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WTM Fresh 2013, Luxtripper pitch


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The five minute pitch as part of WTM Fresh at WTM Travel Perspective sessions

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WTM Fresh 2013, Luxtripper pitch

  1. 1. Nena Chaletzos CEO Founder WTM FRESH London - 6th Nov 2013 The material contained in this presentation is proprietary information of Luxtripper Ltd. To avoid misunderstanding or misuse, we respectfully request that you do not show, distribute, or allow use of this document without a written consent of Luxtripper Ltd. Luxtripper Ltd adheres to a strict code of ethics. We honor confidentiality requests and ask others to do so as well. © Copyright 2013 Luxtripper Ltd. (All rights reserved)
  2. 2. 5 Minute Pitch…… • • • • • What people are saying Needle in a haystack shopping Our goals Roadmap next year Our unique product
  3. 3. What people are saying…. “Lack of of real time prices” “Not sure where to go when…” “Need relevant info to help me plan and book my trip” “Searching for holidays is not enjoyable” “Its taking me ages to book” “Travel search capabilities limited”
  4. 4. Needle in a haystack... Think about where people go to source travel information and ideas Searching for holidays can be stressful!
  5. 5. Our goals Leading innovative technology Search & navigation easy ‘Where to go when’ Ethical partnership with suppliers Real time prices for all customer searches… 35,000+ hand picked destinations ‘Inspire me’ Affordable luxury STRATEGY MISSION Putting the power of our research into our customers hands so that they can effortlessly plan and book the perfect trip. Bringing the fun back into booking a holiday!
  6. 6. Roadmap next year
  7. 7. Our solution • Luxtripper video