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Gangnam Style - A Case Study on Viral Marketing in Social Media Marketing


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'Gangnam Style', a successful K-Pop which has been viewed 580 Million+ times in Youtube in less than 3 months. Lets learn the Viral Marketing strategy used for the promotion of this video and lets apply these successful strategies to the Company / Brand.

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Gangnam Style - A Case Study on Viral Marketing in Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. GANGNAM STYLE A Case Study on Viral Marketing byT.Sivakumar Twitter: @SocialWhistle
  2. 2. About GANGNAM STYLE As on 28/10/2012 17 : 00 (India)
  3. 3. Video Analytics Device - 195,925,372 Views Search - 106,617,154 Views - 37,280,117 Views Subscribe - 16,689,565 Views Source :
  4. 4. Video Analytics
  5. 5. Video Analytics
  6. 6. The Success Story“The song intentionally lacked a copyright” - encouraged people to create their own Online Parodies
  7. 7. The Success Story “Crowdsourcing”- to choreograph the now famous "invisible horse dance"
  8. 8. The Success Story “Anti-Materialism Theme”- in the time of a global recession has helped broaden the appeal of the song
  9. 9. Key Points for Companies• “Make your product or brand more Ownable”• “Be open-minded, but in a controlled way”• “Find an uncommonly-common emotional denominator that resonates across cultures”
  10. 10. Raise of K-Pop Continues…
  11. 11. THANK YOU
  12. 12. references•••• be-the-first-video-to-1-billion-views-yes-and-by-the-end-of-the-year/264183/• 10?nr_email_referer=1 follow me @SocialWhistle