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Setting Social Tech Goals


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Setting goals around social tech creates a tangible level of expectation for what the organization wants to achieve.

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Setting Social Tech Goals

  1. 1. LeadsSalesTrafficSetting Social Tech Goals
  2. 2. What does your organization want to accomplish using Social Tech?
  3. 3. The first key step in creating order from chaos is to clarify what your organizationwould like to accomplish through social tech.That means setting clear and measurable goals as to what you want the outcome ofleveraging social tools to be.
  4. 4. Setting goals around social tech creates a tangible levelof expectation for what the organization wants
  5. 5. Process of Goal IdentificationWithin the organization, the executive team and social tech team ideally work togetherin order to ensure that the social tech goals are consistent with the overallorganizational
  6. 6. Process of Goal IdentificationFor example, one of British Airways’ (BA) strategic organizational goals has been “to bethe worlds leading global premium airline.” As part of this, BA aims to create anoffering that will appeal to customers across the globe. With this in mind, theylaunched an online platform called “Metrotwin”
  7. 7. This tool links New Yorkers and Londoners through an online community thatincorporates personalized recommendations, based on thebehaviors of the users.The community provides informationabout shops, bars, restaurants, andneighborhoods as well as helpingusers navigate the vast amount ofInternet information about the twocities and find the best contentquickly.Process of Goal
  8. 8. Since BA is the market leader in flying people between London and New York, with anew London City to JFK business-only route, building a community website around thebest of what’s on offer aligns with their organizational goals.Process of Goal
  9. 9. Assign the achievement of goals to a specific group or personGiving ownership of the goals over to a particular group or person, means thataccountability becomes much
  10. 10. Review progress regularlyMost importantly, the organization should review the progress regularly until the end ofthe timeframe for the goals. When the timeframe ends, they should review lessonslearned, and then reset new goals, so that the goals are constantly evolving alongsidethe organization’s
  11. 11. Areas for setting social tech goalsCreating more prospects- Desired conversion to Website percentage- Creating customer leads- Creating avenues for customers to share reviews or suggestions with othercustomersIncreasing sales- Desired conversion to sales percentage- Boost peer-to-peer sales reviewsBranding- Build awareness for your company- Boost word-of-mouth marketing- Track the effectiveness and relevance of the current
  12. 12. Communications- Customer service- Marketing- Relationship building- Product support- Handle X% of all contacts through social techMarket intelligence- Collect feedback on existing or potential products and services- Collect information on competitors- Engage customers in product or service design of upcoming releases, throughcompetitions for example- Gain real-time feedback on research & development areas- Provide a means by which customer evangelists can connect with each other,and the public in general- Provide a sense of community and identity among existing and prospectivecustomers by building a strong, core baseAreas for setting social tech
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