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  1. 1. SOCIAL CONTROL Imagine you have just landed on a new planet. You are amongst a panel of people who have been chosen to decide on 10 Bill of Rights/Rules/Laws AND 10 norms which people must abide to/follow on the planet. You MUST: 1. Choose a name for the planet 2. Draw a poster/official documentation representing your CHOICE OF 10 laws of the planet and 10 norms 3. Decide who will control whether these rights/laws are followed e.g. Will you have any police on the planet? 4. Make notes on what sanctions/punishments there will be if these laws and rights are broken. You SHOULD 5. Make a distinction between the norms on the planet and the laws of the planet. 6. Think about what life would be like without certain laws (you may want to compare with the laws we abide by here) 7. Be creative and present your work well e.g. use colors, pictures etc (you will get marks for presentation) You COULD 8. Additionally write a contract which you would get the residence of the planet to sign. 9. Write a letter to the Queen justifying your choices of the law on this planet