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Gap Inc. Mobile Marketing Strategy

Gap Inc. Mobile Marketing Strategy.

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Gap Inc. Mobile Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Case studyMobile Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. People rely on their smartphones for everything these days – emails, calls,texts, directions, weather, social networking, news, shopping, search,research and
  3. 3. Mobile devices are now our outboard brains because they:Store information for usGive us access to informationSolve problems for usKeep us
  4. 4. Knowing the Smartphone device is now serving a role as an outboard brain,companies and organizations can leverage this device to:• Serve Customers Anywhere/Anytime• Reduce Cost• Increase Efficiency• Innovate• Real Time Marketing and
  5. 5. • Mobile is changing the way customers shop. Retailers are taking noticeand stakes are high.• A successful mobile strategy could result in increased business, newcustomers and competitive advantage.• Ignoring mobile or a failed mobile strategy could result in loss of brandequity and market
  6. 6. Gap is a U.S. clothing and accessories retailer based in San Francisco, andfounded in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher.• The company, which operates 3,465 stores worldwide, has five primary brands: thenamesake Gap banner, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta.Ref:
  7. 7. Gap, Inc. has incorporated mobile into its marketing strategy.• At its 2011 investor meeting, Gap pointed to the important role that mobile plays forthe company, saying that online conversion rate lifts can also be attributed to thecompany’s new mobile commerce platform.• This follows other recent mobile initiatives from the company including targetedmobile ads and a television tie-in for mobile.Ref:
  8. 8. A Mobile optimized website is the foundation of your mobile campaign.Elements of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile WebsiteGap claims that the increase in shopping onits mobile site is one of the major reasonswhy it has tripled its online conversions in thelast year.Source:
  9. 9. www.fpov.comElements of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile Website
  10. 10. The mobile website is easy to use and customers can search for productsand purchase on the go.www.fpov.comElements of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile Website
  11. 11. Consumers who have an account with Gap can sign in via their mobiledevice for easier access. Store locators, directions and phone numbers areall there.www.fpov.comElements of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile Website
  12. 12. All Gap brands- Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta havemobile websites.www.fpov.comElements of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile Website
  13. 13. In an effort to extend its mobile strategy, Gap is delivering real-timediscounts and promotions to consumers via SMS text messages, leveraginga service from Visa, Inc.• Participating consumers receive offers on their mobile devices after completing aqualifying transaction through enrolled Visa accounts. of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile SMS
  14. 14. Shop Gap and other Gap, Inc. stores in a new easy to use app. Find, save,share and buy products when and where it is convenient for you.Easily add products from Old Navy, BananaRepublic, Piperlime, and Athleta and checkoutall at once. of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile App
  15. 15. Gaps Style Mixer app for the iPhone does more than just let you peruseand mix Gap pieces - the cool feature is that when you open the app near aGap store, you unlock a special discount.www.fpov.comElements of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile App
  16. 16. Gap uses point-of purchase QR codes. Customers can use their mobiledevices to scan the codes to get customer reviews and additional productdetails. of Mobile Marketing Strategy - QR Codes
  17. 17. Gap stores also have a presence on Foursquare which enables them toengage customers and leverage location based marketing.www.fpov.comElements of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Location Based Marketing
  18. 18. Old Navy joins Shopkick to bring mobile rewards deals and offers toshoppers at all its nearly 1,000 U.S. stores. of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Location Based Marketing
  19. 19. Gap, Inc. stores including Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, areaccepting Google Wallet payments at 65 stores in the San Francisco BayArea. Using the Google Wallet app, consumers can buy items from Gapretailers via their handsets. of Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mobile Payment
  20. 20. In 2012 mobile web usage will continue to increase. Retailers need to focuson understanding and leveraging the growing power of mobile access andcustomer usage trends in order to improve sales and
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