listen to a sample track, 06 - Atire a Primeira Pedra - Deus me Perdoe - Pergunte ao Joaol 02. € €Discos do Brasil (12290) 03. € €300 Discos Importantes da Música Create a Rapidshare Premium Account Brasileira (11040) 04. € €Bossa Brasileira (10231) 05. € €Vinylmaniac (9849) 06. € €Sounds of The 70's (9343) 07. € €MPBJAZZ (8009) 08. € €BR-Instrumental (7851) 09. € €Memoria Musical Brasileira (6759) Catulo de Paula - Catulo Canta no Michel (1959) 10. € €Acervo Origens (6131) (8) comments 11. € €Na Onda do Sambarock (4813) Tuesday, April 14, 2009 by zecalouro 12. € €CJUB Jazz & Bossa (4650) 13. € €Bossa Nova Online (4552) 14. € €Farofa Moderna (4491) 15. € €Musicos do Brasil (4178) 16. € €Global Groove (3930) 17. € €Parallel Realities Studio (3860) 18. € €Brisa do Brasil (3783) 19. € €Baden Powell - Brazil On Guitar (3576) 20. € €AfroColombia (3065) €€209719 clicks this round and 235201 so far DISCOGRAPHIES MUSICIANS FAVORITES 26/8/2010
  3. 3. Loronix Page 3 of 16 AGGREGATORS MUSIC BLOGS €€300 Discos Importantes da Música Brasileira €€Abracadabra LPs do Brasil €€Acervo Origens €€AfroColombia €€Baby Grandpa €€Baikinange €€Blaks Lair €€Bossa Brasileira €€BR-Instrumental €€Chiadofone €€Edison Machado by Luiz Harding €€El Rincon del 45 €€Farofa Moderna €€Festivais da Cancao €€Fidels Eyeglasses €€Flabbergasted Vibes €€Forro em Vinil €€Global Groove €€J Thyme...Kind €€Lagrima Psicodelica €€Laurindo Almeida in the heart €€Lounge Musica €€Low Cost Music €€Mojo Knights Hello, good evening! This is the third album I'm making available from this obscure record €€MPBJAZZ company with the name and logo based on an animal that does not exists in Brazil, the €€Musicology Freedom! legendary Tiger. Little I know about this label except these albums, the excellent Moacyr €€Na Onda do Sambarock Marques e Seu Conjunto - Jazz & Bossa Nova (1959), a contribution of my Mentor Caetano Rodrigues and this early Hermeto Pascoal recording with Pernambuco do Pandeiro e Seu €€never enough rhodes Regional - Batucando no Morro (1958), both really worth checking out. Catulo de Paula is an €€Oro artist requested by many friends, many and important friends, such like Frank-Oliver Hellman, €€Parallel Realities Studio which I want to say thanks for recommending Catulo de Paula a long time ago. Let's see. €€Phil Musical's Lounge Corner €€Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo This is Catulo de Paula - Catulo Canta no Michel (1959), for Tiger. Catulo de Paula delivers a €€Sonda Musical repertoire based on his performances at Michel Bar, a nightclub I never heard about. According €€Soul Spectrum with Guio de Moraes liner notes, Catulo de Paula performed on Michel Bar for more than a year, €€Sounds of The 70's accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. Ze Menezes delivers fantastic instrumental €€Tonegents accompaniment to Catulo de Paula leading a trio of guitar, drums and bass. By the way, Ze €€Toque Musical Menezes gives a real lesson of how accompany singer with a guitar. Really worth checking out. €€Vinylmaniac Tracks include: Personnel LATEST COMMENTS Ze Menezes (violao) billinrio commented: Paulo Fantástico! Comprei este LP em (bass) Vitória em 1969. Aadorava. Depois Trinca emprestei a uma amiga americana (drums) l... David commented: Track List I hate to expose myself as as wide- eyed innocent, but I just heard this 01 - Balada Triste (Dalton Vogeler / Esdras Pereira da Silva) album in a coffee shop that ... 02 - Viva Meu Samba (Billy Blanco) e-man commented: 03 - Suas Mãos (Antônio Maria / Pernambuco) re-up please, man! 04 - Pau-de-arara (Guio de Morais / Luis Gonzaga) 05 - Tenho Pena da Noite (Catulo de Paula / Marino Pinto) antares_ceu commented: 06 - Lamento (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio) Quero expressar aqui a minha 07 - Castigo (Dolores Duran) satisfação de encontrar este LP do 08 - Aliança (Madame Fulano de Tal) (Cyro Monteiro / Dias da Cruz) Ely Arcoverde, que eu costumava 09 - Nosso Mocambo (Catulo de Paula) ouvi... 26/8/2010
  4. 4. Loronix Page 4 of 16 10 - Serenata do Adeus (Vinicius de Moraes) Anonymous commented: 11 - Rio Triste (Tito Madi) Uaauuuuuu, é demais!! 12 - Último Pau-de-arara (J. P. Guimarães / Venâncio / Corumba) OBRIGADINHAobrigadinhaOBRIGADINHA,t a TON and the biggest abraço for This is Catulo de Paula - Catulo Canta no Michel (1959), at Loronix,€ here this ... as: € MP3€69 , FLAC€147 . Mb Mb walberpena commented: Vendo o post referente ao álbum Hope uEnjoy! "Elizeth Cardoso - Feito em Casa (1974)", postado em 07 de... You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 05 - Tenho Pena da Noite Anonymous commented: Thanks for posting. It is ALWAYS a Create a Rapidshare Premium Account great pleasure to listen to their playing. If the server is bus... Walter commented: Faltou na capa do LP (pelo menos não identifiquei)o Grande,Grande Otelo, "criolinho metido"... Anonymous commented: Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto - Sax Sensacional Nr. 3 WOW !!! I had forgotten how good those guys really were...Amazing (1962) (6) comments musicians...great Friday, April 10, 2009 by zecalouro swing...brazilia... Anonymous commented: A great Album !Loronix is top.Have you got the Gilberto Golden Japanese Album ?Thanks. EVENTS Hello, good evening! The availability of new albums over time at Loronix is a recurrent and very frequent question. It is natural to think in some point there will be no new albums available. I never had such fear, especially today, which is the day another Moacyr Silva LP never published at Loronix is been released. This is the eighteenth album with Moacyr Silva participation at Loronix. And this is not a fraction of his entire discography. If you are new to Loronix or new to Moacyr Silva, check the related albums option below and be amazed by his music. Let's see. This is Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto - Sax Sensacional Nr. 3 (1962), for Copacabana, featuring Moacyr Silva tenor sax in front of two bands, a quintet (performing Samba tunes) and a quartet (performing the remaining songs, identified as "Foxes"). Personnel listing features a constellation of Brazilian musicians, including Chaim Lewak (besides Moacyr Silva, the only that performs on both bands), Waltel Branco, Tiao Marinho, Ohana (from Tamba Trio) and a drummer credited as Edson, which is 99.99% guaranteed to be Edison Machado (Luiz Harding, please help!). We are starting a big weekend in Brazil and I would like to send my positive vibrations to Loronix community, wishing a very nice weekend. Tracks include: 26/8/2010
  5. 5. Loronix Page 5 of 16 Compras nos EUA? Compre nas Lojas dos EUA e Receba em Sua Casa no Brasil. Vivo - Celular Grátis Faça um Plano Pós da Vivo e receba um Celular Gratuito em sua casa. Engenharia de Produção Informações, Artigos, Apostilas Cursos, Universidades, Disciplinas Você acabou de Ganhar R$ 850.000,00 São Seus! Acesse o Site agora e saiba como retirar Personnel Your Ad Here Samba tunes musicians OLDER POSTS Moacyr Silva (tenor sax) ▼ 2009 (79) Chaim Lewak ► September 20 (1) (piano) Waltel Branco ► September 6 (1) (guitar) ► August 23 (1) Tiao Marinho (bass) ► August 16 (1) Ohana ► August 9 (1) (drums) ► August 2 (2) Sambas are: 01, 03, 05, 06, 08, 10. ► July 26 (2) ► July 19 (1) "Fox" tunes musicians ► July 12 (2) Moacyr Silva ► July 5 (2) (tenor sax) ► June 28 (1) Chaim Lewak (piano) ► June 21 (2) Ziguetti ► June 7 (1) (bass) Edson (probably Edison Machado) ► May 31 (1) (drums) ► May 24 (1) Foxes are: 02, 04, 07, 09. ► May 17 (2) ► May 10 (2) Track List ► May 3 (1) 01 - Lamento Bebop (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa) ► April 26 (2) 02 - That Old Feeling (L. Brown / S. Fain) 03 - Olhou Pra Mim (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César) ► April 19 (2) 04 - Don't Blame Me (D. Fields / J. McHung) ▼ April 12 (3) 05 - Estou Só Outra Vez (Moacyr Silva / Luciana) Aracy de Almeida - Cancoes 06 - Meu Nome É Ninguém (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa) de Noel Rosa com Aracy ... 07 - Sweet And Lovely (G. Arnheim / H. Tobias / J. Lemare) 26/8/2010
  6. 6. Loronix Page 6 of 16 08 - Parti (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César) Ed Lincoln - Seu Piano e Seu 09 - Once In a While (B. Green / M. Edwards) Orgao Espetacular (19... 10 - Seresta de Gato (Waltel / Telmo Soares) Catulo de Paula - Catulo This is Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto - Sax Sensacional Nr. 3 (1962), at Canta no Michel (1959) Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€65 , FLAC€161 . Mb Mb ► April 5 (3) ► March 29 (3) Hope uEnjoy! ► March 22 (3) You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related ► March 15 (2) Albums and listen to a sample track, 03 - Olhou para Mim ► March 8 (1) Create a Rapidshare Premium Account ► March 1 (3) ► February 22 (7) ► February 15 (3) ► February 8 (5) ► February 1 (4) ► January 25 (2) Nelson Ferraz - Lamento Negro (1956) Featuring ► January 18 (3) Radames Gnattali (2) comments ► January 11 (3) Wednesday, April 08, 2009 by zecalouro ► January 4 (5) ► 2008 (384) ► 2007 (1156) ► 2006 (575) RECEIVE LORONIX BY E-MAIL ...OR USE YOUR FAVORITE FEED READER wtg Hello, good evening! I've been a frequent parrot at Rio de Janeiro downtown area in the last €Advertisement two weeks or so. The place has several small used book shops that really worth checking. Today I decided to try a store, just because I was 5 minutes early to a meeting in the building next door. I had five minutes and no guarantees, I did not know if the store was working with LPs, for instance. Sometimes I'm lucky, the owner was starting the LP selling business, without the require knowledge for make correct prices. I could make two wonderful bids in 5 minutes, each one for only 2 reais. This is the first, and I'm pleased to make it here, this is a rather curious disc. Let's see. This is Nelson Ferraz - Lamento Negro (1956), for Continental, featuring arrangements by Maestro Radames Gnattali. If you are in the mood of a very inquisitive album with a very different music, this is probably the album you were waiting for. Little I know about Nelson Ferraz, which is probably a classical singer, a baritone. I can read your mind right now making the same association I did with the anthological Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus). However, it is very unlikely that this disk is part of a theatrical play or movie, is just a career album of a rather unknown and surprising singer backed by Maestro Radames Gnattali. Tracks include: 26/8/2010
  7. 7. Loronix Page 7 of 16 Track List 01 - Terra Seca (Ary Barroso) Samba 02 - Funeral Dum Rei Nagô (Hekel Tavares / Murilo Araújo) Canto de Alufá 03 - Leilão (Hekel Tavares / Juraci Camargo) Canção 04 - Banzo (Hekel Tavares / Murilo Araújo) Canção 05 - Algodão (Custódio Mesquita / David Nasser) Samba 06 - Navio Negreiro (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / J. Piedade / Sá Róris) Samba 07 - Lamento Negro (Humberto Porto / Constantino Silva "Secundino") Batuque 08 - Preto Velho (Custódio Mesquita / Jorge Faraj) Samba-canção This is Nelson Ferraz - Lamento Negro (1956), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€64 , FLAC€142 . Mb Mb Hope uEnjoy! You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 04 - Banzo Create a Rapidshare Premium Account Francisco Petronio e Dilermando Reis - Uma Voz e Um Violao em Serenata Vol. 2 (1963) (3) comments Monday, April 06, 2009 by zecalouro 26/8/2010
  8. 8. Loronix Page 8 of 16 Hello, good evening! If our mission is to tell the story of Brazilian popular music, it would fail if we skip this duo formed by a singer and an instrumentalist. The singer is Francisco Petronio, being introduced for the first time at Loronix, and by the way, an important singer. Francisco Petronio recorded over 50 LPs in a career that started late and lasted no more than two decades. Dilermando Reis does not requires an introduction, his violao is the only instrument heard at this album and this is the first time we have an album by Dilermando Reis accompanying a singer. They recorded together 7 LPs in this series of seresta performance, a genre we are getting along for the first time at Loronix. Let's see. This is Francisco Petronio e Dilermando Reis - Uma Voz, e Um Violao em Serenata Vol. 2 (1963), for Continental, the second out of seven seresta albums release by the duo. Although the cover in the spirit of a serenata, I think a brief explanation is needed. Seresta or Serenata is music for a lover, in the evening time below the lover or the candidate window. I think it is something that belongs to the past, not the music, but the attitude of singing below someone else window. Anyway, the music speaks by itself. Tracks include: 01 - Sob o Céu de Brasília (Dilermando Reis / José Fortuna) 02 - Reflorir da Minha Vida (Saint-Clair Sena) 03 - A Pequenina Cruz do Teu Rosário (Roberto Xavier de Castro / Fernando Weyne) 04 - Flor do Mal (Santos Coelho) 05 - Última Inspiração (Peterpan) 06 - Serenata (Silvio Caldas / Orestes Barbosa) 07 - Dois Destinos (Dilermando Reis / José Fortuna) 08 - Pálida Morena (Freire Júnior) 09 - Revendo o Passado (Freire Júnior) 10 - Uma Valsa e Dois Amores (Dilermando Reis / José Fortuna) 11 - Não Sei (Francisco Alves / Orestes Barbosa) 12 - Lágrimas (Cândido das Neves "Índio") This is Francisco Petronio e Dilermando Reis - Uma Voz e Um Violao em Serenata Vol. 2 (1963), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€92 , FLAC€186 . Mb Mb Hope uEnjoy! You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 06 - Serenata Create a Rapidshare Premium Account Nilo Sergio, Sua Orquestra e Vozes - Isto e Romance (1962) (5) comments Saturday, April 04, 2009 by zecalouro 26/8/2010
  9. 9. Loronix Page 9 of 16 Hello, good evening! This is considered by many the best album released by Nilo Sérgio, an important figure in Brazilian popular music. Singer and composer, Nilo Sergio made history as the creator of an independent record label that was always ahead of its time, the legendary Musidisc. This really nice record company released important artists; Trio Surdina is a perfect example. Musidisc was also the record label that started and frequently used artists from other labels hidden by fake names and even artists under contract with Musidisc using English names as a marketing strategy, such like Bob Fleming, the fake name used by Moacyr Silva and Zito Righi to release several blockbusters at Musidisc. Let's see. This is Nilo Sergio, Sua Orquestra e Vozes - Isto e Romance (1962), for Musidisc, featuring the not credited participation of Ed Lincoln as an organist and probably a maestro in charge of instrumental and voice arrangements. I had a nice week and I hope we will have together a special weekend with our family and friends. I'm leaving and stay tuned for another Brazilian music weekend, probably a "Samba Saturday", which is something still requested by many friends. Tracks include: Track List 01 - Romantic Partners (Nilo Sergio) 02 - Pescadores de Pérolas (G. Bizet) 03 - Marias de Portugal (Nilo Sergio) 04 - I Love Brahms (3ª Sinfonia) (Brahms) 05 - Sanson Et Dalila (C. Saint / Saes) 06 - Lago dos Cisnes (Tchaikovsky) 07 - My Prayer (Boulanger / Kennedy) 08 - Canção dos Vagabundos (Nilo Sergio) 09 - Serenata (Shubert) 10 - Canção Para Um Homem no Espaço (Nilo Sergio) 11 - Espiral (Nilo Sergio / Ed Lincoln) 12 - I Concetrate On You (Cole Porter) 26/8/2010
  10. 10. Loronix Page 10 of 16 This is Nilo Sergio, Sua Orquestra e Vozes - Isto e Romance (1962), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€66 , FLAC€170 . Mb Mb Hope uEnjoy! You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 02 - Pescadores de Perolas Create a Rapidshare Premium Account Lyrio Panicali - Lyrio Panicali faz Samba em 2 Tempos (1967) (5) comments Wednesday, April 01, 2009 by zecalouro Hello, good evening! I'm really glad to present another Lyrio Panicali career LP never made available before at Loronix. By the way, the last album with Lyrio Panicali as main performer was released in the remote November 2007, exactly 16 months ago. I made a quick examination at Lyrio Panicali discography and I'm happy to know that we still have several albums never released in CD to show. Some of these albums I never had the chance to see how the cover looks like. Anyway, Maestro Lyrio Panicali is a really special artist and I urge Loronix community to pay attention to this release. I will tell you. Let's see. This is Lyrio Panicali - Lyrio Panicali faz Samba em 2 Tempos (1967), for Codil Ritmos, featuring Orquestra de Sopros da Radio Ministerio da Educacao e Cultura. This album can easily cheat you at a first sight, but as soon as you spin the first track you understand that you are in front of something very similar to Panicali's Nova Dimensao, an acclaimed album by Samba Jazz fans. This one is very similar and Lyrio Panicali is in front of an Orchestra made of professional musicians from Radio Ministerio da Educacao e Cultura, including the legendary K-Ximbinho. Believe-me, if you are looking for Samba tunes performed by an orchestra with Samba Jazz beat and drumming, this is really worth checking. Tracks include: 26/8/2010
  11. 11. Loronix Page 11 of 16 Personnel Lyrio Panicali (piano, arrangements, direction) Waldyr Brito (flute) Sebastiao Barros AKA K-Ximbinho (clarinet) Giuseppe Sergi (claroni) Canuto Pizziali, Jose G de Moura (trumpet) Mario Roxo, Waldemar G de Moura (trombone) Jose Miranda Pinto, Pedro Nogueira Filho (alto sax) Fernando Barros Pinto, Adherbal Moreira, Lupercilio Lyra (tenor sax) Francisco Monteiro Filho (baritone sax) Pedro Vidal Ramos (bass) Luiz Gonzaga Bittencourt (guitar) Sebastiao Vieira Gomes (percussion) Juvenal Nunes Sampaio Sobrinho (drums) Track List 01 - Bahia (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli) 02 - Marina (Dorival Caymmi) 03 - Último Desejo (Noel Rosa) 04 - Eu Sem Maria (Dorival Caymmi) 05 - Fita Amarela (Noel Rosa) 06 - Rio (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli) 07 - Peguei Um Ita no Norte (Dorival Caymmi) 08 - Preciso Aprender a Ser Só (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle) 09 - Feitiço da Vila (Noel Rosa) 10 - Das Rosas (Dorival Caymmi) 11 - Feitio de Oração (Noel Rosa / Vadico) 12 - Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle) This is Lyrio Panicali - Lyrio Panicali faz Samba em 2 Tempos (1967), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€70 , FLAC€172 . Mb Mb Hope uEnjoy! You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 02 - Marina Create a Rapidshare Premium Account Milton Banana - O Ritmo e o Som da Bossa Nova (1963) (9) comments Sunday, March 29, 2009 by zecalouro 26/8/2010
  12. 12. Loronix Page 12 of 16 Hello, good evening! I had a day with some surprises, good and bad surprises. Evaluating these ups and downs, I think the balance was not very good, and the best thing to do on these days is to sleep early and wake up on a better shape. However, I'm very happy with the sequel of albums made available at Loronix. Take a look at the last five or eight posts and you should agree with me. We had excellent albums and most of them never had a chance of being reissued on CD. I believe I made the right choice postponing my sleep time for a few hours. I'm feeling much better right now, especially remembering this album, which is one of the first made available at Loronix and a very important Brazilian instrumental music album featuring Milton Banana, the creator of Bossa Nova drumming style, backed by another legend of the movement, Oscar Castro Neves and Conjunto. This is a required update that you cannot miss. Let's see. This is Milton Banana e Conjunto de Oscar Castro Neves - O Ritmo e O Som da Bossa Nova (1963), for Audio Fidelity, now available with the original first AF 1984 edition with Milton Banana with the name that made his fame instead of Miltinho from the US release. Conjunto de Oscar Castro Neves is a quartet, but other musicians were in this session and they did not received credits by Audio Fidelity. This is one of those self-explanatory albums. Tracks include: Personnel MILTON BANANA (drums) CONJUNTO DE OSCAR CASTRO NEVES Oscar Castro Neves (piano) Iko Castro Neves (bass) Henry Perci Wilcox (guitar) Roberto Pontes Dias (percussion) Leo Wright (flute, sax) Track List 26/8/2010
  13. 13. Loronix Page 13 of 16 01 - Você e Eu (Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes) 02 - Bossa Nova Blues (Oscar Castro Neves) 03 - Não Faz Assim (Oscar Castro Neves) 04 - Influência do Jazz (Carlos Lyra) 05 - Desafinado (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça) 06 - O Amor e a Rosa (Pernambuco / Antônio Maria) 07 - O Apito no Samba (Luis Bandeira / Luis Antônio) 08 - Chora Tua Tristeza (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini) 09 - O Menino Desce o Morro (De Rosa / Vera Brasil) 10 - Chega de Saudade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) 11 - Boato (João Roberto Kelly) 12 - Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça) This is Milton Banana - O Ritmo e o Som da Bossa Nova (1963), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€84 , FLAC (A)€104 , FLAC (B)€104 . Mb Mb Mb Hope uEnjoy! You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 04 - Influencia do Jazz Create a Rapidshare Premium Account Nelly Martins & Tito Madi - Encontro no Sabado (1959) (8) comments Friday, March 27, 2009 by zecalouro Hello, good evening! I'm confident that many friends will be surprised with this album, such like us. I'm saying us because my transfers are now different from the way it was. Now I have an audience, a small, but very influent audience. They try to influence my choices and also make recommendations for future releases by digging my collection. This album provoked a very interest reaction on my small board of advisors, as soon as the transfer ended, they requested another spin, which was an appropriate request, this record is really amazing, Tito Madi and the surprising Nelly Martins worked as a team delivering a beauty of an album that you cannot miss. Let's see. This is Nelly Martins & Tito Madi - Encontro no Sabado (1959), for Continental. The information available about Nelly Martins was very limited on my computer and something very strange happened when I started searching Google. The website which provided better details on Nelly 26/8/2010
  14. 14. Loronix Page 14 of 16 Martins was Loronix, really. Nelly Martins appears on a very old challenge post accompanied by Lúcio Alves, Johnny Alf and and Tito Madi, available here or at the picture in your left. Additionally, Loronix comment section told me that Nelly Martins was married with the mighty Maestro Radames Gnattali, which is also the arranger of Encontro no Sabado. Nelly Martins did not leave many records, only some 78RPMs and two LPs, Encontro no Sabado (this album) and an amazing instrumental piano album recorded in duo with Radames Gnattali, Radames Gnattali & Nelly Martins - Piano Duo (1967). What a nice story. Nelly Gnattali is also a gifted pianist and today works on preserving the memory of Radames Gnattali. Part of her work is available at Radames Gnattali official website, here. And as a last minute information, I found a YouTube video with Nelly Martins singing and Radames Gnattali performing at the piano, here. I said this post is amazing! Tracks include: 01 - Encontro no Sábado (Tito Madi / Georges Henry) 02 - Se (Mário Albanese / Nagib Nader) 03 - Quero-te Assim (Tito Madi) 04 - Faz Tanto Tempo (Tito Madi) 05 - Por Que (Pedro Dellober) 06 - És Tu (Domicio Augusto / Milton Silva) 07 - Eu e Você (Tito Madi) 08 - Esquece-me (Gabriel Migliori / Hélio Prado) 09 - Olha-me Diga-me (Tito Madi) 10 - Palavras ao Vento (Sergio Malta) 11 - Que Coisa Louca (C'est Magnifique) (Cole Porter / Vrs. João de Barro) 12 - Tu e Eu (Altamiro Carrilho / Armando Nunes) This is Nelly Martins & Tito Madi - Encontro no Sabado (1959), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€89 , FLAC€179 . Mb Mb Hope uEnjoy! You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 04 - Faz Tanto Tempo Create a Rapidshare Premium Account My apologies, the back cover was not included. You can grab it here, with no Rapidshare. Thanks! Radames Gnattali - Joias Musicais Brasileiras (1954) (6) comments Tuesday, March 24, 2009 by zecalouro 26/8/2010
  15. 15. Loronix Page 15 of 16 Hello, good evening! My Internet access stills very limited with extremely slow upload rates. I did not want to keep Loronix with no updates today and my solution was gathering a 10-inch album, which is not an issue since we have truly amazing albums to explore in the format. This one is a perfect example, this is the second LP released by Maestro Radames Gnattali at Continental. For reasons that I cannot understand Radames Gnattali name is not available at the front cover, just like the first one. It is necessary to read the back cover for this information. I would like to remember that covers and individual tracks are always available at the end my writings as individual downloads; the covers are available as direct download links with no Rapidshare. Let's see. This is Radames Gnattali - Joias Musicais do Brasil (1954), for Continental, featuring Radames Gnattali selections. arrangements and piano. A small and not credited band makes the accompaniement. All my searches on this album failured, which was the way I choose to retrieve credit information on the good musicians we have here, especially the guitar and accordion player. Tracks include: 01 - Rancho Fundo (Ary Barroso / Lamartine Babo) 02 - Despertar da Montanha (Eduardo Souto) 03 - Casinha Pequenina (Tradicional) 04 - Luar de Paquetá (Hermes Fontes / Freire Júnior) 05 - Nuvens (Eduardo Souto) 06 - Carinhoso (Pixinguinha / João de Barro) 07 - Guacyra (Hekel Tavares / Joracy Camargo) 08 - Linda Flor (Henrique Vogeler / Cândido Costa / Luiz Peixoto) 26/8/2010
  16. 16. Loronix Page 16 of 16 This is Radames Gnattali - Joias Musicais Brasileiras (1954), at Loronix,€ here as: € MP3€60 , FLAC€137 . Mb Mb Hope uEnjoy! You can also make individual downloads of Tracks, Covers, check Related Albums and listen to a sample track, 01 - Rancho Fundo Create a Rapidshare Premium Account Newer Posts Home Older Posts Powered by Loronix Labs with free software. Template adapted from Falcon Rive's Linetech. Kudos to the great guys from, MySQL and FamFamFam. Portions of this website are hosted at Server4You. Loronix Server Ads by Google Copyright 2006 - 2009 Loronix 26/8/2010