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The role of social media in undergraduate pharmacy education


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Presented by Aly Brown and Brian Addison at the Sheffield Hallam University 2015 Social Media for Learning in Higher Education conference

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The role of social media in undergraduate pharmacy education

  1. 1. The role of social media in undergraduate pharmacy education Aly Brown Brian Addison @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy
  2. 2. Where it all began… @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy Patient Safety Podcasts Pharmacy Consultations Package
  3. 3. What we knew… • our students were engaging with social media • previous studies suggested that educators were reluctant to use social media in education • studies within pharmacy education had raised concerns around professionalism, privacy and longevity of online personas @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy
  4. 4. What we did… • six semi-structured focus groups with UG pharmacy students (n=39) • explored how students defined social media; how they used it; advantages and disadvantages of using social media in education; and the potential for using social media in pharmacy education Ethical approval was granted by the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences Ethics Committee @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy
  5. 5. What we found… • Definitions @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy interacting communicating keeping in contact sharing/ obtaining information socialising
  6. 6. What we found… • Uses of social media @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy communication photos education current affairs events
  7. 7. What we found… • concerns @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy fitness to practise Posts go viral quickly
  8. 8. What we concluded… The ability to use social media to encourage interactive lectures and communication between educators and students conflicted with students expressing the wish for a more private online profile @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy
  9. 9. What we did next… • Scoping review of the literature • e-professionalism first ‘defined’ by Cain in 2009 • most studies conducted with undergraduate students to date • the added factor of fitness to practise is a concern at all levels @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy
  10. 10. Our most recent study… @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy
  11. 11. Programme of research E-professionalism, pharmacy & social media: a new era @alyjbrown @brianaddison75 @RGUPharmacy