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Social media and the entertainment business


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Sanjay Mehta was on a panel discussion about "Social Media and the Entertainment Business", at the India Social Summit 2012, in Delhi, on April 3, 2012.

As a part of that, he presented this deck, before getting into the interactive session.

The fonts are slightly changed, while uploading on to Slideshare :(

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Social media and the entertainment business

  1. 1. Social Media and the Entertainment Business Sanjay Mehta Jt CEO, Social Wavelength
  2. 2. A Quick Introduction: About Me
  3. 3. My 5 slides:1. Movies: Saturday’s the new Friday2. TV on Social: the end, not just the means3. TV gets Social4. Live Events: Never alone!5. Understanding social signals
  4. 4. Movies: how Saturday’s the new Friday • So who cares about the newspaper reviews? Waiting for Sat morning, FB / Twitter verdict • Which explains: > Dramatic crashes (e.g. Agent Vinod) > Late revivals (e.g. Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani) • Y Films: nurturing a community
  5. 5. TV on Social: not just A Means, but the End?!• Every other category uses online means to drivefootfalls or leads, to a physical business; televisionis different• Who moved my audience? The changing mediaconsumption platforms•The content that YOUR brand stands for, deliveredWHERE your audience is; staying relevant•Packaged differently for different formats
  6. 6. Chatterboxing: TV goes Social• TV is everywhere, and so’s the phone• The Second Screen• Twitter, FB, Get Glue, etc.• TV becomes interactive pro-actively• Typical consumer responses: -Like social chatter about TV -See live TV to avoid social spoilers -Persuaded to watch ‘catch up TV’ if they see a lot of chatterboxing around a show
  7. 7. You are not alone: Live Event is a Virtual Stadium
  8. 8. Interpreting Social Signals •What does the pre-release social buzz foretell about the fortune of the film? Too late to correct? Or not? • Program Share of voice •Trends and Preferences • Response to changes on air? • Deeper dive: those who connect with a show, connect with what else?!
  9. 9. THANK YOU! Sanjay MehtaJtCEO, Social Wavelength @sm63