ElvsPrsly Movie Anthologie Vol 2.rar
LP 1:                                                 LP 2:
01.Fun In Acapulco 2:28                               01.Tonig...
1. Love Me Tender                                         13.   Kissin' Cousins
   2. Loving You                          ...
10..Love Me Tender                                        21.(BONUS) How Great Thou Art
        11.Are You Lonesome Tonigh...
Disc One: Stereo Masters And Outtakes
                                                                          Disc Two: ...
Elvis - ...
Elvis Popcorn - Remixes By DJ Ethan And DJ Jack – 2 CD’s
20 Film Hits - The Best Songs From His Movies
Elvis Presley - The Movie Y...
Elvis Presley – I Love Elvis Presley (3CD´s)(2009)–I-Love-Elvis...
Elvis Presley / The Other Sides - Worldwide Gold Award Hits - Volume
Worldwide Gold Awards Parts 1 and 2 - 1974,_Elvis/Discograp...
Elvs prsly
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Elvs prsly

  1. 1. Elvis Presley - Elvis At The Movies (2008) Senha/Clave/Pass: Disco 1 01.Love Me Tender (Love Me Tender) 02.Loving You (Loving You) 03.Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock) 04.Treat Me Nice (Jailhouse Rock) 05.Hard Headed Woman (King Creole) 06.King Creole (King Creole) 07.G.I. Blues (G.I. Blues) 08.Frankfort Special (G.I. Blues) 09.Flaming Star (Flaming Star) 10.Lonely Man (Wild In The Country) 11.Can't Help Falling In Love (Blue Hawaii) 12.Blue Hawaii (Blue Hawaii) 13.Rock-A-Hula Baby (Blue Hawaii) 14.Follow That Dream (Follow That Dream) 15.King Of The Whole Wide World (Kid Galahad) 16.Return To Sender (Girls! Girls! Girls!) 17.One Broken Heart For Sale (It Happened At The World's Fair) 18.They Remind Me Too Much Of You (It Happened At The World's Fair) 19.Bossa Nova Baby (Fun In Acapulco) 20.Viva Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas) _elvis_at_the_movies_2007_2_cd__sharedmp3.net_.part1.rar Disco 2 01.What'd I Say (Viva Las Vegas) 02.Kissin' Cousins (Kissin' Cousins) 03.Little Egypt (Roustabout) 04.Do The Clam (Girl Happy) 05.(Such An) Easy Question (Tickle Me) 06.I'm Yours (Tickle Me) 07.Shake That Tambourine (Harum Scarum) 08.Frankie And Johnny (Frankie And Johnny) 09.This Is My Heaven (Paradise, Hawaiian Style) 10.All That I Am (Spinout) 11.I'll Be Back (Spinout) 12.Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) (Double Trouble) 13.The Love Machine (Easy Come, Easy Go) 14.Clambake (Clambake) 15.Let Yourself Go (Speedway) 16.Stay Away (Stay Away, Joe) 17.A Little Less Conversation (Live A Little, Love A Little) 18.Charro! (Charro!) 19.Clean Up Your Own Back Yard (The Trouble With Girls) 20.Rubberneckin' (Change Of Habit)
  2. 2. _elvis_at_the_movies_2007_2_cd__sharedmp3.net_.part2.rar z/promo/asia/musicleelvisatthemoviesgend.htm 1987 Elvis The Definitive Film Album.rar Elvis - Greetings From Germany.rar Elvis Animal Instint.rar Elvis Definitive Rock.rar Elvis Exotic.rar Elvis In The Movies 2009.rar Elvis Popcorn Disc 1.rar Elvis Popcorn Disc 2.rar Elvis Presley - Close Up Disc 2 - U Movie G.rar Elvis Presley - Elvis In Germany.rar Elvis Presley - Elvis Movies 2006.rar Elvis Presley - Night Rider.rar Elvis Presley - Patriot.rar Elvis Presley - Rare Elvis Duets.rar Elvis Presley - Relaxin With Elvis.rar Elvis Presley Movie Magic - Dr. K.rar Elvis Presley Movie Songs CD1.rar Elvis Presley Movie Songs CD2.rar Elvis Presley The Ultimate Collection Movies.rar Elvis Summer Hits Vol 1 by Dj Ethan.rar Elvis Summer Hits Vol 2 Blazin'sun by Dj Ethan.rar Elvispianofans2.rar Essential Elvis CD 1.rar Essential Elvis CD 2.rar The Essential Elvis, Vol. 3 Hits Like Never Before.rar Elvis Alternate Masters Vol. 12 (Movie Special).rar ElvsPrsly The Hollywood Sessions.rar ElvsPrsly Best Film Hits Remix Album.rar ElvsPrsly Cinema a Go Go Vol 1.rar ElvsPrsly Cinema a Go Go Vol 2.rar ElvsPrsly For Movie Fans Only Vol 2 ElvsPrsly For Movie Fans Only Vol 3 ElvsPrsly Movie Anthologie Vol 1.rar
  3. 3. ElvsPrsly Movie Anthologie Vol 2.rar ElvsPrsly Hollywood Archive Vol 2.rar ElvsPrsly Hollywood Archive Vol 3.rar ElvsPrsly Screens of Hollywood.rar ElvsPrsly MovieStar.rar ElvsPrsly MovieThrills.rar ElvsPrsly MovieTitles.rar ElvsPrsly MovieBallads.rar Elvis - The Lost Stereo Tapes.rar ElvsPrsly Sings Hits From His Mo..rar Original Soundtrack CD Compilation - Elvis Presley CD Elvis Presley - The Definitive Film album – 1987 1.Return to Sender 16.Fun in Acapulco 2.Girls! Girls! Girls! 17.Mexico 3.Can't Help Falling in Love 18.Bossa Nova, Baby 4.Blue Hawaii 19.You Can't Say No in Acapulco 5.Rock-a-hula Baby 20.Follow that Dream 6.Kismet 21.Girl Happy 7.I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 22.Roustabout 8.Wild in the Country 23.Double Trouble 9.Wooden Heart(Muss I Denn) 24.King Creole 10.G. I. Blues 25.Loving You 11.Tonight Is So Right for Love 26.Flaming Star 12.I Got Lucky 27.Kissin' Cousins(Number 2) 13.Stay Away Joe 28.Rubberneckin' 14.Almost in Love 29.Viva Las Vegas 15.Frankie and Johnny 30.What'd I Say Elvis Presley, The First Movies, Essential Elvis, Volume 1 - 1988,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Presley,_The_First_Movies,_Essential_Elvis,_ Volume_1,/ 1.Love Me Tender 15.Jailhouse Rock 2.Let Me 16.Treat Me Nice 3.Poor Boy 17.Young and Beautiful 4.We're Gonna Move 18.Don't Leave Me Now 5.Loving You 19.I Want to Be Free 6.Party 20.(You're So Square,) Baby I Don't Care 7.Hot Dog 21.Jailhouse Rock 8.Teddy Bear 22.Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do 9.Loving You 23.Loving You 10.Mean Woman Blues 24.Mean Woman Blues 11.Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do 25.Loving You 12.Loving You 26.Treat Me Nice 13.Party 27.Love Me Tender 14.Lonesome Cowboy ELVIS PRESLEY - 32 FILM-HITS (ALBUM)1994 Vol 1 Tracks: Tracks: LP RCA NL 89388 1984 LP RCA NL 89388 1984
  4. 4. LP 1: LP 2: 01.Fun In Acapulco 2:28 01.Tonight Is So Right For Love 1:21 02.Mexico 1:57 02.Frankfort Special 2:52 03.Marguerita 2:38 03.Wooden Heart (muss i denn ...) 2:00 04.Bossa Nova Baby 2:00 04.G.I. Blues 2:33 05.Blue Hawaii 2:33 05.Blue Suede Shoes 2:03 06.Can't Help Falling In Love 2:58 06.Doin' The Best I Can 3:07 07.Rock-A-Hula Baby 1:58 07.A Dog's Life 1:57 08.Ku-U-I-Po 2:19 08.Charro 2:40 09.King Creole 2:08 09.Roustabout 1:57 10.Hard Headed Woman 1:54 10.Little Egypt 2:17 11.Trouble 2:18 11.Poison Ivy League 2:01 12.Dixieland Rock 1:47 12.Girls! Girls! Girls! 2:31 13.Frankie And Johnny 2:33 13.Where Do You Come From 2:05 14.Please Don't Stop Loving Me 2:02 14.Return To Sender 2:06 15.Easy Come, Easy Go 2:09 15.Follow That Dream 1:37 16.Sing You Children 16.Angel ELVIS PRESLEY - 32 Film Hits Volume 1 - 1984,_Elvis/Discography/32_Film_Hits_Volume_1/ 1 Fun In Acapulco 17 Tonight's All Right For Love 2 Mexico 18 Frankfort Special 3 Marguerita 19 Wooden Heart 4 Bossa Nova Baby 20 G.I. Blues 5 Blue Hawaii 21 Blue Suede Shoes 6 Can't Help Falling In Love 22 Doin' The Best I Can 7 Rock-A-Hula Baby 23 A Dog's Life 8 Ku-u-i-po 24 Charro 9 King Creole 25 Roustabout 10 Hard Headed Woman 26 Little Egypt 11 Trouble 27 Poison Ivy League 12 Dixieland Rock 28 Girls! Girls! Girls! 13 Frankie And Johnny 29 Where Do You Come From 14 Please Don't Stop Loving Me 30 Return To Sender 15 Easy Come, Easy Go 31 Follow That Dream 16 Sing You Children 32 Angel ELVIS PRESLEY - 32 Film Hits Volume 2 - 1985,_Elvis/Discography/32_Film_Hits_Volume_2/,_Elvis/Discography/32_Film_Hits_Volume_2/ 1 Jailhouse Rock 17 Rubberneckin' 2 Young And Beautiful 18 Change Of Habit 3 Baby, I Don't Care 19 Let Us Pray 4 They Remind Me Too Much Of You 20 El Toro 5 Beyond The Bend 21 Vino, Dinero Y Amor 6 Relax 22 Hard Knocks 7 One Broken Heart For Sale 23 One Track Heart 8 I'm Falling In Love Tonight 24 Wheels On My Heels 9 No More 25 Lover Doll 10 Island Of Love 26 Crawfish 11 Moonlight Swim 27 New Orleans 12 Hawaiian Sunset 28 Shoppin' Around 13 Beach Boy Blues 29 What's She Really Like 14 Hawaiian Wedding Song 30 Pocketful Of Rainbows 15 The Love Machine 31 I'm Not The Marrying Kind 16 I'll Take Love 32 What A Wonderful Life Elvis Movies (Remastered) - 2006 PW = OwlsNest
  5. 5. 1. Love Me Tender 13. Kissin' Cousins 2. Loving You 14. Roustabout 3. Jailhouse Rock 15. Girl Happy 4. King Creole 16. Frankie and Johnny 5. G.I. Blues 17. Spinout 6. Flaming Star 18. Double Trouble 7. Wild in the Country 19. Easy Come, Easy Go 8. Blue Hawaii 20. Clambake 9. Follow That Dream 21. Speedway 10. Girls! Girls! Girls! 22. Stay Away, Joe 11. Fun in Acapulco 23. Charro! 12. Viva Las Vegas 24. Change of Habit Elvis Songs From The Movies 3 CD 142MB Disc 1 Disc 2 1.Love Me Tender 2:43 1. Flaming Star 2:26 2. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 1:46 2. Mean Woman Blues 2:16 3. Loving You 2:12 3. Wild In The Country 1:52 4. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do 2:32 4. Rock A Hula Baby 1:58 5. Jailhouse Rock 2:27 5. Blue Hawaii 2:34 6. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 1:52 6. Can't Help Falling I Love 1:59 7. Treat Me Nice 2:11 7. Follow That Dream 1:38 8. Hard Headed Woman 1:54 8. (Such An) Easy Question 2:20 9. King Creole 2:08 9. It Feels So Right 2:09 10. Trouble 2:17 10. King Of The Whole Wide World 11. Wooden Heart 2:02 11. Return To Sender 2:07 12. Doin' The Best I Can 3:10 12. One Broken Heart For Sale 1:46 Disc 3 DVD2006 Elvis Music Movie Performances 1. Bossa Nova Baby 2:02 2. Little Egypt 2:16 3. Kissin' Cousins 2:12 4. Viva Las Vegas 2:21 5. What'd I Say 3:02 6. Frankie And Johnny 2:34 7. Please Don't Stop Loving me 2:03 8. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) 9. Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby 10. A Little Less Conversation 2:10 11. Clean Up Your Own Back Yard 12. Rubberneckin' Ronnie McDowell : The Ultimate Collection ElvisMovies 1999 01.Mystery Train 13.Until its Time for You to Go 02.The Wonder of You 14.Pledging My Love 03.That's Alright Mama 15.Separate Ways 04.Blue Moon of Kentucky 16.Suspicious Minds 05.My Happiness 17.Blue Suede Shoes & Dixie Battle Hymn of the 06.Old Shep Republic 07.Concert Medley 18.(BONUS) Good Rockin' Tonight 08.Heartbreak Hotel 19.(BONUS) Tutti Frutti (Bierhaus Version) 09..Rip it Up 20.(BONUS) Unchained Melody
  6. 6. 10..Love Me Tender 21.(BONUS) How Great Thou Art 11.Are You Lonesome Tonight 22.(BONUS) Sweet Caroline 12.Crying in the Chapel 23.(BONUS) Bosom of Abraham 24.(BONUS) Burning Love The Ultimate Film Collection password: 1. Got a Lot O' Livin' to Do! 17. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 2. Love Me Tender 18. Bossa Nova Baby 3. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 19. Rubberneckin' 4. Crawfish 20. They Remind Me Too Much of You 5. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 1. Down by the Riverside and When the Saints Go 6. Doin' the Best I Can Marching In 7. Flaming Star 2. They Remind Me Too Much of You - The Mello 8. Return to Sender Men, Elvis Presley 9. Loving You 3. Confidence 10. G.I. Blues 4. Frankie and Johnny 11. Girls! Girls! Girls! 5. Guitar Man - Elvis Presley 12. I Need Somebody to Lean On 6. Long Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On) 13. Little Less Conversation 7. You Don't Know Me 14. Follow That Dream 8. How Would You Like to Be - The Mello Men 15. Viva Las Vegas 9. Big Boss Man 16. Trouble 10. Old MacDonald - Elvis Presley Elvis: Close Up,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Close_Up/
  7. 7. Disc One: Stereo Masters And Outtakes Disc Two: Unreleased Movie Gems 1. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) 1. G.I. Blues 2. I Beg of You 2. Doin' the Best I Can 3. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 3. Wooden Heart 4. It's No Secret 4. Pocketful of Rainbows 5. Blueberry Hill 5. Shoppin' Around 6. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 6. Frankfort Special 7. Is It So Strange 7. Big Boots (fast version) 8. Loving You (fast version - take 5) 8. Tonight's All Right for Love 9. Loving You (fast version - take 15) 9. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears 10. Jailhouse Rock 10. Flaming Star 11. Treat Me Nice (first movie version) 11. Lonely Man (solo version) 12. Young and Beautiful (record master) 12. In My Way 13. Young and Beautiful (solo master) 13. Forget Me Never 14. Young and Beautiful (nightclub master) 14. Wild in the Country 15. I Want to Be Free (movie version) 15. Lonely Man 16. I Want to Be Free (record master) 16. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 17. Treat Me Nice (second movie version) 17. Aloha Oe 18. Don't Leave Me Now (Elvis piano version) 18. Hawaiian Sunset 19. Don't Leave Me Now (movie version) 19. Ku-U-I-Po 20. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 20. No More 21. Slicin' Sand 22. Steppin' Out of Line 23. Almost Always True 24. Moonlight Swim 25. Can't Help Falling in Love Disc Three: The Magic Of Nashville Disc Four: Live In Texas 1. Make Me Know It 1. Also Sprach Zarathustra 2. Soldier Boy 2. See See Rider 3. It Feels So Right 3. Proud Mary 4. The Girl of My Best Friend 4. Never Been to Spain 5. Surrender 5. You Gave Me a Mountain 6. Working on the Building 6. Until It's Time for You to Go 7. Starting Today 7. Polk Salad Annie 8. Kiss Me Quick Listen Listen 8. Love Me 9. That's Someone You Never Forget 9. All Shook Up 10. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 10. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 11. I Met Her Today 11. Heartbreak Hotel 12. Night Rider 12. Hound Dog 13. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello 13. How Great Thou Art 14. Echoes of Love 14. I Can't Stop Loving You 15. Ask Me 15. Love Me Tender 16. Stand by Me 16. Suspicious Minds 17. Somebody Bigger Than You and I 17. Introductions 18. Without Him 18. For the Good Times 19. Mine 19. Burning Love 20. Singing Tree 20. An American Trilogy 21. U.S. Male 21. Funny How Time Slips Away 22. Can't Help Falling in Love 23. Closing Vamp Taringa! Elvis Back At The Movies AVAXHOME ELVIS BEST FILM HITS REMIX ALBUM ELVIS MOVIE Anthologie
  8. 8. Elvis - Cinema A Go Go Elvis Presley For Movie Fans Only Elvis Presley Movietitles Elvis Presley - Hollywood Archives Special Delivery Elvis Presley - Café Europa - .rar Elvis Presley Collection Movie Magic 1998,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Presley_Collection_Movie_Magic/ Elvis Presley - Movie Magic Dr K 1998 Elvis Presley - Night Rider. Elvis Presley - Blazin' Sun - Summer Hits Vol.2 Elvis Presley - The Sun Sessions Elvis Presley - Exotic Elvis. Elvis Presley - Animal Instinct – Essential Unreleased Studio Songs And Outtakes,_Elvis/Discography/Animal_Instinct/
  9. 9. Elvis Popcorn - Remixes By DJ Ethan And DJ Jack – 2 CD’s morlockrocks Elvis In Hollywood 1999 – 2000 FROM ENGLAND,_Elvis/Discography/Out_in_Hollywood/,_Elvis/Discography/Can't_Help_Falling_in_Love_Hollywood_Hits/,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_In_Hollywood/ Elvis Presley Do Not Disturb Elvis Presley - Greetings From Germany Elvis Presley -The Dutch Collection Rip It Up 2002,_Elvis/Discography/Rip_It_Up/ Elvis Presley For Movie Fans Only, Volume 1 – 2001 - 38 songs,_Elvis/Discography/For_Movie_Fans_Only,_Volume_1/ Elvis Presley For Movie Fans Only, Volume 2 – 2001 - 34 songs,_Elvis/Discography/For_Movie_Fans_Only,_Volume_2/ Elvis Presley For Movie Fans Only, Volume 3 – 2001 - 37 songs,_Elvis/Discography/For_Movie_Fans_Only,_Volume_3/ Elvis Presley - For Movie Fans Only, 3 Volumes – 2001,_Elvis/Discography/For_Movie_Fans_Only,_Volume_1/,_Elvis/Discography/For_Movie_Fans_Only,_Volume_2/,_Elvis/Discography/For_Movie_Fans_Only,_Volume_3/ Elvis Presley Collection Fun at the Movies 1998,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Presley_Collection_Fun_at_the_Movies/,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Presley_Collection_Fun_at_the_Movies/ Elvis 1999 - FUN AT THE MOVIES (2 CD) Elvis Presley - Born To Rock. Elvis Presley - The Definitive Rock ‘N Roll Album
  10. 10. Elvis Presley Electrifying Elvis Presley - An American Icon - 2CD Elvis Presley – HitStory Elvis Presley - 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight [BOX SET] (2009) Elvis Presley - Pearl Harbor Show 1961 The Jungle Room Sessions Elvis Presley - Complete Singles Collection [BMG Japan Import]
  11. 11. Elvis Alternate Masters Complete Studio Outtakes Elvis Presley Collection MILLENNIUM MASTERS
  12. 12. Elvis Presley - Complete Single Collection - 1999 Elvis Presley - Elvis For Everyone Dr K - Classic Series # 6 Original Film Music 8 Volumes - 2000,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_1/,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_2/,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_3/,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_4/,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_5/,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_6/,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_7/,_Elvis/Discography/Original_Film_Music_Volume_8/ Elvis: Movies 24 Classic Songs from Elvis Presley Movies - Sings Hits from the Movies Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies, Volume 1 – 10 songs -- Camden 1972,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Sings_Hits_From_His_Movies,_Volume_1/,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Sings_Hits_From_His_Movies,_Volume_1/ Elvis Presley 18 Films Hits 2000,_Elvis/Discography/18_Film_Hits/ Elvis At The Movies & By Request La légende - 1960 Films 1998 15 TRACKS 64 FILM HITS (4-LP 1985 USA) The best from his movies Including Bonus- Maxi-Single The Elvis Medley and original Filmposter (Deutsch) Elvis, Elvis, Elvis The King & His Movies 1997,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis,_Elvis,_Elvis_The_King_%26_His_Movies/ Elvis In The Movies (ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED)
  13. 13. 20 Film Hits - The Best Songs From His Movies Elvis Presley - The Movie Years 1997 – 10 Songs The American Way Volume.3 - ‘Movin and Groovin’ The Movie Songs : Elvis Presley (CD, 2003) 12 songs The Elvis Presley Collection - Fun At The Movies - Disc 1 - 2000 Elvis Presley - Candid Elvis on camera (Omaha Concert June 19,1977) @ 320 Cd - Elvis Presley - Greatest Film Hits - Remaster Importado Elvis Presley - Greatest Film Hits Elvis Presley, The First Movies, Essential Elvis, Volume 1, 1987,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Presley,_The_First_Movies,_Essential_Elvis,_Volume_1,/ The Essential Elvis, Volume 1: The First Movies (Soundtrack) 27 tracks 1987 The Essential Elvis, Volume 2: Stereo '57 – 1988 The Essential Elvis, Volume 3: Hits Like Never Before 1990 Essential Elvis Volume 4: A Hundred Years From Now - 1996 Essential Elvis Volume 5: Rhythm And Country [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] [IMPORT] 1996 The Essential Elvis, Volume 6: Such a Night [IMPORT] G.I. Blues - Collector's Edition Elvis Presley Top Ten Elvis Presley senha: Tex That's The Way It Is 3CDs SPECIAL EDITION's+The+Way+It+Is.htm Elvis Presley – Greatest Hits (Star Mark Compilation) Hot Summer Night 2001,_Elvis/Discography/Hot_Summer_Night/ Elvis Presley - Alternate For The Asking ELVIS PRESLEY Amazing Grace His Greatest Sacred Songs
  14. 14. Elvis Presley – I Love Elvis Presley (3CD´s)(2009)–I-Love-Elvis-Presley-(3CD´s)(2009).html Elvis Presley – Blues 2007 Elvis The Ultimate Performaces 1989 - Sings Elvis.rar Elvis Presley - Elvis Sings World Hits GTR ESHW Elvis Presley - Purely (2CD) 2008 Elvis Presley - Cut Me & I Bleed (1999) Elvis Presley - The Other Side Vol.5 GTR Command Performances - The Essential 60's Masters II Elvis Presley - All Time Greatest Hits 2008 Elvis Presley Rca Records Label The Collection Elvis Presley SBME Strategic Marketing Group 2009 – 6 CD’s Elvis Presley - Grand Collection (2008) Elvis Presley / Words & Music (disc 2) Elvis Party Mega-mix Collectors Collection – 9 Volumes - 2000 Elvis Presley 18 Greatest Hits 1988,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Presley_18_Greatest_Hits/ The Very Best of Elvis Presley 2 CD – 2007 Elvis Presley - 24 Karat Hits (DCC Gold GZS-1117) Elvis Presley Totally Stung
  15. 15. Elvis Greatest Hits Remixed By Dj Ethan Elvis Presley – The Definitive Collection
  16. 16. Elvis Presley / The Other Sides - Worldwide Gold Award Hits - Volume Playlist Playlist Playlist Heartbreak Hotel Puppet on a String Heartbreak Hotel I Was The One Witchcraft I Was The One I Want You, I Need You, I Love You Trouble I Want You, I Need You, I Love You Don't Be Cruel Poor Boy Don't Be Cruel Hound Dog I Want to be Free Hound Dog Love Me Tender Doncha'Think It's Time Love Me Tender Any Way You Want Me Young Dreams Any Way You Want Me Too Much The Next Step is Love Too Much Playin' For Keeps You Don't Have To Say You Love Me Playing For Keeps All Shook Up Paralysed All Shook Up That's When Your Heartaches Begin My Wish Came True That's When Your Heartaches Begin Loving You When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again Loving You (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear Lonesome Cowboy Teddy Bear Jailhouse Rock My Bay Left Me Jailhouse Rock Treat Me Nice It Hurt's Me Treat Me Nice I Beg Of You I Need Your Love Tonight I Beg Of You Don't Tell Me Why Don't Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Please Don't Drag That String Around Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Hard Headed Woman Young and Beautiful Hard Headed Woman I Got Stung Hot Dog I Got Stung (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I New Orleans A Fool Such As I Elvis Presley / A Big Hunk O'love We're Gonna'Move A Big Hunk O' Love Stuck on You Crawfish Stuck On You A Mess of Blues King Creole A Mess Of Blues It's Now or Never I Believe in the Man in the Sky It's Now Or Never I Gotta Know Dixieland Rock I Gotta Know Are You Lonesome Tonight? The Wonder of You Are You Lonesome Tonight Surrender They Remind Me too Much of You Surrender I Feel So Bad Mean Woman Blues I Feel So Bad Little Sister Lonely Man Little Sister Can't Help Falling In Love Any Day Now Can't Help Falling In Love Rock-A-Hula Baby Don't Ask Me Why Rock -A- Hula Baby Anything That's Part Of You His Latest Flame Anything That's Part Of You Good Luck Charm I Really Don't Want to Know Good Luck Charm She's Not You Baby,I Don't Care She's Not You Return To Sender I've Lost You Return To Sender Where Do You Come From Let Me Where Do you Come From One Broken Heart For Sale Love Me One Broken Heart For Sale (You're The) Devil In Disguise Got a Lot of Livin'to Do Devil In Disguise Bossa Nova Baby Fame and Fortune Bossa Nova Baby Kissin' Cousins Rip it Up Kissin' Cousins Viva Las Vegas There Goes My Everything Viva Las Vegas Ain't That Loving You Baby Lover Doll Ain't That Loving You Baby Wooden Heart One Night Wooden Heart Crying in the Chapel Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello Crying In the Chapel If I Can Dream Ask Me If I Can Dream Don't Cry Daddy Patch it Up In The Ghetto In The Ghetto As Long As I Have You Suspicious Minds Suspicious Minds You'll Think of Me Don't Cry Daddy Don't Cry Daddy Wild in The Country Kentuckt Rain Kentucky Rain Excerpts From Elvis Sails Excerpts from Elvis Sails Elvis Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Volume 1 1977,_Elvis/Discography/Elvis_Worldwide_50_Gold_Award_Hits,_Volume_ 1/,_Elvis/Discography/Worldwide_Gold_Awards_Parts_3_and_4/
  17. 17. Worldwide Gold Awards Parts 1 and 2 - 1974,_Elvis/Discography/Worldwide_Gold_Awards_Parts_1_and_2/