Social Media Monitoring Services - Credentials (Sept 2010)


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Social Wavelength offers a whole range of services under "Social Media Monitoring" area. This set of slides serve as credentials, giving details of the services offered, some case studies, etc. Services are offered to clients located anywhere in the world!

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Social Media Monitoring Services - Credentials (Sept 2010)

  1. 1. ARE YOU <br />LISTENING?<br />
  2. 2. Why Do You Need To Listen?<br />Listening is about homing in on conversations, dialogues, and other news and information that are relevant to your business/brand <br /><ul><li> People are talking about you
  3. 3. These conversations take place with or without your brand’s presence
  4. 4. A brand no longer maintains control over dialogues
  5. 5. Positive news can improve brand perception
  6. 6. Negative news can spread like wildfire and cause a severe PR crisis
  7. 7. Now brands can also track the buzz, emerging trends and gain insights
  8. 8. Listening also enables brands to research the market and its competitors</li></li></ul><li>Here is How Can We Help You Listen:<br />We, at Social Wavelength, help our clients achieve their objectives through Listening packages that are designed to suit every brand or business. These are:<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />INFLUENCER<br />INDENTIFICATION<br />SIM SCORE<br />AuDIT<br />SMALL <br />BUSINESS <br />EDITION<br />PROFESSIONAL <br />EDITION<br />
  9. 9. SIM Score Audit<br />SIM (Social Influence Marketing) score is an effective and reliable way for marketers to measure and track the consumer perception about their brands. We help brands / businesses do just that by:<br /><ul><li> Calculating and analyzing a brand’s SIM score
  10. 10. Helping them identify sectors of influence
  11. 11. Measuring SIM score also for specific aspects of the brand, e.g. </li></ul> quality, price, service, advertising, etc. <br /><ul><li> Comparing these with corresponding scores of competitors’
  12. 12. Calculating the SIM score of the industry and gauging their </li></ul> relative performance<br />
  13. 13. SIM Score Audit<br />ABOUT THE SIM SCORE<br /><ul><li>Conversations about the brand on various Social Media platforms are studied. These are broken down into categories of topics, and thereafter the sentiment in the conversations is mapped. Based on the sentiment, the SIM score is calculated.
  14. 14. From here, a brand can gauge where they stand in the grand scheme of Social Media, and work to actively improve their standing
  15. 15. It starts with listening and data collection which gets categorized into neutral, negative and positive sentiments
  16. 16. SIM Score measurement and tracking can be useful to almost all types of businesses and brands</li></li></ul><li>SIM Score Audit<br />HOW IS THE SIM SCORE CALCULATED?<br /><ul><li>It starts with monitoring conversations, comments, influencers, and other information, on Social Media platforms
  17. 17. The data collected will be categorized into Negative, Positive and Neutral conversations
  18. 18. The SIM Score is evolved as per the following formula:</li></ul>(No of conversations with Postive + Neutral – Negative sentiments)<br />-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Total number of conversations<br /><ul><li>In case of specific aspect, e.g. Customer Service, the conversations which are tagged for Customer Service, will be considered in above formula. That will be the SIM Score of Customer Service, for the brand</li></li></ul><li>SIM Score Audit<br />THE AUDIT: <br /><ul><li>Can be conducted as a one-time exercise, which many large brands opt to do, before getting into Social Media Management. This helps them get a fair idea as to where they stand in the market
  19. 19. The data can be calculated as far back as 3 months to a year
  20. 20. It starts with monitoring conversations, comments, influencers, and other information
  21. 21. The conversations will be tagged for specific categories (“buckets”)
  22. 22. The data collected will be categorized into Negative, Positive and Neutral conversations
  23. 23. The formula will be used to calculate the SIM score for the brand as a whole, and also for the individual aspects of the brand
  24. 24. The Audit can also include the same measurement, and for the same period, also for various competitors. This is to enable comparison of the brand’s SIM scores and those of it’s competitors, on various parameters
  25. 25. Many brands prefer to carry out such an Audit prior to embarking on a larger Social Media outreach effort</li></li></ul><li>Small Business Edition<br />The Small Business Edition is designed to give businesses a basic but a high performance monitoring service. It’s ideal for those who have recently adopted the medium or for specific goal based projects.<br />
  26. 26. Small Business Edition<br />THE SERVICE INCLUDES: <br />Conversations relevant to your brand needs are monitored by adding keywords to cutting-edge social media monitoring platforms like Alterian SM2 or Radian 6<br />The conversations gathered are manually classified into buckets and then according to sentiments<br />Duly classified periodic reports are shared with the client<br />The client will be immediately notified incase any critical or high risk conversation is identified<br />
  27. 27. Small Business Edition<br />OPTIONAL ADD-ON – <br />A PRELIMINARY RESPONSE SERVICE:<br />Conversations which demand response will be identified<br />The conversations that require a standard response will be answered by us. Standard responses are received from the client in advance, and will typically take care of 70 to 80% of the customer queries on Social Media<br />Conversations that requires specific responses will be sent to the client<br />
  28. 28. Professional Edition<br />The Professional Edition focuses on Online Reputation Management which is a must for many businesses today. The packages can be customized to suit client needs.<br />
  29. 29. Professional Edition<br />WHAT IS ORM (ONLINE REPUTATION <br />MANAGEMENT)?<br /><ul><li>Successful businesses are aware of the importance of positive and negative reputation which can ultimately impact credibility, stock price, reputation, growth and profitability
  30. 30. Reputation management is all about taking an active role in the perception of your brand
  31. 31. ORM helps brands listen to what is being said which would enable brands to:
  32. 32. Respond with a positive comment or bring out the brand’s perspective on a story
  33. 33. Take corrective action at a business level, based on feedback received, and most importantly
  34. 34. Address a negative comment before it causes tremendous damage to your brand</li></li></ul><li>Professional Edition<br />SW “REPUTATION WATCHDOG” PACK:<br />All conversations will be captured using the best social media monitoring tools like Alterian SM2 or Radian 6<br />In addition to the conversations that are picked up by the tool on its own, we manually supplement the results of these tools by scouting groups and communities, and adding these to the monitored set of conversations<br />A high vigil will be kept to prevent any potential snowball effect<br />The conversations will be identified and categorized into negative and positive sentiments<br />The client will be alerted in the event of spotting a conversation that might trigger a potential PR crisis<br />The platforms owned by the brand are also used in the final monitoring report<br />
  35. 35. Professional Edition<br />OPTIONAL ADD-ON - <br />A 24x7 MONITORING SERVICE: <br /><ul><li>Certain specific sectors have high vulnerability to getting critical consumer feedback, and also having a high impact on business, on account of such negative feedback. Sectors like Banking, Hospitality, Entertainment, Financial Services, etc. are examples
  36. 36. Then again, there are specific occasions when the brand is at high-risk and vulnerability to negative sentiment, e.g. a) a forthcoming IPO, b) just before and just after financial results are announced, c) just before and just after the release of a new film, d) in event of any kind of breaking news related to the business, etc.
  37. 37. For these high vulnerability situations, it may not be enough to monitor reputation only during the day and on working week days; bad news that breaks out on Social Media at night, or on weekends, could already cause huge damage before the next working day begins
  38. 38. For such cases, we offer a 24x7 monitoring service, and where alerts will be spotted and conveyed to client at any time of the day or night</li></li></ul><li>Influencer Identification<br />It is interesting that in an otherwise democratic space of Social Media, all users are not equal. Those who have more followers, more credibility , etc. wield greater influence! Then, one of the biggest questions for brands, is to understand who is influencing decisions, and perceptions of their brands, in Social Media space. <br />Using a mix of technology and skill, we help brands identify these influencers.<br />
  39. 39. Influencer Identification<br />WHO ARE INFLUENCERS? <br /><ul><li>An influencer in Social Media, is an individual (or an account) who can influence a large group of people, by what he / she says on Social Media
  40. 40. These influencers can significantly influence other users’ purchase decisions for products or services, based on what they write
  41. 41. Influencers are typically classified into three types:
  42. 42. Social Influencers: are highly connected in online social spaces and therefore have a large and important reach among their fans and friends; they can influence across multiple sectors and to large groups
  43. 43. Key Influencers: are thought leaders in specific verticals, and who are the voices that customers trust and listen to, for their respective areas
  44. 44. Peer Influencers: are those who command influence over a smaller closed group, be it friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. </li></ul>All three are moving targets for a brand; our tools and techniques enable <br />identification of Social, Key or Peer Influencers for your brand on an <br />ongoing basis<br />
  45. 45. Influencer Identification<br />WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF INFLUENCER <br />IDENTIFICATION?<br /><ul><li>Influencer Identification is one of the first steps for a brand towards consumer connectivity programs or CRM
  46. 46. A brand can use the Influencer database for executing an Influencer Outreach in order to create fans and brand ambassadors
  47. 47. This in turn can increase engagement and connectivity to your brand’s fans with the opportunity to increase brand preference, loyalty and advocacy
  48. 48. This is also the starting point of the ‘inverted funnel’ of marketing; instead of doing mass engagement to lead to final customers (in traditional funnel marketing), what is recommended here, is to reach the influencers, and through their advocacy, reach out to the larger user base, and ultimately the mass base of consumers</li></li></ul><li>Influencer Identification<br />IMPORTANCE OF INFLUENCERS <br /><ul><li>Influencers in Social Media offer an attractive value proposition to the consumers, who are most willing to engage for their online decision making and buying process
  49. 49. Value propositions via Traditional Media lack the human connection
  50. 50. Social Media offers a human connection in terms of stories of happy buyers, and which provide a deeper connection that aids the decision making process for a purchase
  51. 51. There are 2 categories of influencers to identify and track:</li></ul>Supporters – identify who can help you<br />Bloggers - who are active in your space, but are not familiar with your brand<br /><ul><li>Various Social Media Monitoring methods are used to identify Influencers
  52. 52. The Influencer space is ever-changing, and needs to be monitored constantly</li></li></ul><li>Influencer Identification<br />INFLUENCER IDENTIFICATION SERVICE:<br />Different techniques and parameters are used to identify<br />Influencers: <br />Mapping of the v-spots (popular blogs or leading relevant forums) – the social hotspots where conversations and buzz emerge<br />Identification of the influencers within the social hotspots<br />Analysis and ranking of the hot-spots and influencers<br />The initial discovery further supplemented with regular influencer audits <br />As influencers are constantly changing, the Influencer tracking exercise carried out on a regular basis<br />
  53. 53. Influencer Identification<br />OPTIONAL ADD-ON – <br />INFLUENCER OUTREACH:<br />Once the influencers are identified they would need to be contacted<br />It would involve engaging the influencer<br />Briefing and recruiting them for the brand<br />Maintaining and nurturing a long-term relationship with the influencers for your brand<br />This is very different from traditional PR. Influencer Outreach on Social Media is about tact, subtlety, transparency, honesty. We take care of all this for you<br />
  54. 54. Custom Packages<br />WE ALSO OFFER CUSTOM SERVICES <br />IN SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: <br />Our monitoring packages also include custom service packages<br />For example, Social Media Monitoring can be used to: <br />Carry out specific market research relevant to your brand<br />Calculate the impact of your New Advertising campaigns<br />Judge the popularity of a new Film, both pre and post release<br />Track online conversations and other financial news that might impact a new IPO<br />Track online conversations around financial results of a company<br />
  55. 55. At Social Wavelength<br />WE OFFER OUR CLIENTS:<br />Process driven and value-added services<br />Services are that are both cost-effective and efficient<br />Detailed reports which include: <br />Benchmarking and Monitoring: Including competitive research, <br />historical insights and real-time tracking of associated words and <br />topics relevant to brands, products, services, organizations, <br />events, people and media types.<br />
  56. 56. Case Study 1 <br />AN INTERNATIONAL WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND NUTRITION COMPANY<br />For the client, we provide the following information in the report:<br /><ul><li> Top Line Conversations (Overall Summary)
  57. 57. Negative Conversations with Influence
  58. 58. Negative Conversations without Influence
  59. 59. Positive Conversations</li></li></ul><li>Case Study 1 – Top Weight Management Co.<br />NEGATIVE CONVERSATIONS<br />WITHOUT INFLUENCE<br />POSITIVE CONVERSATIONS<br />1. Tweet : NO MORE DIETS! I started <brand> a year ago yesterday. I met goal and this is my final picture :) YAYAYAYAY (conversation link)<br /><ul><li>Followers : 45 </li></ul>2. <Brand> dieter successful in losing weight with the program (conversation link)<br /><ul><li>Comments : 0
  60. 60. Monthly Traffic : not known</li></ul>3. Dieter successfully losing weight with the program (conversation link)<br /><ul><li>Comments : 1
  61. 61. Monthly Traffic : not known</li></ul>4. Dieter lost considerable amount of weight with the program (conversation link)<br /><ul><li>Thread Length: 4
  62. 62. Monthly Traffic : 689,300</li></ul>1. Ex-dieter says the program does not work (conversation link)<br /><ul><li>Thread Length : 0
  63. 63. Monthly Traffic : Not known</li></ul>NEGATIVE CONVERSATIONS<br />WITH INFLUENCE<br />1. Ex -Dieter says the program is expensive (conversation link)<br /><ul><li>Thread Length : 10
  64. 64. Monthly Traffic : 689,300</li></li></ul><li>Case Study 1 – Top Weight Management Co. <br /><ul><li>Negative Conversations:</li></ul>The program is expensive<br />Inconsistency in losing weight<br /><ul><li>Positive Conversations:</li></ul>Weight Loss success<br />Dieters like the program<br />
  65. 65. Case Study - 2 <br />ONE OF THE LARGEST TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA<br />For the company, we provided the following information in the report:<br /><ul><li> Overall observations for the week
  66. 66. Sentiment Score Analysis where a comparison is made</li></ul> with historical data<br /><ul><li> Sentiment score product wise, explaining the sentiment </li></ul> score for each bucket; also compared with historical data<br /><ul><li> Examples from current week’s conversations
  67. 67. Overall historical volume trend</li></li></ul><li>Sentiment Scores: Summary<br />BRAND<br />SUB- BRAND 1<br />SUB- BRAND 2<br />SUB- BRAND 3<br />SUB- BRAND 4<br />Sentiment Score = (+ve + neutral - -tive)/(Total Relevant Results )<br />
  68. 68. Daily Volume Trend<br />
  69. 69. Overall Volume Trend<br />
  70. 70. Case Study - 3 <br />ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST IT COMPANIES<br /><ul><li> We pulled out data from various sources for 3 months
  71. 71. We identified the relevant results.
  72. 72. Further classification was done as follows</li></ul>Based on Topic – for understanding the various topics which people were talking about?<br />Based on Result Category – Under what categories were results found?<br /><ul><li> The results were then analyzed on the basis of the following</li></ul>Who was talking?<br />What were they talking about?<br /><ul><li> Analysis based on various topics were done</li></li></ul><li>Topic Analysis<br />
  73. 73. Who’s Who at Social Wavelength<br />Sanjay Mehta - Joint CEO20+ years experience, has been a co-founder of one of India's earliest Internet ventures,, and COO of one of India's largest Internet ventures, Compare Infobase Ltd. An avid Social Media practitioner and a blogger since 2004, Sanjay now brings his rich industry experience to the fore, as Joint CEO. You can connect with Sanjay on LinkedIn or Twitter. His personal blogs include Random Musings, Gray Hair Wisdom and Summer in Scandinavia. <br />Hareesh Tibrewala - Joint CEO<br />Hareesh is a serial entrepreneur and a social media evangelist. In his 20 years career, he has created IFCM Counselors, a management consultancy firm and, an ecommerce venture. He has also been President of Jesons Industries Ltd, a Rs 200 crore manufacturer of industrial adhesives.You can connect with Hareesh on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit his personal blog, Thought Waves<br />Mihir Karkare - AVP <br />Mihir has been an early adopter of social media technologies with a particular interest in how social media is changing Big Business. He comes from a background of developing enterprise grade solutions for the web, desktop and mobile platforms. He brings to the table an understanding of the pulse of the social media and the technologies that enable it.<br />Mihir can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. He also blogs at Viewtastic. <br />The Rest of the CREW<br />
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