Online Reputation Management


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By creating a powerful and positive online reputation you will maintain a presence in the business community that is long-lasting, fiscally-sound, and powerful. You must learn to - Listen, Engage, and Measure. Are you managing your online reputation?

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Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. 15 Cloud Backup andDisaster Recovery Solutions
  2. 2. In the future the internet will be filled with what others say aboutour products/ services.Online Reputation Management
  3. 3. How much you can sell.The caliber of employee you can recruit.The number of investors you can attract.Organization• For many organizations a few bad comments that come up high in the searchrankings can be devastating.• This bad publicity can have an impact on sales, recruiting, and morale.Your Reputation will Soon
  4. 4. A few bad comments online can devastate a career.They can affect his or her ability to be hired, to close deals,or to move up in anorganization.Anything other than a good reputation may prove to be very painful to your career inthe near future.For an
  5. 5. Develop a listening Process. This must include multiple methods for listening to whatpeople might be saying about you online.1 LISTENFor a person promoting his or her reputation or brand, listening programs shouldinclude the use of multiple tools and alerts such as...Alerts.comSocialmention.comGoogle alerts andYotify(promoted as Google alertson "steroids")
  6. 6. ENGAGEYou must establish an Engagement Policy, which defines how you will respond tothe positive and negative things said about you and your brand.You must determine who will respond, when they will respond, and how they willrespond. This is critical because you want to minimize negative mentions or getpeople to retract them because you reached out.And, you want to see positive mentions as possible connections and salesopportunities.The most profound tool for establishing an engagement policy is to actuallyengage!Be present within the community of your fans and consumers by posting on theirsites, interaction on microblogs and your website, and by developing an open-dialogue.This type of community building will do a lot towards keeping a positive
  7. 7. MEASUREYou must implement a Measurement System that gauges how much people aretalking about you and whether the sentiment is positive or negative.Your Measurement System strategy needs to tell you how many times you werementioned a month, what the sentiment ratio was positive to negative, and youreffectiveness in customer service (getting people to delete negative mentions orrations).Fortunately, for corporations, tools like and can be utilizedto create a sort of standardized scoring system - much like a credit score - and candenote the online relevancy of an
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  11. 11. 22 Consumer review and complaint
  12. 12. Are you managing yourOnline Reputation?
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