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Favorite Fonts (a growing collection)


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A group of fonts being compiled as I find those that are appealing to me. -Deborah

Published in: Design
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Favorite Fonts (a growing collection)

  1. 1. Fonts  That  Appeal  to  Me   -­‐Deborah  Anderson  
  2. 2. Searching the web for the perfect fonts
  3. 3. Homemade Apple
  4. 4. Homemade Apple   •  Get  Homemade  Apple  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Homemade  Apple (1001  Free   Fonts)  for  your  projects.   Homemade  Apple  is  a  sort  of  scripty,  but  not  too   scripty,  font  that  is  pleasing  to  the  eye.  It  works   well  in  embedded  quote  images  as  well  as  block   quotes.  It  draws  the  eye  to  the  font,  making  it  a   perfect  addiHon  to  the  your  three-­‐font  set,  for   those  special  occasions.  
  5. 5. Alegreya
  6. 6. Alegreya   •  Get  Alegreya  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Alegreya  (Font  Squirrel)  for  your   projects.   Alegreya  evokes  a  sense  of  tradiHon  and  reliability.   Alegreya  includes  serifs  or  subtle  lines  on  the  edges   of  certain  leKers.  These  small  marks  create  a  more   formal  style,  similar  to  old  typewriter  fonts.   Because  of  this,  serif  fonts  typically  evoke  a  sense   of  reliability,  respect  and  tradiHon.  
  7. 7. Raleway
  8. 8. Raleway   •  Get  Raleway  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Raleway (Font  Squirrel)  for  your   projects.   Raleway  seems  playful  and  informal.  Raleway,  a   sans-­‐serif  font,  is  clean,  modern  and  easy  to  read.   Sans-­‐serif  fonts  are  clearly  legible,  even  at  very   small  sizes.  Online  prevalence  has  led  san-­‐serif   fonts  like  Raleway  to  be  seen  as  more  relevant  and   relatable  than  other  fonts.  Raleway  was  featured  in   Lady  Gaga’s  2013  website  redesign  (shown  in  the   below  image).  
  9. 9. Monsieur LaDulaise
  10. 10. MonsieurLaDulaise   •  Get  Monsieur  La  Doulaise  for  your  site  on   Google.   •  Download  Monsieur  La  Doulaise (1001  Fonts)  for   your  projects.   Monsieur  La  Doulaise  invites  elegance  and   sophisHcaHon.  Ultra-­‐elaborate  script  font  Monsieur   La  Doulaise  evokes  a  sense  of  affluence  and   “breeding.”  It  is  somewhat  difficult  to  read  and  may   slow  readers  down,  but  a  flourish  of  Monsieur  La   Doulaise  adds  exquisite  class  to  headlines,  logos   and  invitaHons.  
  11. 11. Kranky
  12. 12. Kranky   •  Get  Kranky  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Kranky (1001  Fonts)  for  your   projects.   Kranky  is  approachable  and  fun.  This  light,  fun,   and  slightly  inconsistent  font  uses  occasional   block  leKering  along  certain  lines.  Ironically   named  Kranky,  this  font  can  be  used  to  create   an  ambience  of  whimsy  and  funk  in  headlines,   logos,  and  other  short  texts.  
  13. 13. Ewert
  14. 14. Ewert   •  Get  Ewert  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Ewert  (MyFontFree)  or  here   (fontsc)  for  your  projects.   Ewert  brings  Western  flair  to  any  project.  Ewert   is  a  serif-­‐based  display  font  that  looks  like  the   ornamental  wood  signs  of  the  old  West.  The   large,  chunky  leKers  are  all  capitalized  and   suggest  a  sense  of  old-­‐fashioned  Western   adventure  and  charm.  
  15. 15. OswaldStencil
  16. 16. Oswald   •  Get  Oswald  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Oswald (Font  Squirrel)  for  your  projects.   There  was  a  popular  font,  Bebas  Neue,  that  was  used   frequently  for  designs  like  the  one  displayed  above,  as  a   menu  cover.  However,  it  was  not  free.  Fortunately,  there   is  a  similar  font  that  has  been  able  to  replace  the  usage  of   Bebas  Neue.  It  is  called,  “Oswald.”  It  is  a  useful  font  in   places  like  menus  and  restaurant  design,  as  shown  in  the   above  example,  a  design  that  was  created  around  this   wonderful  font,  to  showcase  its  capability.  
  17. 17. Copse
  18. 18. Copse   •  Get  Copse  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Copse (Font  Squirrel)  for  your   projects.   The  Copse  font  has  been  a  popular  font  that  is   paired  with  “creepy  fonts”  for  the  overall   “creepy”  feel  of  a  web  site.  It  is  a  clean  font  that   is  easy  to  read  and  so  it  works  well  as  a   complementary  font  with  other  more  unique   fonts  that  help  complete  the  package.  
  19. 19. Ubuntu Mono
  20. 20. Ubuntu Mono   •  Get  Ubuntu  Mono  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Ubuntu  Mono (  for   your  projects.   The  Ubuntu  family  of  fonts  work  well  with   navigaHon,  buKons,  and  menus.  They  are  a   clean  font  and  easy  to  read.  They  fit  well  within   the  restraints  of  buKons  and  pull-­‐down  menu   items,  making  them  an  ideal  choice.  
  21. 21. Lato  
  22. 22. Lato   •  Get  Lato  for  your  site  on  Google.   •  Download  Lato  (Font  Squirrel)  for  your  projects.   Lato  is  so  easily  described  by  the  phrase,  “Simple   Elegance.”  It  is  simple  and  yet  the  gentle  curves  of   the  font  design  create  a  subtle  and  comfortable   ease.  It  is  not  so  elegant  that  it  is  not  readable  and   yet  it  is  not  so  simple  that  it  is  boring.  Lato  is  able  to   balance  the  two  worlds  with  equal  appeal.  
  23. 23. Fonts  That  Appeal  to  Me   (Stay  Tuned  for  More…)   -­‐Deborah  Anderson