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Foursquare Omid Ashtari STM2012


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Presentation on Foursquare and travel by the network's Omid Ashtari, director of business development at WTM Social Travel Market 2012

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Foursquare Omid Ashtari STM2012

  1. 1. foursquareOverview & success stories from the TravelindustryOmid AshtariEuropean Business Development Directortwitter: @thecoolgeek
  2. 2. What is foursquare about?
  3. 3. How it worksThe user experience stems from three panels:Friends Explore Your AccountA social feed to help you keep A data-rich map to help you A control panel to keep track ofup with your friends discover what to do nearby your favorite brands and venues
  4. 4. Value proposition Recommendations Content Rewards
  5. 5. foursquare by the numbers
  6. 6. Growth2,500,000,000+ check-ins45,000,000+ places25,000,000+ people1,000,000+ local businesses50%+ international
  7. 7. foursquare: mobile first Users Accessing via Mobile• Born mobile, foursquare 100% naturally generates high levels of mobile traffic 60% 50%• Promoting foursquare drives mobile data usage• Cutting edge app that will keep growing and driving * * mobile activity * Includes feature phone and 3G usage
  8. 8. How the Travel industrycan benefit
  9. 9. The 6 benefits for the travel industry Foursquare Word of mouth Travel content Gamification Inspiration Specials DataCreate more Let users Let your Incentivize first Tie content and Get customertouchpoints interact with customers be time visits and photos of the insights and(in the real your brand in a brand advocates retention with customers on teal-world dataworld) for your fun and as they travel local offers the own brand (how manyexisting content innovative way socially and show it on check-ins atand offers the own platform specific venues like hotels, travel agencies)
  10. 10. Success stories fromthe Travel industry
  11. 11. Starwood (API integration)Making loyalty more social• Users were encouraged at to sync their SPG loyalty and foursquare accounts• Users were rewarded additional points and other rewards for checking into hotels.• Encourages users to broadcast their check-ins to SPG properties, a fantastic advertisement to all their foursquare friends
  12. 12. Lufthansa (tips and lists)Extend your brand into the realworld through foursquare tips• Provide interesting and relevant content to foursquare followers• Connect with loyal followers by adding relevance to your interactions with them through the world’s premiere location based service
  13. 13. Lufthansa (Connected Apps)Bring loyalty programs to life• Notifies users instantly when they earn bonuses for checking into airports, Lufthansa gates and lounges• In app discovery of benefits for loyal Lufthansa customers• Encourage user behavior through rewards & offers within foursquare
  14. 14. Ritz-CarltonExtending the concierge intothe real world• Ritz-Carlton leaves great tips and lists in many of the locations where they have properties for guests to enjoy• Serves as an extension of the concierge service when customers are out and about
  15. 15. United Airlines (API integration)Leverage the foursquareplatform and API• Users were encouraged at to sync their MileagePlus and foursquare accounts• Users were rewarded 50 additional miles for checking into airports and flights• United Airlines was able to collect valuable data about customer behavior even when users were flying other airlines
  16. 16. Hilton Hotels (promoted products)Pilot Partner for foursquarePromoted Products launch• Hilton and other hotel chains are working with foursquare to experiment with paid products within foursquare Explore• These are cutting edge extensions of the foursquare Merchant Platform that will allow travel businesses to reach customers in a highly targeted fashion
  17. 17. Foursquare as a platform
  18. 18. foursquare as a platform• About the API• Ways to use the API - Check-in functionality - Data visualization - Loyalty card integration - Local marketing call-to-action - Tech platform customization
  19. 19. Integrate check-in functionality Add a “check-in” feature, tie back to the foursquare social graph and/or utilize our constantly updated database of 40M+ venues
  20. 20. Foursquare Connected Apps• Connect with foursquare users in the post check-in view with your brand’s content• Interact with foursquare users in the moment when that content is most relevant• Foursquare users will tap through to your brand’s mobile web view or directly to your mobile app• Drive traffic to your content
  21. 21. Case Study: Lufthansa (Blue Legends)Bring loyalty programs to life• Notifies users instantly when they earn bonuses for checking into airports, Lufthansa gates and lounges• In app discovery of benefits for loyal Lufthansa customers• Encourage user behavior through rewards & offers within foursquare
  22. 22. American Express // Integrated redemption solutions Delivery of frictionless Specials exclusive to Amex cardmembers, providing merchant partners with measurable ROI and spend data.
  23. 23. Recommended first/next steps• Claim your locations at• Leave tips (& photos)• Create Specials to attract customers and drive traffic to your content• Leverage our API including our Connected Apps functionality at
  24. 24. Thank YouOmid Ashtaritwitter:
  25. 25. Appendix
  26. 26. Benefit from real-world data
  27. 27. Extend your brand into the real world
  28. 28. Location adds relevance
  29. 29. Monetization initiatives Promoted local update Promoted load-to-card Special
  30. 30. Innovative merchant tools Local update in friend stream Local update in post check-in screen
  31. 31. Specials at hotelsHotels are the “early adopters” in Europe in offering specials already• Free Tannenzäpfle (local beer) for first check-in Hotel Wartburg (Stuttgart)• 5% discount of your room rate for check-in Hotel Domspitzen (Köln)• Free glass of champagne on 10th check-in Hotel Fürstenhof (Leipzig)• Free Pool/Sauna day ticket on 5th check-in, backrub for Major Atlantic Hotel (Hamburg)• Free cup of coffee for every check-in Best Western (Rheinsberg)