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5 Small Business Social Tech Success Stories


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Listed here are 5 small business success stories and their case studies leveraging the use of social technology.

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5 Small Business Social Tech Success Stories

  1. 1. 5 Small BusinessSocial Tech Success Stories
  2. 2. Case Study 1) Pink Cake BoxPink Cake Box- A small business that uses the power of search and online marketing.a) A specialty cake shop in northern New Jersey gained success with its web site, ablog, public relations, and social media.b) They use their blog to promote cakes and offer customers a constant stream ofnew cake, contests, & videos.c) For visual marketing of their products Pink Cake Box uses
  3. 3. d) The Blog content of Pink Cake Box displays photos of cakes and most recent blogposts are displayed by thumbnail of the cake, cupcake, or cookie highlighted in thepost.e) They integrated the Wordpress platform throughout their website to drive trafficdirectly to their blog.f) Their blog acts as an extremely successful marketing
  4. 4. a) Co-owners Matt Buchan and Alex Garcia created a whole new business model inthe hair and beauty industry with social media.b) They have their online presence on Facebook , Twitter and Yelp.c) User can schedule appointment online and share their appointment with friends onTwitter or Facebook.d) After introducing Social Media, traffic to their website has increased three fold.e) Emerson Salon stays involved with the local community as social media is a greatplace for community engagement.Case Study 2) Emerson SalonOne of the best hair salon on Capitol Hill,
  5. 5. Almost 75% of business are sourced from Facebook, Twitter and their
  6. 6. a) Feather Your Nest is a specialty shop that features vintage home and gardendecor, gifts, candles and lotion bars, set in the tourist destination of EurekaSprings, Arkansas.b) Their shop was a online success as very few businesses in Eureka Springs sellproducts online.c) Owner Gina Drennon has maintained good contacts with bloggers and magazineeditors that have featured their products and store.d) Through Social Media contacts they receive almost half of the national press.A vintage inspired home decor store & site.Case Study 3) Feather Your
  7. 7. They have a presence online on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy and their
  8. 8. Case Study 4) Liberty Bay BooksAn independent bookstore located in Poulsbo, Washington specializes in Scandinavianand nautical books.Owner Suzanne Droppert engages in conversation, exchange of ideasand stays connected with online social
  9. 9. a) Suzanne Droppert stays up-to-date on books, travel, food and local events via herstore’s Facebook and Twitter pages.b) She also keeps the community up-to-date on book signings and in-store events onthe company blog and YouTube channel.c) Droppert shares views, ideas and conversation with her customers and the authorswho visit her store.d) These social media efforts led to growth in sales and genuine connections with
  10. 10. Creme Brulee Man Curtis Kimball, is famous for Creme Brulee Cart in San Francisco.Case Study 5) The Creme Brulee ManThe Creme Brulee Cart has over 224 user reviews on
  11. 11. a) He runs his business using twitter and has more than 12,000 followers.Twitter is the only way to find the cart’s location for the day.b) Through Twitter, he tells people what flavor of creme brulee he is serving in agiven day.c) He engages with his followers by asking for suggestions of what type of custard toserve or where he should park his
  12. 12.
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