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Pass the Social Work Licensing Exam


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Pass the social work licensing exam. Tips and links to help you arrive at exam day relaxed and ready to get licensed.

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Pass the Social Work Licensing Exam

  1. 1. Pass theSocial WorkLicensing Exam
  2. 2. Youre Not AloneUse this presentation and the links includedto help you...● Study thoughtfully● Manage anxiety● Arrive preparedThousands pass this exam every year.Youre next!
  3. 3. Study Thoughtfully● The content of the social work licensingexam isnt a mystery. Licensing boardspublish detailed exam outlines that give agood idea of what you can expect:ASWB (Most of the US & Canada)BBS (California only)
  4. 4. Essential Knowledge● Board expectations (see ASWB or BBSsites)● NASW Code of Ethics● DSM Basics● Theory and Practice Basics
  5. 5. NASW Code of Ethics● Understanding of the NASW Code of Ethicscan help guide your answers on a largepercentage of exam questions. Learn it!NASW Code of Ethics
  6. 6. DSM Basics● Learn the big diagnoses—not everything.(Make sure youre studying the right DSM.DSM-IV-TR will remain on the exam till2015.) On the web:DSM @ WikipediaDSM @ Behavenet
  7. 7. Theory Basics● Use your MSW textbooks to brush up ontheory and practice essentials. Findadditional information online here andelsewhere:Wikipedia Psychology PortalThe Social Work Podcast (see early theoryepisodes)
  8. 8. Focus on Exam Process● Dont overstudy content. Learn the processof taking the exam—4 hours, 170 questions(200 questions BBS). Take real-time, onlinepractice exams!Practice tests @ Social Work Test Prep
  9. 9. Manage Anxiety● Use your social work skills. Take care ofyourself. Challenge automatic negativethoughts. You can and will pass this exam.Test anxiety tips
  10. 10. Arrive Prepared● Once youve studied the basics, taken somepractice exams, and are feeling somewhatconfident...youre ready! Try to get somesleep, arrive early at the test site, and go getlicensed!Good Luck!
  11. 11. Congratulations in advance!