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Paid Social Media Monitoring

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Paid Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. 1. 12 Paid Social Media MonitoringTools
  2. 2. There are several free social media monitoring tools available, but for big corporationspaid tools offer some distinct advantages.• Aggregating multiple social streams.• Deriving intelligence out of noise.• User friendly dashboards.• Allow user to organize and view multiple sources.• Predictive analysis.• Patterns.• Metrics.• Realtime
  3. 3. radian6Radian6 gives you a complete platform to listen, measure and engage with yourcustomers across the entire social
  4. 4. ScoutLabsScout Labs is how teams tune in to social media. It is the simplest, most intuitive wayto measure and manage social
  5. 5. BuzzLogicBuzzLogic is a digital media company with a data-driven ad platform built from theground up to optimize advertising
  6. 6. Visible MeasuresProvides industry standard measurements for internet video campaigns. It gives datafor complete end-to-end view of video campaign
  7. 7. BuzzgainBuzzgain reveals influential voices and corresponding conversations so that companiescan listen, learn, and engage in the connection of mutually beneficial
  8. 8. Visible TechnologiesVisible Technologies helps companies listen and learn what consumers are sayingabout them online, and it enables brands to
  9. 9. JiveJives collaboration software connects employees, partners, and customers to changethe way work gets done in the global
  10. 10. StatsitStatsit Monitor is the only media tracking tool for monitoring brands and topics, thatconnects social media activities with financial
  11. 11. SocialmetrixProvides Market Intelligence Solutions through real time monitor and analysis of theopinions that people post in Blogs, Forums, Review Sites and Social
  12. 12. TrackurTrackur is a social media monitoring tool designed to assist companies and PRprofessionals in tracking what is said about brands on the
  13. 13. DowjonesDelivers worldwide business news and information and powerful searching to providecustomers with relevant information to inspire their business
  14. 14. Buzz NumbersBuzz Numbers is an online conversation analysis company that enables its corporateclients to track, monitor and learn from online conversations that are happeningeveryday on the
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