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Robina Chatham


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Robina Chatham

  1. 1. Corporate politics for IT Managers Dr Robina Chatham Making a difference
  2. 2. At a meeting … Making a What percentage of the dialogue is objective? difference © Robina Chatham Ltd
  3. 3. Making a How decisions are made difference 2 - 3% based on Facts! 97 - 98% based on Opinions Perceptions Interpretations Beliefs Aspirations Assumptions Research into 10 major organizations including IBM © Robina Chatham Ltd
  4. 4. Making a Corporate politics difference What do the words mean to you? © Robina Chatham Ltd
  5. 5. Making a Corporate politics difference What politics are often construed as: Doing deals Doing deals Getting one over Getting one over Scoring points Scoring points Secrecy and subterfuge Secrecy and subterfuge Mafiosi tactics Mafiosi tactics Win – lose Win – lose © Robina Chatham Ltd
  6. 6. Making a Corporate politics difference What politics are really about? Influence Influence Collaboration Collaboration Building relationships Building relationships Openness and honesty Openness and honesty Streetwise Streetwise Win – win Win – win © Robina Chatham Ltd
  7. 7. Leaders who have attained long term Making a success difference ‘Reading’: understanding the external world: • Decision-making processes • Overt and covert agendas • Bases of power • Own locus of influence • Culture, style • ‘Politics’ From political unawareness to political awareness ‘Carrying’: managing the external world: • Acting with integrity • Avoiding psychological game-playing • Accepting self and others for what they are • Win-win strategies for conflict management From psychological game-playing to acting with integrity © Robina Chatham Ltd
  8. 8. Making a The concept of ‘dolphinism’ difference Psychological game playing Acting with integrity Politically aware Politically unaware © Robina Chatham Ltd
  9. 9. Making a The four behaviour sets difference CLEVER WISE Recognizes and exploits weaknesses in Takes account of other people personally others Excellent listener and aware of others’ Self-centred behaviour viewpoints Charming veneer Non-defensive: open and shares information Insecure but well defended Creative and imaginative Likes games involving winners and losers Likes and engineers win-win situations Manipulative Ethical INEPT INNOCENT Wide eyed simplicity Not tuned into grapevine: blocked antennae Believes you are right if you are in authority Conspiring with the powerless Believes in sticking to the rules, “there is a Emotionally illiterate right answer” Sees things in black and white Too busy to network Not recognizing when fighting a losing battle Doesn’t know how to build coalitions/alliances Unprincipled Principled © Robina Chatham Ltd
  10. 10. Making a difference © Robina Chatham Ltd
  11. 11. Making a Creating trust difference If you say you’re going to do something for someone… Do it Actions speak louder than words © Robina Chatham Ltd
  12. 12. Making a And remember… difference Trust/integrity is like virginity Once you’ve lost it… © Robina Chatham Ltd
  13. 13. How would the animals perceive corporate Making a politics? difference SPORT FACT OT LIFE Objective: to look for Objective: to collaborate opportunities to compete to achieve win-win and to win at any cost outcomes GAME TO BE AVOIDED Objective: to keep my head Objective: ideally to win; but down and not get involved; at least understand why I something played by other keep loosing people © Robina Chatham Ltd
  14. 14. Making a How do IT leaders measure up? difference How important do you believe IT is to the future of your business? 94% said EXCEEDINGLY How highly do you rate your own IT function? 46% said NOT VERY HIGHLY 32% said THEY ARE OK AT THE TECHNICAL STUFF Is your most senior IT person considered to be a member of the “inner sanctum”? 98% said NO © Robina Chatham Ltd
  15. 15. Making a What is the problem? difference Reputations © Robina Chatham Ltd
  16. 16. Making a Words and phrases which come to mind… difference Estate agent Accountant Politician Social worker Traffic warden Academic © Robina Chatham Ltd
  17. 17. Making a Stereotyping difference Something we do automatically and subconsciously Results from our primitive survival instincts Our brains are programmed or hardwired to do it Takes the form of classifying people based on minimal evidence Works mainly on looks and a few readily apparent behaviours We “pigeon hole” people into in-groups and out- groups It is not “reality” but it does affect our perception of people and their reputation © Robina Chatham Ltd
  18. 18. Making a Brain architecture difference Consciousness Neocortex Pre-frontal lobes Visual Cortex Amygdala Limbic System © Robina Chatham Ltd
  19. 19. Making a The IT stereotype difference Comfortable with logic, facts and data Uncomfortable with ambiguity and unpredictability Black and white : no shades of grey Politically naïve Lacking in business awareness Loyalty to IT profession Unimaginative Poor at accepting criticism - quick to rationalise Risk adverse Lacking in interpersonal skills Can’t win, so doesn’t fight © Robina Chatham Ltd
  20. 20. Relationships – probably the no. 1 issue of Making a the day difference 1970’s 2010’s F Organisational Organisational O IS strategic Aligning IS and Doing the same IS strategic Aligning IS and transformation transformation C planning business goals things cheaper planning business goals & the people & the people U factor factor S I S Getting the IS measurement Demonstrating the Working in S Working in technology to & performance business value of partnership with U partnership with work metrics IS/IT the business E the business S Technical Business Focus Focus © Robina Chatham Ltd
  21. 21. Making a What it takes to become a dolphin in ICT difference Difficult to learn Lead Personal credibility Exceptional Influence people skills Thrive Business credibility Technical credibility Survive Easy to learn © Robina Chatham Ltd
  22. 22. Making a Succeed and… difference …delight your customers and your leadership © Robina Chatham Ltd
  23. 23. Making a Thank – you and any questions? difference Dr Robina Chatham +44 (0)1234 765103 © Robina Chatham Ltd