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The Programmatic Globe: Turkey


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“2010 was the year of private shopping, 2011 was all about group buying sites, and in 2012 vertical e-commerce companies and marketplaces grabbed most of the attention. These are platforms where consumers go to buy products or services in a specific vertical, such as consumer electronics, cosmetics, accessories, baby products, and home decoration.

“In the second half of 2013, some players downsized or closed their businesses as a natural evolution of the industry. Therefore, the need for increased sales and more personalized approaches to drive loyalty started to become increasingly important for the players that remained. In this new stabilization phase, many of these companies began to invest heavily in programmatic display as a means to help them generate more sales and increase customer loyalty. In 2014, programmatic adoption among Turkish advertisers is still growing, alongside investment in data and mobile — two hot topics of the industry.”

- Gozde Alemli, Commercial Director UK, Sociomantic

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The Programmatic Globe: Turkey

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