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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  1. 1. Decision Making Exercise How to Pass
  2. 2. What is it ? • Made up of three sources • Must answer a set of evaluation questions worth 10 marks • Write a report in an appropriate style
  3. 3. Answering the Evaluation Questions • Only use the sources specified • Keep your answers short and simple • Look at the statistical sources first (source C) when answering a question that deals with source C. This will help you find the relevant part of the passage in either Source A or source B
  4. 4. The Report • Planning is essential • Use highlighter pens to mark the sources • Use the structure of the task to plan your report • Write in the first person • Refer to sources • Use ALL the source material to make your case • You may be asked to consider problems your decision my bring • Have a conclusion
  5. 5. Marking • You should be aiming to get good marks for the evaluation questions. At least 8/10 • To pass you must bring in external information . • This must be integrated into your report
  6. 6. Timing • Use your time carefully • You only have 1 hour 20 minutes • Use 20 minutes to answer questions • 15 minutes to plan • 40 minutes to write it • 5 minutes to check at the end
  7. 7. DME • All of paper 2 is a DME • The NAB on the NHS is a DME