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WTM Fresh 2013, Sujester pitch


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The five-minute pitch of one of the five start-ups in the WTM Fresh elevator pitch sessions in the WTM Travel Perspective sessions

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WTM Fresh 2013, Sujester pitch

  1. 1. Out of the Box Travel “The Travel App that explores your travel future”
  2. 2. Planning Your Travel Future Thinking more than one year ahead We all have a clock ticking Sometimes people want help to plan Moments make a holiday
  3. 3. Business Vision World’s best collection of moments Demographic profiles and preferences Getting a better fit every time A window on future demand
  4. 4. Video Here
  5. 5. Blackfrog Productions - Sujester is our first new business Chris Paulsen (Chairman) Owner of House of Travel Niall White (Technology) VP Strategy House of Travel, Airtours, KPMG Tim Paulsen (Marketing) Director Digital Marketing House of Travel Andy Owen Jones (Bus Dev) OJH, angel, CEO Traveltainment, Amadeus, GM IT Virgin Satellite Media (Development) bd4Travel (Analytics and predictive reasoning)
  6. 6. What Does Sujester Do? … We gather moments and the profile of the people who describe them We learn what moments people like We match people with moments that they will enjoy and our matching improves with use People create wishlists out of the moments they like They create future travel opportunties (journeys) over the next years We populate their timelines with events that are happening We offer the chance for advertisers to provide sponsored moments and travel companies to provide itineraries to meet people’s needs
  7. 7. Architecture BUSINESS LOGIC LAYER TRAVEL DATA UGC Travel Moment Event Travel Moment (TBD) Sponsored Travel Moment PERSONAL DATA Consultant Travel Moment Geo tag data/ content tag data My profile repository My trip List repository My badges & Rewards repository Matching tags DATA ANALYTICS Matching algorithms Insight data (Big) Data Analytics BDFT ADMIN DATA Control Questions Login data Agency User Control Question tags User Account data
  8. 8. Milestones Partners Profiles Moments Moment Views Wish Lists Created Future Journeys Itineraries Supplied Questions Answered Patterns Matched
  9. 9. Thank You