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How to

  1. 1. How To: Not Get Overwhelmed By Implementing Social Media And Underwhelmed By Initial Results.• Create a Strategy If you build they will come….but only if you took the time to build it correctly. It’s easy to jump into the online media realm and start “doing social media.” But without the proper foundation in place you could end up feeling overwhelmed while hurting your social media goals in the long run. o Keep it Simple, don’t stretch yourself too thin  Don’t worry about doing everything at once. There is a new tech savvy app/site/blog/community every day. Start with the basics, master your presence and grow your social media scope over time. Outline how in depth your content creation will be, where you want to start building your presence. o Stay In line with Business Objectives and Goals  Start with the “big three” increase revenue, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Generally speaking you should work to harness “word of mouth.” More specifically drill down any goals unique to your industry or business and apply social media to those goals i.e. a new product launch or industry event. o Outline and Implement a companywide Social Media Policy  Utilizing colleagues/employee’s social networks is paramount to reinforce your brand online. BUT in order to use these networks effectively explicit instructions must be laid out carefully into a Social Media Policy, signed by EVERY employee. You should also consider a social media education series/training program to help educate your workforce and keep them up to date on the evolution of your Social Media Strategy.• Plan, organize, and stay on track
  2. 2. Once you have a roadmap for success, it’s vital you stick to it. This is where many a newbie to Social Media fall into a trap of doing too much, too quickly, and burning out before they ever reached their potential. If you adhere to your strategy, you will be able to master step, one by one until you are able to implement your cross-platform skill set flawlessly! o Set a timeline with implementation points  Know where your road markers are along the path to Social Media Success. Working from a simple starting point (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In) systematically grow your presence and expand the types of content you publish (i.e. YouTube/Video) o Establish a small team and decide who will manage  Implementing, Maintaining, and Evolving Social Media requires a constant watch on your brand as well as where the social media space is headed. A small team cuts down on communication across roles as well as ensures that the entrusted few, have the skill set and training necessary for taking care of your brand’s online presence. o Do your homework, be informed and update  Once you’ve begun the trek into social media, you have to stay up to date on the latest trends, tools, and topics as they relate to your target audience. Check out my fav. resources here.• Aim at the right target Your Social Media Mantra: Know Thyself, Know Thy Target Audience, Know Thy Audience’s . The planning and research you’ve done will only be amplified by getting to know your Target Audience. o Look at what successes/failures your competitors are having  A big tip in o Establish who your target audience(s) are
  3. 3. o Where they are utilizing social media o How to influence them o Look at industry trends as well as influencers and potential evangelists• Measure, Analyze, Re-Vamp o Build on Success and celebrate failures o Concentrate on evolving o Watch market trends, audiences changes, niche communities and o Don’t look for an immediate ROI, the Return on Engagement is often less tangible but more powerful