Online Reputation Management for Organizations


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You must control your online reputation.It is quickly going to become a valid factor in the success of your organization.

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Online Reputation Management for Organizations

  1. 1. Online Reputation ManagementFor Organizations
  2. 2. For the first time in humanity one person can talk to 1.7 billion people for free, andunfiltered.Image Source:,,5736143,
  3. 3. People have the ability to check the credentials of an organization or person online,and more are doing this every day.Even plumbers are checking the online credentials of customers in order to help themset pricing. Every HR department checks online for applicants – at every
  4. 4. There are 3 states that your online reputation can be• You are connected to alot of people.• Producing a lot ofcontent.• That content is beingshared.• People say good thingsabout you.Good Bad Invisible• No connections• You don’t publish muchand if you do the contentis bad.• We know its bad becauseit is not shared orrecommended.• When you are spokenabout it is not positive.• Not quite as negativeas a bad reputation,but almost.• You do not exist online.• The assumption is youare not an expert inanything, and not
  5. 5. Today you can and must control your online reputation. The longer you wait to start,the harder it will be to control it and make sure it is positive.Your online reputation is quickly going to become a valid factor in the success of
  6. 6. The tension between privacy and an online reputation is vast.We must set some guidelines for people so they feel better about providing informationabout themselves, yet are not providing too much of the wrong kind of
  7. 7. 1. Have a listening process. This must include multiple methods for listing to whatpeople might be saying about you online.2. You must have an engagement policy, which defines how you will respond to thepositive and negative things said about you and your brand.3. Have a measurement system that measures how much people are talking aboutyou and what the sentiment is whether positive or negative.Take Away For
  8. 8. Take Away For Organizations4. Organizations need to immediately have a formal response paradigm that includesreaching out to people by phone as the first action.5. Organizations need to learn how to deal with a negative comment that comes uphigh in search rankings.For example, using techniques to flood it out of the top search page by using SEOtechniques to put positive info above
  9. 9. 6. You are not going to be able to control what people say about you so you must beprepared to deal with it.7. Rating systems are becoming all the vogue. Very soon we will be able to rate peopleand this will have a major impact on your reputation.8. Being invisible will not save you.Take Away For Organizations9. The internet will become the single place where we credential
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