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Where it's App: The State of Mobile in the U.S


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A look at the state of mobile in the U.S.

Published in: Marketing
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Where it's App: The State of Mobile in the U.S

  1. 1. $7.9 BILLION $5.5 BILLION $10.9* BILLION 2014 2015 2016 $20.6 BILLION RETAIL M-COMMERCE SALES APPS HELP CUSTOMERS TOWARDS THE PATH TO PURCHASE MOBILE AD SPEND MOBILE PERFORMANCE FOR RETAIL $88.5 Billion $123 Billion An estimated 32% of the total retail e-commerce sales in 2016 will come from m-commerce 50%of consumers that are app users, use apps to help make purchase decisions VS. Sociomantic Labs, a dunnhumby company, provides programmatic solutions for online, mobile web and in-app display advertising. The company’s proprietary Streaming CRM technology enables the world’s leading advertisers to harness the value of its first-party data assets of CRM and other first-party data assets to deliver individually personalized, dynamic ads for the full customer journey. This results in broader reach, more new customers and increased loyalty of existing customers. Sociomantic has been profitable since its founding in Berlin in 2009 and has grown organically to more than 250 employees serving over 70 countries across six continents today. SOURCES: eMarketer Total Access Most-Digital- Travel-Bookers- Will-Use- Mobile-Devices/1013248 smartphone-users- in-the- us/ app-usage- frequency/ apps-so- much-more- time-for-entertainment.html they-drop- or-at- least-until- their-thumbs-hurt- getting-to- know-mobile- shoppers.html marketing-insights.pdf | Sociomantic Labs: of total web traffic happens on mobile devices 54% 79% 59.3 67.7% 73% IN APP WEB will use a mobile device to research a trip of travel bookers will book from their smartphones US adults will book travel from their mobile devices this year of travel research will take place on a smartphone This is over half (51.8%) of all travelers that are booking online. 89% of travel research will use a tablet 2014 2015 2016 TRAVELRETAIL (estimated) Mobile will represent 31% of digital travel sales this year, and will jump to 46% by 2019 33% of app users stop using apps because of lost interest REASONS TO RE-ENGAGE ON APPS discount offered family or friends use it bonus content $13.5 BILLION $29.3* BILLION 2014 2015 2016 *estimated *estimated conversion rate revenue per visit of these apps are retail-related 19% of these consumers use apps to find product information 29% of these consumers use apps to make a purchase’ 45% 30% 24% 21% $56.7 Billion $52.1 Billion $65 Billion 2014 2015 2016 (estimated) $32 Billion 45% of apps installed are never used 25% of apps installed are used only once 25% 36 Average number of apps installed per person 26% of installed smartphone apps are used daily of smartphone shoppers use apps on a weekly basic 33% of consumers have purchased via an app Where it’s App: The State of Mobile in the United States Insights into mobile usage on mobile web and in-app. Mobile Is Taking Over SMARTPHONE OPERATING SYSTEM ADOPTION MOBILE USAGE TRAVEL RESEARCH & BOOKING SMARTPHONE PENETRATION M-Commerce on the Rise Apps: the Good, the Bad and the Never Opened Mobile Advertising 67.6% 2014 171 Million 190.5 Million 207.2 Million* *estimated 3h5m3h5m Time spent daily on mobile d evices * *non-voice 20162015 53.2%2.3% 43.7% .8% Android iOS Wi ndows Ph one Blackberry 76%82% 18% 24% in-appin-app mobile web mobile web Percentage of Time Spent on Mobile Web vs. In-app (Includes airline, car rentall, cruise, hotel & transportation) In-app 2.6% Mobile Web In-app Mobile Web 3.3%3.1% 2.5% 73.8% 79%