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  1. 1. AQA Sociology GCSE Education GCSE Sociology Education Differential Achievement Gender Ethnicity Social Class Teacher Expectations Material and Cultural Deprivation Parental attitudes Essential Notes and Workbook GenderH Green Year 10 Sociology
  2. 2. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationTopic 18Design your own diagram to show the 4 main reasons which explainwhy girls are getting better grades than boys.You need to include: The role of the feminist movement Changing job opportunities Legal changes Introduction of the national curriculum GenderH Green Year 10 Sociology
  3. 3. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationTopic 20Why are girls improving faster than boys?Complete this chart to show the findings of three sociological studieson gender and achievement.Study What did their study show?Harris (1993)Moir and Moir(1998)Katz (2000)Which sociologist do you agree with the most? Why? Material DeprivationH Green Year 10 Sociology
  4. 4. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationTopic 14Some sociologists are interested in how the home environment canaffect educational achievement. Material factors are concerned withmoney and the general standard of living within the home.Complete this chart to show how material factors can effect a child’seducational achievement.Study What does this tell us about educational achievement?The child poverty action groupDouglas (1967)Halsey, Heath and Ridge (1980)H Green Year 10 Sociology
  5. 5. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationFor each of these factors explain how they could lead to educationalunderachievement.Factor How this could lead to underachievement.Lack of school uniform or sportskitLack of privacy or quiet in thehomePoor diet – no breakfast beforecoming to schoolPoor attendance through illnessNot having attended nurserySchoolHow does coming from a middle class home benefit children?H Green Year 10 Sociology
  6. 6. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationRead the extract on page 123Explain the research carried out by Leon Feinstein in 2002What are the factors which effected pre-school children’sunderachievement?H Green Year 10 Sociology
  7. 7. AQA Sociology GCSE Education Parental Attitudes and AchievementTopic 15How do the attitudes and values of middle-class and working-classparents differ?Middle-class values Working-class valuesList the ways that middle-class parents might be able to give theirchildren a head start in education.H Green Year 10 Sociology
  8. 8. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationCultural deprivationWhat do you think cultural deprivation means?How might the middle-class parents help their children by providingthem with cultural experiences?H Green Year 10 Sociology
  9. 9. AQA Sociology GCSE Education Teacher Expectations and School FactorsTopic 16What is the halo effect?How might teachers see working-class and middle-class childrendifferently?Working-class Middle-classWhich sociologists studied this?What do you think self-filling prophecy means and how can this beapplied to education?H Green Year 10 Sociology
  10. 10. AQA Sociology GCSE Education Streaming, Sub-cultures and School OrganisationTopic 17Do the classes and sets you are placed in at school, the people youmake friends with and how the school is organised have an effect oneducational achievement?Key word: StreamingWhat is streaming?Arguments for and against streamingArguments for streaming Arguments against streamingHow have some schools tried to overcome the issue of streaming?H Green Year 10 Sociology
  11. 11. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationKey word definition: Sub-cultureDefinition of sub-cultureDescribe the work of…Hargreaves (1967)Lacey (1970)Rutter (1979) thought that the way that a school was organisedhelped the pupils to achieve.Describe the schools which had the best results:H Green Year 10 Sociology
  12. 12. AQA Sociology GCSE Education Ethnicity and AchievementTopic 21Answer questions 1 to 3Topic 22/23Draw a diagram to show these factors may affect the achievement ofstudents from different ethnic backgrounds: Home and social class Cultural differences Parental expectations Types of school attended Labelling and teacher expectations The hidden curriculumH Green Year 10 Sociology
  13. 13. AQA Sociology GCSE EducationYou may do this on A3/A4 paper.H Green Year 10 Sociology