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Here's our Week on the Frontier - News and Stories important for Interactive Marketers.

With more insights into social influence and reach, and updates to both Pinterest and Facebook, social platforms continue to update for their Users. Also included are stories on Social Entertainment, the NFL, and Social Search.

Guiding You Through the Social Frontier™

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  • Nearly nine in 10 companies in the US will market on social media this year, according to eMarketer, indicating that the channel has become almost a requirement for most brands. But measuring success beyond soft metrics like “engagement” is still far away for many, according to research.Econsultancy and Adobe found in August that 57% of companies around the world said the deepest level at which they could track the effectiveness of social media marketing was in terms of engagement, such as the number of followers, comments and time spent on social pages. Even more agencies said this was the deepest metric their clients could track.By comparison, few were able to track bottom-line effects on revenues (12% of companies and 16% of agencies), or even the influence social media had on other marketing channels like search. And one in five companies said they were still stuck on the most basic of metrics only.Respondents were most likely to tell Econsultancy and Adobe that they were using social media as a brand awareness channel, with more than six in 10 agencies and companies indicating this. Even so, failing to measure beyond soft metrics can only bring a limited understanding of how social media might be affecting brand awareness.The companies surveyed were most likely to be active on Facebook and Twitter (86% each), followed by YouTube and LinkedIn.eMarketer estimates that among US companies with at least 100 employees, 83% will market on Facebook this year, compared with just 53% on Twitter and 36% on YouTube.Corporate subscribers have access to all eMarketer analyst reports, articles, data and more. Join the over 750 companies already benefiting from eMarketer’s approach. Learn more.Check out today’s other articles, “Digital Ad Spending in Mexico Expands Beyond the First Wave” and “Video Ads See High Click Rates.”
  • LinkedIn Is Gearing Up For A Redesign: Bigger Pictures, Anchored Menu (And A Life Less Tweeted)Ingrid LundenTuesday, July 10th, 201230 CommentsView Staff PageFollow me on twitterIngrid is a reporter for TechCrunch, joining February 2012, based out of London. She comes from, where she was a staff writer, and has in the past also written freelance regularly for other publications such as the Financial Times. Ingrid covers mobile, digital media, advertising and the spaces where these intersect. When it comes to work, she feels most... -> Learn MoreLinkedIn these days may be the social network that is used most by those looking for a new job (and not the place to read tweets), but the company has long wanted to be seen as the place for a whole lot more, and we’re now getting a glimpse of how it plans to put that into action. LinkedIn has been quietly rolling out a new version of its homepage to some of its 160 million+ users — the first major update in years — with a layout that will put a lot more emphasis on building out relationships, make better use of socially curated news content — and, if things go according to plan, should make the site a lot more sticky.We’ve had three different people contact us about the new-look LinkedIn, and a spokesperson for the company has also confirmed as much:“We are always looking for ways to make it easier for LinkedIn members to get more value out of our services by creating simpler, more relevant experiences, so we are currently testing a new design for the LinkedIn homepage with a handful of members,” he told TechCrunch.Judging by the number of tips we’ve already received on the new look (and those that we’ve spotted discussing it online), it could move from test phase to wider rollout in a matter of weeks.So what’s on the new site? Many of the same elements are there as before, but in more dynamic ways.The new menu bar, for example, now on a darkened background, has the same tabs as the existing one, but it will now remain at the top of the page as you scroll down and around. That gives users the ability to, say, create a message or check on news from wherever they are on the page.Similarly, LinkedIn Today still appears close to the top of the page, but now the images in the feed are much bigger. While this isn’t anything like the Facebook Timeline (for starters there are no photos posted on LinkedIn, except for your profile mugshot), you can see the influence of visually-led redesigns like that being used to engage the user more.Meanwhile, there also seems to be more functionality in the “people who have viewed your profile” area, with conditional “Message/Connect” buttons next to each person, meaning: if someone has viewed your profile and you’re connected to them you can message them, otherwise, you can connect.The bigger strategic move at LinkedIn has been towards more simplification. It’s something that we’ve seen in the latest version’s of the company’s mobile apps, and it’s what CEO Jeff Weiner has emphasized as a wider goal for the company. And it’s what LinkedIn appears to be going for here, too.But those aesthetic improvements are almost certainly going to also be followed up with algorithmic changes, where ease of use will be coupled with content that LinkedIn members actually want to use: whether that is a more relevant selection of potential contacts through “people you may know”, a more personalized lists of stories on LinkedIn Today, or easier ways of creating and sharing content with your contacts.That last point about people using LinkedIn as a place for their own thoughts and information sharing is an important one. Although the development of a new home page with enhanced content features would have started months ago, it’s timely that its emergence happens to come in the wake of Twitter’s semi-divorce from LinkedIn, in which Twitter has limited its API to prevent tweets from automatically posting to LinkedIn’s social network.Those tweets, we’ve heard, produced a ton of content on LinkedIn, but not necessarily content relevant to the professional network. That says two things: there is a hole to be filled, and an opportunity to fill it in a way that is better than what came before.One colleague of mine noted to me: “With Twitter being pulled from Linkedin I realize I have more incentive to post status updates [on LinkedIn].” Well, it could be either that or people pulling away from using the site altogether because of the extra time and effort required. All the more reason LinkedIn needs to get a snappy update out the door post-haste.
  • Social Wendy Group’s Interactive Compass | Week on the Frontier | 9-10-2012

    1. 1. ™ social f r ont Ier tw n 1 e ty 2 in ra tiveco p ss te c ma Week on the Frontier | 9.1o.12 Spotlighting Stories that Impact Interactive Marketers Social WendySocial Wendy Group ©2012 | Creative Commons Attribution GO P RU Guiding You Through the Social Frontier ™
    2. 2. Week of 9.10.12 SOURCES & STORIES LANDSCAPESocial Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution
    3. 3. Twitter Brand Guidelines Did You Know? | Twitter Updated Brand Usage GuidelineGuidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? Although Twitter updated its logo a few months ago, we‟re still seeing use of outdated and old logos all over the web … have you looked to see if your pages are Brand Compliant? We‟re hoping to see updates of the new logo on sites and ads soon – is keeping up with Social Social updates a priority for Attribution Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons your Strategy?
    4. 4. EmarketerSOCIAL CHANNELS | Business Not Totally Staged on Social Guidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? It‟s interesting to note where Big Business is investing their Social Budgets … and also where they are “active” and where they merely have a presence Have you identified the right social Channels for your Brand to join the conversation? Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution Article Link
    5. 5. Web Pro News FACEBOOK SEARCH | Facebook Does Search with Bing Guidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? It‟s no surprise that the amount of Data within the Facebook world is attractive to Search Marketers ... How the Content is used and indexed is still to be seen One thing we know – how we use Search in Facebook is very Article Link different than the open Search Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution Google of
    6. 6. Wall Street Journal „Lincoln‟ Trailer Premieres on Google+ Guidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? Digital Consumers will continue to drive how Content is distributed and shared … that Google+ is now a Channel is just the next step Expect to see more Content Releases move from traditional channels to meet Social Article Link Consumers where they are … Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution online
    7. 7. Web Pro News eCommerce | Facebook and Pinterest Drive Different UsersGuidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? The impact of Pinterest as a driver of eCommerce this year has yet to be seen … Marketers will continue to follow Social Consumers where they prefer to Share Think of the difference in how users interact on the Channels Article Link … Content vs. Conversation Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attributionpinterest-drives-the-big-spenders-2012-09
    8. 8. Search Engine Journal Google+ Ripples – An Underutilized Tool Guidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? Insights into how Content and Conversation is shared on Social are always interesting to watch … Google gives us one more tool with Ripples When was the last time you audited your Social CommunityArticle Link and Audience? Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution
    9. 9. Digital Trends NFL Amps up Digital Strategy Guidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? The NFL has continued to evolved how it delivers it Content digitally … and this has made for a growing and engaged audience The use of multiple screens to interact with Digital Consumers Article Link won‟t stop at Sports … expect to interact with Entertainment on all of your devices soon Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution
    10. 10. FORBES SOCIAL SEARCH | All Eyes on Social Search Guidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? How Digital Consumers find what they are looking for doesn‟t stop at the Search Bar … have you considered how your Social Strategy affects how you display in Search? Overall takeaway? How you interact with your customers Article Link online can help new customers Social Wendy you 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution find Group
    11. 11. Read Write Web Goodreads | An Example of Niche Social Network Done Right Guidepost | Why is this Important? Niche social markets will continue to emerge – what will give them lasting power is their ability to make interactions with Social Consumers both seamless and meaningful This is one more reason to make sure you are connectingArticle Link with your customers on the right channels – whether it is Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attribution niche or mainstream
    12. 12. The Next Web Social Metrics for International Firms Guidepost | Why is this Important? Social Media dashboards can help facilitate your Digital Presence – connecting with your Global Audience is top priority We expect to see more social services cater to both a Western and Chinese audienceArticle Link Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attributionsupport-chinese-western/
    13. 13. Web Pro News Email Marketing | Still a Valuable Tool … When Done Right Guidepost | Article View Guidepost | Why is this Important? Easy to understand – we still spend a lot of our time in our email and it‟s how we communicate most It will be interesting to see how Brands integrate digital interactions with Social Consumers across efforts – Article Link email, social, search Social Wendy Group 2012 | Creative Commons Attributionpeople-want-to-be-marketed-to-2012-09