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Engaging with Social Media


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How can you really engage in doing social media? Check it out here! Free MP3 Podcast reveals how to use social media to sell more stuff.
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Engaging with Social Media

  2. 2. Why Use Social Media  Presence in social media spaces lets you get your project branding and news to the broadest audience.  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs are all mainstream, You Tube is one of the world’s most popular search engines.  Search engines rank social media sites highly.  But social media is only part of the picture.
  3. 3. Why Use Social Media  Email, Phone and tangible communications.  Letters, Posters, Print – are all still important
  4. 4. Be creative: communicate your work in new ways  By Using  Blogs  Facebook  Twitter etc.
  5. 5. Select tools your audience is comfortable with.  Social bookmarking tools  Diigo  LinkedIn   Mendeley
  6. 6. Bring Your Content to Life  Create quirky or playful content related to or helps you discuss and engage others in your work.  Reflect on project success to date, how your work fits into the bigger picture.  Share key updates, milestones and achievements.  Preview, announce and amplify your events and attendance at other events.  Build relationships with stakeholders.  Be personal but appropriate – bring your own perspective and voice into your posts.
  7. 7. Know The People Behind Your Project  Let people get to know the people behind the project  And why your project matters.
  8. 8. Be Part of Something Bigger.  Your project doesn’t sit in isolation it doesn’t sit within a strategic graphical isolation is not necessary just for academic people to be interested in there will be a much bigger audience that are interested in your work that maybe want to work with you in the future.
  9. 9. Be Proactive!  Build up a relationship
  10. 10. Amplify, Engage, Empower  Credit Where It’s Due.  Credit authors, images, quotes, ideas.  Acknowledge and respond to genuine comments and feedback.  Link to useful sites, bloggers, projects  Make your own materials – project images, event reports etc. – available to others under Creative Commons if appropriate.  Encourage others to discuss their interest in your project!
  11. 11. Less Is More Especially if you plan well  Less is really more in social media you need to plan what you are going to do.  You want to make sure that you are only doing the things that are useful, relevant  Set some goals
  12. 12. Be Professional  Commercially sensitive information – private meeting minutes, staffing matters etc.  Personal data, images of people without their permission – respect privacy.  Be professional – content or images should not damage project credibility (e.g. no Downfall videos!)  Offensive or Spam content – be careful with passwords and make sure you ALWAYS moderate and monitor comments!  Anything you would not want a funder, project partner, stakeholder etc. to see.
  13. 13. Free MP3 Podcast reveals how to use social media to sell more stuff. Find out more at