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Twitterfail: crisis management in the social a jarosz


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Andy Jarosz of 501places presentation at WTM SOcial Travel Market

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Twitterfail: crisis management in the social a jarosz

  1. 1. #TWITTERFAIL – CRISIS MANAGEMENTIN THE SOCIAL MEDIA AGESpeakers: Sarah Rathbone Jeremy SkidmoreModerator: Andy Jarosz
  2. 2. @socialtrav ,#STM2012
  3. 3. Going Viral20096th July Video posted on Youtube8th July 137k views (shared on blogs and Twitter)10th July 1.7m views (prime-time TV, newspapers, social media)23rd July Picked up by UK media; 180k daily viewsNow 12.5m page views and still going strong@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  4. 4. Twitter’s role• Story spread by bloggers, journalists, ‘netizens’• Perfect sharing material• Shared by key influencers such as @mashable, @adventuregirl)@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  5. 5. How would you react?@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  6. 6. Scenario• You are in charge of the Hotel OK Twitter account• Hotel OK is a chain of 25 seaside holiday resorts, very popular with British families• It is Saturday lunchtime and you receive an urgent phone call about a food poisoning outbreak at one of your hotels@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  7. 7. Saturday 1.05pm• 2 guests separately ring the hotel reception complaining of vomiting and nausea• Resident doctor suspects severe food poisoning and calls ambulance• Hotel launches internal investigation but restaurant still open• Rap singer 50 pence staying at the hotel but currently thought to be unaffected@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  8. 8. @socialtrav ,#STM2012
  9. 9. Saturday 3pm• 10 people now complaining of feeling unwell• 50 pence ill and taken to hospital. He was seen running through hotel in distress• Local and national media at the scene; increasing social media noise about hotel• You learn that recent kitchen failed recent hygiene inspection; improvements were made. Media unaware of this@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  10. 10. @socialtrav ,#STM2012
  11. 11. Saturday 6pm• One elderly guest has died• Relative of guest gives tearful interview on national TV• Rap singer in stable condition• No more guests have been taken ill in the past hour• Eye-witness called Davy has become mini-celebrity appearing on TV and quoted online@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  12. 12. @socialtrav ,#STM2012
  13. 13. Sunday 9am• Hotel receives email from disgruntled ex-employee claiming responsibility for food poisoning. Media not yet aware of this• Forensic team say contaminated orange juice may have been the cause of the problem. Orange juice was consumed by all those who were taken ill• Hotel restaurant given a clean bill of health• Eye-witness Davy continues to attack hotel standards on social media. He has 500,000 Twitter followers and is well known in the travel industry@socialtrav ,#STM2012
  14. 14. @socialtrav ,#STM2012
  15. 15. With thanks to our partners