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Getting Those Writing juices Flowing

A little stumped on what to write (or create)? Get those creative juices flowing! We already know all this stuff, right? But, maybe it is just the reminder you need today, to jump-start your day!

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Getting Those Writing juices Flowing

  1. 1. Getting the Writing Juices Flowing (Whether you are a pro or a wanna-be writer.. Some quick tips.)
  2. 2. Find What Inspires You In Life • Don’t think of it as “writing.” • Find what inspires you and gives a skip to your walk. • Find what makes your heart beat faster. • Take a break from writing, and go do that!
  3. 3. Inspiration Example 1: Hanging Out w/Friends
  4. 4. Inspiration Example 2: Engaging Online w/Smart Phone
  5. 5. Inspiration Example 3: Taking a Walk Down Memory Lane
  6. 6. Inspiration Example 4: Jamming to Your Favorite Rock Band
  7. 7. Inspiration Example 5: Get on Stage! (Works for me ;) )
  8. 8. Get Comfortable! • Get your writing area is comfortable. • If that is fuzzy slippers and a bathrobe, do it! • Invest in creature comforts ;)
  9. 9. Comfy Example 1: Fresh Air and Cup ‘o Joe
  10. 10. Comfy Example 2: Fuzzy Slippers and a Pet in the Lap
  11. 11. Online Inspiration • Go to some sites that may inspire writing ideas (i.e. topics). • There is no limit to the type of site…whatever gets your juices flowing!
  12. 12. Online Inspiration Example 1: Visual (Stock Images)
  13. 13. Online Inspiration Example 2: News Sites and Blogs
  14. 14. Online Inspiration Example 2: News Sites and Blogs • • • • … to name a few
  15. 15. Online Inspiration Example 3: Sites That Promote Curated Ideas
  16. 16. Online Inspiration Example 4: “Curation Sites” (and connect) • • •
  17. 17. See What Others Are Doing… Example: SlideShare • Also, add slideshare for inspiration… • • Now, make YOUR list!
  18. 18. Just Do It! Oftentimes we “psych” ourselves into thinking it is harder than it is. Get the computer (or pen and paper) and “Just do it!”
  19. 19. Presented by… Deborah Anderson Writer, Show Host, and Social Strategist www.SocialWebCafe.TV